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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search

Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search

Looking for Jobs Abroad? 6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search. So, you’ve decided to start finding an overseas job. You want to support your family as a breadwinner, take a leap of faith in your career, or just experience how it is to live and work abroad.

Looking for jobs abroad is the first bold step to achieving your goal as a would-be Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). But where to start?

Good thing, the internet has made overseas job search a lot easier and even safer for Filipinos. You can search and apply for OFW jobs on different online job portals. These websites have job listings from recruitment agencies licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), so you won’t have to tediously check if you’re dealing with a legal recruiter. Their services are free of charge, too.

For your overseas job search, visit these online job sites for aspiring OFWs.

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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search

POEA Website

POEA website

6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

You may be surprised to see the POEA website here, but the government agency does post overseas job opportunities online. It just isn’t obvious when you browse through the site.

Find POEA job listings by clicking on this link. Don’t expect much, though. Job posts are limited only to a few countries (currently, the available jobs are only from Taiwan.) Some are already outdated or can’t be viewed. Still, it’s worth checking from time to time to find the latest overseas hirings.

If you’re lucky, you can find work abroad through the POEA’s Government Placement Branch that recruits OFWs mostly for foreign governments and a few non-government employers. Applying for an overseas job at POEA assures you that the job offer is legal and comes from a trustworthy employer. Because most jobs are urgent, application processing is faster. You also won’t be charged a placement fee.

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To apply for a job abroad via POEA, register online at the POEA’s e-registration facility. You’ll need to submit your application documents personally at the Manpower Registry Division (Window S or T) in the POEA main office along EDSA Ortigas.

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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search

6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

The leading website for finding jobs abroad in the Philippines, has almost 20,000 overseas job listings (as of March 2018) from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies.

Most job posts on are for deployment in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.

To help overseas jobseekers find work that matches their needs, this OFW job portal sorts jobs according to a variety of categories:

  • Latest job hirings
  • Specialization
  • Jobs without placement fees
  • Jobs with placement fee via salary deduction
  • Country
  • Jobs for high school graduates
  • Sea-based jobs
  • POEA agencies
  • Jobs with low application

If you’re looking for a job abroad, you can sign up for a account. This allows you to upload your resume on the site, look for work abroad, apply for jobs, receive job offers, and get updates on the latest overseas job opportunities.

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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search 1

6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

You may download a mobile app (available for both iOS and Android), so you can check job postings everywhere you go.

This online overseas job site also provides tips and guides for aspiring OFWs, covering topics such as achieving financial wellness, avoiding illegal recruitment, and having a successful career abroad.

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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search


6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

For at least once in your career, you’ve searched or applied for a job in the Philippines through JobStreet. But did you know that this recruitment site also features overseas jobs apart from local ones?’s Overseas Jobs page has over 12,000 POEA-approved job listings for Filipinos looking for work abroad. Most jobs are from the Middle East, covering a wide range of specializations that include engineering, construction, finance, services, manufacturing, hotel/restaurant, and healthcare.

Using this overseas job portal is no different from using JobStreet’s online local job search facility. Simply enter the job title, skill, or company you’re looking for, and filter your search by country and specialization.

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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

Founded in 2015, OFWguru is a relatively new international job site. Like other OFW job portals on this list, this website posts job hirings from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies. It also enables prospective OFWs to publish their resume for recruiters and employers to view.

Through its guide and blog section, educates OFWs and those seeking to work overseas on what they need to know, from adjusting to a new life abroad to succeeding in career and finances. The site also features real-life stories that OFWs can relate to.

What sets apart, however, is its three-step overseas job application process that matches job hunters with a job that best fits their qualifications.

  1. Jobseeker creates an online profile on the site or via Facebook.
  2. OFWguru shows recommended jobs based on the applicant’s skills and experience. Alternatively, the jobseeker can find a job abroad from the site’s database.
  3. When an applicant has found a job he or she is interested in, a click of a button automatically sends an application to the recruiter.
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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

Like JobStreet, Kalibrr is better known as a local job search website. But the online recruitment site built by Filipinos for Filipinos also posts job openings abroad. Kalibrr’s overseas job board has over 1,000 job postings from Indonesia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Seaman Jobsite

Seaman Jobsite

6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

Planning to fulfill your dream job as a seafarer? To make your sea-based job hunt easier, use an online job portal made specifically for aspiring seafarers like the Seaman Jobsite.

Seaman Jobsite has a database of over 5,000 jobs worldwide from top maritime companies and licensed manning agencies. The site sorts jobs by posting date, manning agency, rank, and jobs with inter-island trade route.

Like its sister site, Seaman Jobsite also posts informative content to help seafarers get their career and finances on the right track. The latest articles are written in conversational Filipino to make them easily understood by seafarers.

Aspiring seafarers need to register with the site to apply for a maritime job. No need to upload a resume—just fill out the online applicant registration form. This will serve as the online resume you can use to apply for sea-based jobs on Seaman Jobsite.

Final Thoughts. 6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search

Have you tried using one of these websites for applying for jobs abroad? How was your experience doing an international job search or applying for work abroad? Any other legit foreign job websites worth adding to this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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6 Legitimate Websites for Your Overseas Job Search in 2020

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