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Living standards in the countries on the world 2020

Living standards

Living standards: The standard of living rating is an indicator that immigrants are guided by when choosing a country for permanent residence. However, this is very mixed data, as for indigenous people some conditions are created, and for migrants and temporarily arriving in the territory of the state – different.

Therefore, today there are two main tops of the best states: in terms of living standards and for migration. We present to your attention an overview of the best countries in all respects, where you can emigrate from Russia or Ukraine .

If we talk about the standard of living in the whole world, it’s how to calculate the average temperature in a hospital: there are patients with fever, there are healthy, and there is a morgue. It also turns out with the world level of well-being: there is Norway and Australia, there is Russia, and there is Congo and Chad. But in general – all is well. To avoid empty phrases, we offer you a summary table of the rating of the standard of living, based on statistics from social institutions and organizations of world renown.

Jobzey Living standards in the countries on the world 2020.

Table 1: top 15 countries with the best standard of living

  • fifteen Europe Slovenia Ljubljana
  • 14 Europe Sweden Copenhagen
  • thirteen North America USA Washington
  • 12 Asia Japan Tokyo
  • eleven Europe Estonia Tallinn
  • 10 Europe Norway Oslo
  • 9 Australia and Oceania New Zealand Wellington
  • 8 Europe Germany Berlin
  • 7 Europe Iceland Reykjavik
  • 6 Europe Netherlands Amsterdam
  • 5 Europe Austria Vein
  • 4 Australia and Oceania Australia Canberra
  • 3 Europe Finland Helsinki
  • 2 Europe Switzerland Geneva
  • 1 Europe Denmark Copenhagen
Jobzey Living standards in the countries on the world 2020.

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Characteristics of countries by standard of living

All the countries that fell in 2020 in the ranking of the best countries for life during and after the crisis actively used their strengths and hidden opportunities. That is why they were able to adequately survive the difficult times in the economy and relatively quickly get on their feet. Now it is one of the richest countries in the world. What helped each of them?

Luxembourg . People in this country do not aspire to work, although their well-being far exceeds the concept of “average.” Offshore zone and its own mines played into the hands of the state. The real estate market has shown good stability even in times of crisis;

New Zealand . Initially, a strong economy was very resistant to global shocks. Almost the entire working population retained jobs in the troubled years, and now unemployment does not exceed 25%. The main trump cards of the country are export and tourism;

  • The Netherlands . Excellent employment rates and a high minimum wage. All this is due to the leading positions that the state holds in gas production and the supply of various goods abroad;
  • Switzerland . Still the financial center of the world would look pale after the crisis! This status of the state perfectly “covers” the absence of minerals. The service sector is the main place of employment. Working citizens are provided with reliable social protection and economic state guarantees;
  • Canada . A mystery state, with one of the highest employment rates, and at the same time quite loyal to migrants.
  • Denmark. One of the most expensive countries for life, but with an appropriate income level. The cost of housing is expensive, but it is more than covered by high wages;
  • Sweden. Not the richest, but one of the most stable countries. Residents value the state for the constancy of strong social programs. Not the last place is statistics reflecting the number of employed citizens – 73%;
  • US . The country occupies high positions in the top due to the fact that it has a well-developed economy in the world. Due to this, it turned out to get out of the crisis with dignity, although the level of employment, as well as satisfaction with one’s life, is very mediocre;
  • Norway. Gas and oil production provides not only a successful state economy, but also a high income for citizens. Adding to this low housing prices, we get a high level of satisfaction with life;
  • Australia . A country that has hardly been affected by the crisis. 72% of the population have stable and well-paid jobs. The pre-crisis strong economy and the country’s own hidden reserves played into the hands.
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Jobzey Living standards in the countries on the world 2020

Table 2: Top 15 countries with the best conditions for emigration

  • 15 Africa South Africa Pretoria
  • 14 Australia and Oceania New Zealand Wellington thirteen Asia Qatar Doha
  • 12 North America USA Washington eleven Asia Turkey Ankara
  • 10 Asia Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • 9 Asia UAE Abu Dhabi
  • 8 Europe Belgium Brussels
  • 7 Europe Russia Moscow
  • 6 North America Canada Ottawa
  • 5 Australia and Oceania Australia Canberra
  • 4 Central America Cayman islands Georgetown
  • 3 Asia Singapore Singapore
  • 2 Europe Germany Berlin
  • 1 Asia China Beijing
Jobzey Living standards in the countries on the world 2020.

Feature 10 countries with the best conditions for emigration

This is an international ranking for 2019, so Russia also took part in a tacit competition. Scientists from the UK, compiling the annual HSBC top, that is, identifying the most attractive countries for professional migrants, evaluated the applicant countries for several positions.

In particular, the following were evaluated:

  • The economic situation in the country;
  • Conditions and opportunities for raising children;
  • Availability of social programs and health services;
  • The level of infrastructure and its availability;
  • Security and crime rate.

Also taken into account were assessments by the immigrants themselves of the level of satisfaction with life, ease of adaptation, and emerging opportunities. Foreigners in search of better living conditions, including paying attention to Russia.

In 2019, our state turned out to be attractive enough for new citizens: it entered the top ten of the rating and ranks seventh, slightly losing Canada, but bypassing Belgium. True, these estimates were influenced by the fact that the overwhelming majority of emigrants came to Russia from the former USSR countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Ukraine, where fighting is taking place and others, where the standard of living is even lower.

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Jobzey Living standards in the countries on the world 2020.

And this assessment includes, first of all, not the standard of living in our country, but simpler conditions that citizens must fulfill in order to stay in Russia. The system of simplified obtaining a residence permit and Russian citizenship continues to operate in 2020.

  • Hong Kong . Despite the fact that instead of the name of the country, the city is indicated here, this is not a mistake. The territory is becoming more and more secluded and becoming independent of China, developing its economy and infrastructure. Hong Kong even has a separate currency. Those who come here for permanent residence note good conditions for creating a family and raising children. However, for those who are accustomed to a standardized working day and a regular full weekend, it will be quite difficult here;
  • UAE A very developed state with a high level of personal income and, as a result, unlimited possibilities for creating a comfortable living environment. There are enormous opportunities for raising children, including one of the best education systems and financing of education. However, religion and a mentality different from European becomes an obstacle for new citizens;
  • Belgium. Everything is good here with common social benefits. The infrastructure is well developed, everything has been done for the comfortable raising of children, medical services are at the European level. However, the economy and financial condition of the state leaves much to be desired. A huge plus, of course, will be a pan-European passport;
  • Russia. Here immigrants like money. Those who have good inexhaustible capital highly value the level of medical services and the educational sphere. In general, the country is like because of the extensive leisure opportunities, social life and interesting locals. But Russian cuisine, oddly enough, causes more negative emotions than positive ones;
  • Canada. The welfare of the country is much higher than in Russia. Hence, better estimates for indicators such as social life, medicine and education. But professional working conditions, career opportunities, the balance between working time and personal life is at the same level as in Russia;
  • Australia. Immigrants in Australia are unhappy with just one thing: the public transportation system. If not for this indicator, which completely does not satisfy visitors, the country could enter the top three.Here is such a high standard of living, which is supported by very friendly locals, excellent weather conditions and excellent cuisine, that few people want to leave this country;
  • Cayman islands. For exotic you have to pay. Therefore, the main disadvantage of life in the Cayman Islands is its high cost. Products are expensive, real estate is very expensive. But everything else remains without complaints: good salaries, high income even after taxation. And, given the small amount of transport, there are almost no traffic jams, and very friendly locals;
  • Singapore . Opens the top three ranking leaders. Everything is possible here, but this “everything” will be very expensive. Those whom this does not frighten are well placed in their new homeland. A country of great opportunities, with great career prospects, however, because of this, the line between work and personal time is seriously blurred.Opportunities for raising children, education, social conditions are at their best, but for the appropriate money;
  • Germany. A strong state with a stable economy. Iron government guarantees and social programs. Living and raising children is a pleasure here. But this is only for those who managed to get a well-paid job. The cost of living in Germany is very high, so this parameter is usually attributed to significant disadvantages;
  • China . The undisputed winner of the top, although very specific. The country is now going through an economic boom, excellent working conditions are provided to highly skilled migrants, and specialists from various fields are valued. Visitors appreciate culture, cuisine and a penchant for a healthy lifestyle, including active sports. For a European, features of the communist system, namely censorship in the media and the Internet, can become serious barriers.
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Jobzey Living standards in the countries on the world 2020

For those who are interested in immigration to the EU countries , it will be useful to see the European Commission rating for 2019. Total top consists of 20 positions. The three leaders are Sweden, Portugal and Belgium, Spain closes the top ten , and Slovenia opens the second . In the last three positions – Czech Republic, Estonia and Lithuania.#Jobzey Living standards in the countries on the world 2020

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