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Fullstack Software Engineer – San Francisco, CA

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Fullstack Software Engineer – San Francisco, CA. Job type: Full-time. Role: Full Stack Developer. 6+ years experience building web applications

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior, Lead
Role: Full Stack Developer
Industry: Education Technology, eLearning, Online Education
Company size: 51–200 people
Company type: VC Funded


Fullstack Software Engineer – San Francisco, CA. Job description

Required Qualifications

    • 6+ years experience building web applications
    • Experience working with both client-side and server-side technologies
    • Experience leading complex technical projects
    • Proficiency with server API design and data modeling
    • Polyglot developer (e.g. Java, NodeJS, Python)

Preferred Qualifications

    • Proficiency with service architecture
    • Proficiency with Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform
    • Proficiency with React and browser technologies
    • Proficiency with distributed service architecture

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Quizlet Engineering consists of Pods, here’s a preview…Growth Denver

The Growth pod’s goal is to expand Quizlet from a US-focused company with 50M active users to a global education platform serving the world’s 1.4B student population. Working closely with marketing and data science stakeholders, the Growth pod is focused on establishing Quizlet as the leading destination for online learning tools and innovating ways for learners worldwide to better find the study material within Quizlet that will unlock their success.

Activation SF

The mission on the Activation team is to “Make the first experiences people have with Quizlet Magical — with the right content, tools, and knowledge right away”. They are currently trying to accomplish that mission by connecting new learners with content and encouraging them to sign up so we can provide personalization and better studying experiences when they come back.

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Re-engagement Denver

The team’s goal is to re-engage Quizlet users with compelling reasons to return and continue their learning journey. And the team wants to personalize the learning journey for every Quizlet learner and to make learning more fun. Engineers in this team would also like to harness the power of the community to make studying better.

Ads and Partners SF

The Ads and Partners team has two objectives. The Ads objective is to achieve the highest ads revenue while maintaining or enhancing user experience. This is achieved by moving towards higher-value quality ads product, launching innovative offerings of Ad products in EdTech, and creating a unique inventory for Quizlet.

The Partners’ objective is to help top tier educational publishers provide their students with integrated digital study tools so we can engineer a holistic experience for the learners.

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Fullstack Software Engineer

Agora Denver

Team Agora builds the Premium marketplace which helps people that are studying for high stakes exams. Imagine you’re taking the Bar Exam, studying to get your CPA or the Series 7 in finance. If you get it right, it’s career-altering. The team brings content from trusted vendors like Kaplan, Pearson and Elsevier to help studiers. The effort just got going, and it’s a bit like a startup within a startup.

Pod Infrastructure SF

The mission of the Pod Infrastructure team (also known as team Octo) is to power larger, user-facing functionality that helps scale the company.

This means cleaning up old code, migrating to new APIs, and fixing underlying issues that empower the Pods to build features more easily and at scale. When possible, team Octo will pull functionality out of Quizlet and into new services. They help all parts of the organization including Pods, People Ops, Marketing, User Ops, and Engineering.

Subscriptions- Innovation SF

The team’s mission is to deliver excellence to our subscribers through premium features that target their needs to succeed. Some of the features we’ve built are: OCR to efficiently create content from a picture of printed materials, offline access, rich text to make key points more memorable, and customized Quizlet Live for our teachers.

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Fullstack Software Engineer – San Francisco, CA

Subscriptions – Growth SF

The team takes pride in keeping Quizlet free for anyone to use. Free access is made possible by our growing base of power users (both students and teachers) who pay to subscribe to our premium features. Our focus is to improve our renewals, creating compelling upsell experiences, explore new payment options, offer different plans that meet users’ need as Quizlet grow internationally.

Study SF

The Study team strives to help learners meet their study goals across all of our supported platforms. This includes improving upon core product features, researching better ways to study and master the content in Quizlet and looking for ways to improve our study modes like ML adaptive Learn mode.

One of the current projects is modernizing the Study modes to a shared core logic in Kotlin, expanding the data model to support new user experiences, and rearchitecting the way we store our user-generated data to support massive scalability.

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Fullstack Software Engineer

Discover SF

Team Discover is one of Quizlet’s product engineering teams focused on user engagement and improving core product features. This includes researching better ways to create, find, and organize content. One of the team’s current projects is providing behavioral-based recommendations to users that help them discover new study content that they’ll be interested in.

Web Infrastructure SF

The Web Infrastructure team is focused on app performance and developer productivity. A key initiative is wiring GraphQL into our APIs and through our React + Redux client. They enable safe deploys with strong type checking (Flow + TypeScript), comprehensive test coverage (Jest) and full integration testing (Cypress).

Fullstack Software Engineer

Content Services SF

Quizlet manages many kinds of content, and more of it every moment, to fulfill our mission of helping people around the world learn. The Content Services team identifies the parts of our system that are bumping up against the most intransigent data-scalability challenges and builds solutions that give us the breathing room to continue scaling those areas by at least tenfold.

This typically involves migrating data from MySQL to other database systems, such as Google Cloud Spanner. It also involves innovating in the way we structure our applications: moving toward a service-oriented architecture that allows us to choose the right tools for each job, manage and scale services independently, and make our system more resilient.

Nowadays this work features Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform, and it requires keeping up to date on the technology landscape for global-scale persistent data stores.

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