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Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student

Letters Of Recommendation For Student

Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student. Do you think the power of Letters Of Recommendation For Student has remained in the distant past? We hasten to convince you – the letter of recommendation works, you just need to give it a modern form.

Many job seekers neglect such a method of successful employment as providing letters of recommendation to the future employer. And very in vain, because this is an effective and unbreakable way to increase your chances of an interview.

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Jobzey presents you three modern types of letters of recommendation that are guaranteed to defeat the employer.

Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student

Classic writing

Yes, you understood everything correctly, when we say “classical,” we mean “handwritten”. Think for yourself, the man-made message looks not only more aesthetic than the text typed on the computer, but also shows that the recommender really respects you.

When the employer is in the hands of such a recommendation, he will automatically note: “Hmm, but this person is appreciated

Plus, a handwritten letter of recommendation will definitely help you remember.

Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student

Video message

If you, on the contrary, choose to stay in trend, then the letter of recommendation should be modern. Rumor has it that by 2021, 81% of Internet content will be videos. Therefore, to make a recommendation video message is not only relevant but also prudent.

The video recommendation will create an effect of presence at the employer and will quickly place it to you than simple printed text.

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By the way, before shooting take care of a high-quality picture and sound recording (it’s good that nowadays video material worthy of video blogs is even filmed on the camera of a regular smartphone). And do not forget to review the footage before showing the recommendation to the employer. (Letters Of Recommendation For Student)

Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student

Friends recommendation

“What are friends here?” I’m getting a job, ” you will note. But with it. When you come for an interview, the employer evaluates not only your professional qualities but also personal ones.

He already learned about your work experience and labor skills from the resume. And the interview is to a large extent an attempt to understand what kind of person you are and whether you can harmoniously join the already existing team.

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Therefore, the recommendations provided by your friends and family can ideally complement a successful self-presentation. It’s not necessary to require fifteen pages of text from your loved ones about how wonderful you are. You can just ask them to tell their favorite story about you. The employer will accurately consider such touching recommendations.

Letters Of Recommendation For Student




[APPLICANT NAME] is a phenomenal young student. I have supervised [HIM/HER] closely. I have been witness to [HIS/HER] academic achievements from close quarters. I have been informed that  [APPLICANT NAME] is applying for a specialized program at your [INSTITUTION NAME] and in the same regard i recommend [APPLICANT NAME] for the program. I am absolutely sure [HE/SHE] will do great justice to the trust you will repose in [HIM/HER] by approving the candidature.

[APPLICANT NAME] has excelled in academics throughout [HIS/HER] school. [HE/SHE] is respected by [HIS/HER] schoolmates. The teachers at the school see [HIM/HER] as a model student. [HE/SHE] leads from the front in any group activity. [APPLICANT NAME] has represented [HIS/HER] school at the state level in robotics competition. 

[APPLICANT NAME] is a perfect fit for the program launched by your school and i can say without any doubt that [HE/SHE] will ace the program.  

Please let me know if you need any additional information. I will be happy to provide it to your office.

You can reach me at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or write to me at [YOUR EMAIL ID].




Recommendation Letter for Student From Teacher

Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student



It is my pleasure to recommend [NAME] for admission to [INSTITUTION NAME]. I have known [NAME] for [NUMBER] years and have had the pleasure of being [HIS/HER] instructor at [INSTITUTION NAME 1]. 

I was introduced to this exemplary student with extraordinary academic strength. More than that, [HE/SHE]  has shown to have positive personal qualities that I believe make [HIM/HER] a good candidate for your school.

I highly recommend that you admit [NAME] to your university in the department [DEPARTMENT]. I am confident that [HE/SHE] will make an excellent addition to your community, not only for [HIS/HER] intellectual capacity but also for the social abilities and commendable character as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding [NAME]’s character or past academic work, and I will provide you with the details.

You can reach me out on [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or mail me at [YOUR EMAIL ID]




Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student

Letter of Recommendation for Student Admission

Admissions, Tippie School of Management

Executive MBA Program

100 Pomerantz Center, Ste E444

Iowa City, IA   52242-7700


Dear Director,

I am writing to today to recommend Leif Bush for admission into the University of Iowa’s Executive MBA Program.  I have known Leif for 15 years, and he has worked for me (with me) in marketing for approximately eight of those years. 

It should go without saying that and he is a remarkable marketing talent, with an eye for not only growing his traditional business, but also seeking out opportunities in to expand the business. 

Leif has always taken his role seriously and is passionate about his results. Beyond his passion on driving performance, Leif is a natural leader, and fights hard for his beliefs.

He’s at his best in a group environment, and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best results possible. He has a very effective personal style, and will be looked to for continued executive leadership with our Ecommerce Marketing efforts. 

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Leif, and sincerely belief he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to your class and classroom.  He has my highest endorsement. If you have any questions about this recommendation or my endorsement of Leif, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will gladly try to help. 

Kind regards and best wished for a successful Executive MBA class. #Best 3 Examples of Letters Of Recommendation For Student

Giles Poladoras
CEO of Snubby Enterprises

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