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Multiple Jobs Opportunities In Canada

Multiple Jobs Opportunities In Canada

Multiple Jobs Opportunities In Canada. Canada Jobs – There are many easy methods to find a job in Canada like the internet, Recruiting Agencies, Personal Relations, Career Centers & Fairs, Human Resource & Skill Development Canada, Newspapers & Application directly to the companies, regardless of the type of job you’re looking for, the more ways you use, the better your odds.

The profiles most in demand are those of workers, electrician, civil, mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Software. Metallurgical. Marine, Quality & Safety engineers, HR Executive, Food Packers, Fish Packers & Cutters, Waiters, Receptionists, Store Keeper, Drivers, Sales Executive and much more.

Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow its strong national workforce.

The housekeeping attendant is a key member of the team. They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the home, ensuring that visitors, residents, and families have a pleasant and safe environment to live and work in.

Reporting to the Director of Environmental Services, the Laundry Worker is responsible for the collection, sorting, washing, repair and delivery of Resident’s laundry.

Multiple Jobs Opportunities In Canada

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Find Jobs In Canada

Multiple Jobs Opportunities In Canada

Canada announces a 3-year pilot project with the prospect of obtaining permanent residence for eligible agricultural workers.
Detailed information on how to apply for a new pilot project Agri-Food Immigration will be available in early 2020, reports IRCC
Temporary foreign workers with Canadian agri-food sector experience will receive a new path to permanent residence in Canada from the beginning of 2020.

The three-year Agri-Food Immigration Pilot pilot project will help retain experienced, off-season foreign workers with acceptable job offers in the Canadian agricultural and agri-food industry.
The Canadian government says that the industry exported a record $ 66.2 billion in 2018 and supports 1 out of 8 jobs across the country, but industries such as meat processing and mushroom production “have constant difficulties finding and retaining new employees.”

At present, migrant farmworkers who come to Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (temporary foreign worker) for seasonal agricultural workers receive only limited work permits and are not able to get a permanent residence.
Professions and industries covered by the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot pilot project include:

meat processing
retail butcher
production butcher
food industry worker
harvesting worker for year-round cultivation of mushrooms and greenhouse crops

General agricultural worker for year-round cultivation of mushrooms, greenhouse crops or animal husbandry
a farm manager and a specialized livestock worker for meat processing, year-round cultivation of mushrooms, greenhouse crops, or animal husbandry.

Multiple Jobs Opportunities In Canada

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Each year, the pilot project will accept no more than 2,750 key candidates. The IRCC reported that a pilot project could welcome around 16,500 new permanent residents (including family members of candidates) in Canada over the three-year term of the project.
“Temporary foreign workers who come to this country and work hard to fill permanent jobs should have a fair and reasonable chance of becoming a Canadian no matter what kind of work they do,” said Roger Kuzner, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Employment Canada’s resources and labor said in a press release.

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot immigration project is being carried out in accordance with other recent initiatives by the Government of Canada aimed at assisting temporary foreign workers to move to a permanent place of residence.
These initiatives include new opportunities for caregivers and the allocation of 2,000 additional places in provincial programs to suitable temporary temporary foreign workers.

Requirements for Agri-Food Immigration Pilot:
Off-season work experience in Canada for 12 months full-time as part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program on a relevant profession in meat processing, raising livestock, growing mushrooms or greenhouse crops;
Canadian Language Benchmark level 4 for English or French;
foreign equivalent of Canadian secondary school education or higher;
a full-time job offer, off-season work in Canada, outside Quebec, at or above the prevailing wage.
The federal government reports that details on how people can apply for a pilot project will be available in early 2020.

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