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Provincial Nomination Program: Manitoba Welcomes Foreign Students and Workers. 2020

Provincial Nomination

Considering all the available opportunities, Manitoba has launched its provincial nomination program for those who want to get these opportunities.

Manitoba provincial nomination program has several rules and conditions. If you can qualify all the requirements, then you can also visit Manitoba and establish better relations there.

You can increase your chances of getting selected in this program if you have the in-demand skills in Manitoba.

Manitoba Skilled Workers Program

Skilled workers from all over the world can apply in this program so that they can work in Manitoba with their skills. To be eligible in this program, the applying candidate must have a relation with someone in Manitoba. It does not need to be a family relationship as your previous working experience can also help you get eligible for this program.

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International Educational Stream

Students who have a bachelor’s degree can pursue their higher education under this program in Manitoba. There are different courses available for students from all over the world.

Requirements to be Eligible for this Program

  • Score– You need to have a score of about 60% to be eligible in this program. Your score will depend on your skills and qualifications. You can increase your count if you have proficiency in the English language.
  • Experience– The candidate must have two or more years of experience in the relevant field to be eligible for this program. You can check the full experience requirement on their official website also.
  • Age– The candidate age should be between 21 to 45 to become eligible for this program.
  • Immigration authorities– You must be able to provide immigration authorities with a plan describing how you can settle in Manitoba.
  • In demand Skill– The applying candidate must have a valid job or in-demand skills to participate in this program. You can add all the relevant skills you have to increase your score.
  • Education– You need to show your educational documents. You must have a bachelor’s degree as it is the minimum requirement to be eligible in this program.
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Expression of Interest

You need to register an Expression of Interest if you want to be invited for provisional nomination for Manitoba. You can send your Expression of interest to the program managers, and they will include your name in the applying candidates.

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Expression of Interest is a type of portfolio that is scored according to your skills and qualifications. You will get a score out of 1000, and your selection will be based on this score. You can increase this score if you have some in-demand skills and you have a better higher education.

The candidates who have the required score will be provided with LLA so that they can participate further in the provincial nomination of Manitoba.

Required Documents to Apply for this Program

  1. Passport– You need to have a valid passport of the residence country so that you can get the working visa of Canada.
  2. Passport Size Photo– You need to have 2-3 passport sized colour photos as you will need them while filling the application form. You may also need them in the verification process under the immigration act.
  3. Application Fee– You need to fill the application fee through a demand draft so that you can enrol yourself in this program.
  4. Sufficient Funds– You need to show sufficient funds in your account to stay in the US until you receive your first salary.
  5. Tax Returns– You need to show the documents of your tax return for the immigration to verify your tax record.


All the applying candidates should work on their score so that they can increase their chance of getting selected in this program. There are only 221 Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) available for the candidates.

You can also ask your relatives in Manitoba to help you get selected in this program as they will be preferred before other applicants.

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2020 Expected to be a Big Year for Immigration Programs in Canada – Jobzey

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