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Luiss University of Rome. Best International Scholarship Program in 2020

Luiss University of Rome

Luiss University of Rome. Have you ever dreamed of visiting Rome? This is one of the greatest cities in the world and tens of millions of tourists come to visit every year. However, there is a way for you to do more than simply visit Rome. You can apply for a scholarship in Rome where you will get the chance to pursue your academic goals while also getting to experience the rich Italian culture. With that said, undergraduate students who are interested in applying for a scholarship in 2020 should be pleased to know that the Luiss University of Rome is offering financial aid to international students.

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Even though all international students can apply for the Luiss University of Rome scholarship program, the supported fields are Economics and Business Management. Furthermore, the academic year starts in 2020 and the deadline for the scholarship program is 24 February 2020. Also, the scholarship positions are awarded by merit to talented Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

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Luiss University of Rome: Benefits

International students who will be awarded a scholarship at the Luiss University of Rome will benefit from a reduction in fees. Unfortunately, the scholarship program doesn’t cover all tuition fees, but the reduction is always better than nothing. In addition, the scholarship program is offering seven spots every year.

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Luiss University of Rome: Criteria

  • The candidate must be enrolled in a bachelor’s program.
  • The candidate may apply according to the application procedure mentioned.
  • The candidate must be proficient in the English language and needs to demonstrate the ability to speak English.
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Official Letter and Deadline

We are advising all international students who want to study in Rome next year to CLICK HERE and access the official website where they can find out additional information about the application process at the Luiss University of Rome. Once again, the deadline is 24 February 2020.



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