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VP Product – Tel Aviv, Israel. Best #101

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VP Product – Tel Aviv, Israel. You are expected to lead the product’s innovation around offering, technology, and go-to-market.

A leading product requires a product leader. That’s where you come in.

IncrediBuild, the number one tool for software development acceleration, is looking for a VP Product that wants to leave his mark on the tech world.

With its unique Virtualized Distributed Processing™ tech, IncrediBuild has become the de facto standard acceleration solution for companies needing faster builds, shorter release cycles, and increased number of dev iterations.

VP Product – Tel Aviv, Israel

IncrediBuild empowers more than 250,000 developers at companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, EA, and most AAA game studios to consistently release better products to market, faster.

Unique tech, one of a kind product

Our Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology harvests idle CPU across your network and the cloud, emulating your local environment on remote machines and seamlessly turning every host into a super computer with hundreds of cores.

IncrediBuild seamlessly supports continuous integration tools, build systems, compilers, and other compute-intensive tasks and is bundled as the accelerator of choice within Microsoft Visual Studio.

Glimpse into your future as IncrediBuild’s VP product

VP Product – Tel Aviv, Israel. Leading the IncrediBuild product means daily interaction with the world’s leading dev companies in the highest executive levels to increase IncrediBuild’s dominance in the general dev worlds, such as our partnerships with Microsoft Visual Studio, Nvidia Codeworks, QT and others.

You’ll maintain our dominance in the booming gaming industry through close partnerships with veteran console makers such as Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, and new players in the market like Google Stadia (whose team worked very tightly with IncrediBuild before its launch to assure support from day 1).

Aside from Consoles, you will communicate with top game engine leaders such as Epic’s Unreal Engine, Amazon’s Lumberyard, and Crytek’s CRYENGINE.

You will lead the productization of IncrediBuild’s technology to solve problems in the areas of AI training, FGPA, 3D modeling, and others, while increasing our dominance in the dev and game-dev spaces.

The experience you’ll need to be IncrediBuild’s VP Product

VP Product – Tel Aviv, Israel. As IncrediBuild’s unique technology is a generic virtualized distributed processing engine that can be used for solving a lot of different problems, you are expected to be able to take the technology to address additional compute problems in various eco-systems and also use the core technology as a core technology for new products.

You are a visionary entrepreneur and tech-savvy person, with a substantial amount of experience in software development. You are expected to lead the product’s innovation around offering, technology, and go-to-market.

In order to be able to lead innovation, you’ll need to be a passionate autodidact with the ability to learn new technologies in different eco-systems, work with consultants and SMEs to boldly actualize the unlimited potential that IncrediBuild’s unique technology possesses.

For the best fit, you’ll need to have the following substantial experience with:

  • Software development \continuous integration\ DevOps , preferably in R&D departments with more than 30 people
  • Managing a product team and being an individual product manager (product marketing – an advantage) in companies who are building products that are used by thousands of users
  • Being an active management member, preferably in a company or start-up that went from less than 20 employees to more than a hundred.

VP Product. Seniority Level



  • Computer Software

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Product Management
  • Marketing

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