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How to Become a Mobile App designer? 10 Best Jobs

Mobile App designer

Mobile App designer: In 2019, users spent $ 1.06 billion on mobile applications: people continue to spend more and more time on the phone, while the market is growing. Right now, over 1,500 companies are looking for mobile app designers on Jobzey.

Want to get into this area? Teachers in the “Mobile Application Design Profession” course know how to do this.

Who is a mobile app designer?

This is a specialist who creates interfaces for the iOS and Android platforms. Its task is to make the interface of a mobile application convenient and intuitive to users.

To achieve this, the mobile app designer:

  • analyzes competitors’ products,
  • creates user scripts
  • develops design concepts,
  • prepares prototypes and draws design,
  • creates presentations for customers,
  • writes technical assignments for programmers,
  • participates in testing and finalization of the finished product.

If you thought that any designer can do this, then read on.

Why is a mobile app designer ≠ web designer?

The web designer works with ready-made data for the site, and the mobile designer creates the scenarios of user interaction with the application. And only then draws the design.

In addition, the design of mobile applications is limited by the size of the smartphone: there is not enough space on the screen, it is inconvenient to hit a finger on small elements – you always have to sacrifice something in favor of functionality, but it is important to know how to do this without special knowledge.

To create mobile applications, the designer must be able to work in Figma and Sketch, animate icons and other static elements, explore user experience and develop interfaces with an eye on psychology. And the mobile designer must understand the user experience and even analyze the market.

teachers will turn you into a mobile designer in just 12 months. To get a new profession and earn decent money, sign up for the Mobile App Profession course.

The course is suitable for beginners and designers in other areas

The program consists of 5 courses: “Figma”, “Sketch”, “Design of mobile applications from scratch to PRO”, “UX-design” and “Animation of interfaces”.

After training you will be able to:

  • Design applications in Figma.
  • Present mobile application projects to customers.
  • Test hypotheses on real users.
  • Adapt design for iOS and Android.
  • Work with professional software – Sketch, Principle, InVision Studio, Zeplin.

Teaching Practitioners

Mentors do not just give lectures, but share their experience in real projects – this can not be found in free articles on the Internet.

You can study at any time.

Online training – you watch video tutorials and do homework when convenient. The teacher checks the work and answers questions. 3-5 hours a week are enough for training.

Learning on real tasks

On the course, you will find not only an up-to-date theory but also a lot of practice: at the end of each module you do homework on briefs of real companies. And at the end of the course, make a graduation project – a design concept for a real customer. All this will allow you to collect a cool portfolio.

Employment assistance

After the course, you do not have to send out a resume. Our Career Center will tell you how to write a resume correctly so that you are quickly noticed, and after successful completion of the course will arrange interviews for you with large partner companies: for example, at AIC, April, AGIMA and others.

The first six months you do not need to pay

The “Profession of a Mobile Application Designer” course can be taken in installments for 24 months and postpone the first payment for 6 months. And after six months, you can already take small design projects, earn and pay for training.

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