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My facebook is my friend: The benefit of social networks in 2020

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Social networks cause depression ! Instagram makes you feel jealousy! We spend whole hours on online life. We read such headlines, lament, and after 5 minutes we again look into the smartphone – are there any new notifications.

This time you looked here definitely not in vain. We will talk about how to turn depression into joy, and envy into our own achievements. Social networks are a tool. And that’s why it is needed.

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How to learn new and useful information daily in any areas of interest to you, without wasting time searching for it? It’s simple: just subscribe to themed pages or channels on social networks. Now on any such platform there is a lot of high-quality, and sometimes even unique educational content.

With the help of social networks, you will receive it daily, constantly nourishing your brain with knowledge and keeping it in good shape . It also prevents forgetting information that we use little, but still we need it.


No matter what anyone says, there is a lot of positive in social networks. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a break at memes or funny videos during breaks or after work that will improve your mood and relieve stress.

But there is another aspect. You not only read on social networks, but also post? Well, this is another way to get a little positive. Try to find something positive in your day and write about it on the social network. It’s like a diary , only public. Look for the good yourself and share it with others.


No, it’s not about the relevant quotes. Although, if this helps you, then why not. We are about something else now. To find the very positive in a lived day, it is not necessary to simply passively search for it. It can be created in advance. Somewhere to walk, meet someone, do something useful, even read a book! And now you have a post on Instagram! Of course, this does not mean that you should do this just for the sake of likes. But here the main result. And if something makes you live interesting and bright – use it.

Social networks are a great tool for social responsibility. You can publicly announce on your page some goal (of course, it should be reasonable and achievable). And now you will have an extremely strong incentive to achieve it. We are all very afraid of public censure, and even more so public. And so we will make every effort not to be disgraced.


The vast majority of useful connections people often acquire on social networks. Social networks are an extremely convenient tool for networking . Even if you are not doing this purposefully. This is especially true for introverted individuals who do not really like to get acquainted in reality. This is your chance – use it to the maximum.

To make useful connections in social networks, you need a little:

  • Qualify your profile so that anyone who visits it can quickly understand who you are.
  • Look for people you are interested in and add them as friends. The easiest way to do this is through thematic communities.
  • After people have accepted your application, establish online communication with them. At least just meet and periodically remind yourself. For example, occasionally unobtrusively share interesting information with them.

Now, if someone takes an interest in your friend, and if he doesn’t have a familiar programmer or web designer, he may well remember you. And so online networking will knock on your real life.

Repository of ideas and notes

As well as a task scheduler and notepad in general. Maybe it wasn’t worth allocating a whole paragraph for this, but it takes a serious share in why you can use social networks every day. At a minimum, this is convenient. There is no need to download different applications for different tasks, and then frantically remember where you wrote that very important information.


Develop your talents and show them to the world? There is nothing easier since social networks appeared. And it doesn’t matter what you do: write, take pictures, program, and so on.

Just create a blog on any convenient platform and go to conquer the world. Blogging helps to structure information , convey it to users in the highest quality possible and just satisfy your creative ego.

And this, by the way, is another way of networking – the blog shows your expertise and interest in professional development.

And finally, about what you can do right now. To get started, subscribe to an interesting educational community or channel. Watch a minute funny video during the break. This will help to distract and relax.

Think about what goal you could declare in social networks to increase the chances of its achievement. Write the appropriate post. Rate the design of your profile. Does it help you find clients or employers? Think about how you can improve your self-presentation through social networks. Perhaps there will be enough links to the portfolio

Create a separate chat / private community that you can use to store notes and ideas. Consider sharing your blog with others. On which platform do you need to drive it? Write your first post.

And do not put off all this for later – start now! We wish you good luck and are confident that you will succeed!

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