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Lottery Green Card 2020-2021: Application Dead lines

Lottery Green Card

Lottery Green Card: The green card 2022 lottery will help some migrants obtain permanent residence in America. Dates: October 2 – November 5, 2020. What kind of card is this and what advantages does it give its holder?

In the USA, the lottery is held in advance. Therefore, in 2020 applications for the Green Card will be submitted, which can be obtained and issued only in 2022. Applications will end on November 5, 2020, and the lottery itself will take place in April-May 2021.

After that, the winners will be assigned the same year the date of the interview at the US Consulate, following which they will be able to get the coveted Green Card.

Green card

Green card lotteries are held in America every year. Winners get the right to live here legally. The official name of this competition is “Visa Diversity Lottery”. Such a document has a number – the year in which the immigrant receives an American visa.

Many may be skeptical that moving to the United States does not require collecting a huge package of documents, standing in long lines at a visa center, having an interview with a consul, etc. Therefore, they have a certain degree of distrust in these competitions.

Only the lucky can get such a document, but if there is at least one chance out of a thousand, then they certainly need to use it!

The organization of this lottery is the American government. Everyone can submit an application for participation, in addition, this competition is free. Migrants who use the services of an intermediary to apply for participation in the green card lottery should be aware that in such a case the probability of making mistakes in filling out documents is very high.

A person can not only be refused a US visa, but also pay a large sum to the intermediary. Therefore, it is better to organize this issue yourself.

When to apply for participation in the competition

Duration: 2. 10. 2020 – 5. 11. 2020. Those who do not have time to submit an application will not be able to participate in the green card contest. Applications are accepted until 12 noon November 5 Eastern Standard Time. Moscow time, the end of the reception will be at 20 hours.

At other times, filing applications for participation in the lottery is not possible, you will have to wait for next year.

Features and benefits of green card

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This document is a plastic card. A Green Card is issued only to people who are not citizens of America. What rights do its holders have in the US?

  • The right to permanent residence .
  • The right to study .
  • The right to legal employment and official employment in America .

People with American citizenship cannot apply for such a contest. Does Green Card have a time limit? Answer: no, it does not. It is issued for an unlimited period, that is, the status of a green card holder will always be with a person. However, there are a number of cases in which this status may be lost. For instance:

Subject involved in criminal activity.

The person was held administratively or criminally liable.

A man left America for a long time.

  • A feature of the issuance of such a document is that it is awarded not only to the winner of the lottery, but also to all members of his family. First of all, the card will be issued to the spouse and children of the winner.

When will the winner receive his card? He will receive it within 4-5 months after he arrives in the USA.

Lottery Green Card: What are the requirements for lottery participants

Not everyone can take part in the green card contest. So who is entitled to this? This issue is especially relevant for those who have already thought about the prospects of moving to America. Persons who:

  • They have a complete secondary education, for example, technical. Alternative option: over the past 5 years, a person had to work in his profession for at least 2 years.
  • They have no problems with the law, have not been prosecuted, and have no criminal record.
  • They do not have diseases that could harm American society.
  • Well and most importantly: candidates must be born in a state that is allowed to participate in the green card competition in the year of its holding.

Green card benefits

Those who already have an American visa may be skeptical of the chance of winning such a lottery. But in vain, because the holder of Green cards has a lot of prospects and advantages.

In America, the holder of this document may:

  • Get an official job.
  • Take part in state aid for free education.
  • Freely cross the American border without fear of being refused.
  • Engage in own business, as well as create joint-stock companies.
  • Study at any educational institution located in the United States.
  • Paying for a lesson in an American educational institution.
  • To apply for the acquisition of US citizen status after 5 years from the date of arrival here.
  • Present rights to retirement benefits. Requirement: A person must have been officially working in America for at least 10 years.
  • Acquire real estate and any property owned by a person with American citizenship.
  • Do not apply for a visa to travel to a country with which the United States has a specific agreement.
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Does the person participating in such a lottery have any risks.

In fact, the person participating in the green card contest does not risk anything. A person sends all the information about himself necessary for participation on the Internet. They are not confidential. This information is not classified and therefore does not contradict the laws of the CIS countries.

  • However, some people worry that losing the green card lottery could negatively affect their future US visas. This is a fallacy.

But many also have concerns about the need to move to the United States after winning. In fact, there is no such need. The winner of the green card competition has 2 years to make the final decision on moving to this country. Even if a person changes his mind about moving, no punishment is provided for this.

How to participate in the green card contest

A person who wants to participate in such a lottery must go to the website   and fill out a questionnaire on it. The language of filling is English.

The online application will contain a list of questions that the applicant must honestly answer. The spectrum of the survey is different, for example, you will need to indicate the date of your birth, the composition of your family, the purpose of the move, etc.

At the end of filling out the online application, you need to upload your photo. How much does online registration cost? Registration on the US Department of State website is free.

It is important to enter all the data in the questionnaire correctly, as the applicant will not have the opportunity to re-fill it. If a person tries to circumvent the ban on re-filling the online application, he will be disqualified and will no longer be able to participate in the lottery. The reason for the disqualification will be the error in entering data into the questionnaire. What are the most common errors in practice:

Incorrect translation of personal data into English. For example, a person mistakenly translated his name. When translating words into English, it is very important to follow the rules of transliteration.

Invalid photo design. It is important to align with the specifications . It should also be taken into account that family photographs are not allowed, as well as the applicant’s photo in a swimsuit or glasses.

According to statistics from the US State Department, about 35% of profiles are disqualified each year. The standard reason is the incorrect filling of the questionnaire.

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Stages of the green card contest

A person who has completed an online application form to participate in this lottery will have to wait for its results for at least one year. The fact is that the Green Card state program, therefore, passes the competition in several stages:

  1. Candidates must register with all the necessary information about themselves and their family members.
  2. Further, all candidates will be considered. After that, the winner is selected.
  3. The lucky winner will receive an invitation to an interview and will be in line for an American visa.

It is worth noting that the second stage is not decisive. Those whose profiles will be selected should not count on a speedy move to America. To get the right to permanent residence in this country, you need to go through an interview, practice shows that about half of the applicants are eliminated after it.

An interview is the main and decisive step in obtaining an American green card. When does it pass? Those applicants whose questionnaires were selected for the survey will be able to pass it in September or early October. Program participants will talk with a visa officer at the US Consulate.

How to increase the chance of a successful interview

A positive response will be given to candidates who:

  • Have a high level of English proficiency.
  • They will give worthy arguments in favor of the need for their move to America.

The American government is interested in worthy members of society with talent and qualifications studying and working in the country. Therefore, if the applicant is confident in his usefulness and personal professional abilities, he can only convince the visa officer of this, after which he will receive a positive response.

It is also important to appear for an interview no later than the appointed time. A Green Card lottery participant will be disqualified if he does not meet the deadline.

Who exactly will be disqualified?

Those applicants who made mistakes while filling out an online application or tried to re-fill it. However, there are other reasons for disqualification:

  • The person was convicted of a fictitious marriage. In this case, each of the spouses is assigned a cross interview.
  • The applicant collected an incomplete package of documents .
  • The man was convicted of violating American law. Also the cause of disqualification may be the criminal record of the applicant.
  • The subject was noticed in violation of the rules of the visa center during the registration of an American visa earlier.
  • Currently, the applicant is prohibited from entering America.
  • A person cannot prove his solvency. For example, does not have an official job.
  • A person has serious health problems.


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