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10 Best Tips How To Find Jobs In Germany For Foreigners

Jobs In Germany For Foreigners
Jobs In Germany For Foreigners: In which region to look for a job, on which sites, how to draw up a resume, and please the employer? Jobzey tips for optimizing your job search in Germany.

Be realistic

Apply for the job that really suits you. Study your job description and assess your knowledge and skills realistically. German HR managers take from one to five minutes to review the application. Not to mention the robots that look through the applications. The clearer your profile, the more likely you are to pass the primary screening.

Full package

An online resume is a preferred format for employers in Germany. And although many firms have enough basic information about the knowledge and work experience of the candidate, some ask to send documentary evidence: a copy of the diploma, reviews from previous jobs, language certificates. Motivation letter and autobiography are required components of the application. It is better to send it in pdf format.

Stick to the norm

When making an application to a German company, it is better to follow the traditional formalities. It is important to indicate your date of birth, marital status, address at the top of your resume. The photo on a resume is another German tradition – although now it is not required, many recruiters pay attention to the photo. In general, accuracy, clear structure, and the absence of grammatical errors are important.

Place of work

You can improve your chances by choosing the right region, that is, the one with more vacancies. According to the Federal Labor Agency, unemployment is higher in the east of the country than in the west, and job vacancies in the west are four times higher than in the east. In the west, specialists are most often sought after in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, and North Rhine-Westphalia, in the east – in Saxony, Berlin, and Brandenburg.

Application to address

A template application sent to several companies is taboo. At the beginning of the letter, the appeal should be addressed: to the one who is indicated in the vacancy announcement, or to the HR manager (you can google it). It is important to study what the company is doing, what its corporate values ​​are, and take this into account in the motivation letter. A large concern, a family enterprise, a startup, or an NGO – each has its own approach.

Knowledge is good, the experience is better

At the start, the chances of finding a job are higher for those who have accumulated experience during their studies, having completed an internship or moonlighting in their specialty. Did you have to work at a summer camp or a disco? Emphasize soft skills in your application. It is better to indicate the competencies demanded by a specific employer. Volunteering, work in an NCO – and this can come in handy.

Digital skills

You don’t need to be an IT expert to improve your chances in the German job market. Without being tied to a specific area, LinkedIn analysts have figured out which skills will be in demand in the coming years: information management, data analysis, project management, and social media understanding. It is also important to have an understanding of data protection, be able to work with mobile devices and the Internet.

Think you are posting

Recruiters review candidates’ social media profiles. Choose your content carefully. Is your Facebook profile full of party photos? Check your privacy settings. Create a separate account for your job search. The University of Bamberg found out that German companies use automatic systems for recommendations based on data in social networks.

Where to look for work

Vacancies for beginners are published on the portals,,,, Other major job search sites are,, For a targeted search, browse the websites of companies. Establish personal contact with the employer: just call and ask what documents he would like to see in the application.
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