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New Study: The Best Home Improvement Retailers 2020

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New Study: The Best Home Improvement Retailers 2020

Quick and personalized service with a smile is tops with shoppers in the latest customer satisfaction survey of home improvement retailers.

New Study: The Best Home Improvement Retailers 2020

The just-released J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study measures which retailers have the best customer experience according to people who frequent the stores. The results are based on the following five factors:

  • Price
  • Merchandise
  • Staff and service
  • Store facility
  • Sales and promotions

The #1 Home Improvement Retailer for Customer Satisfaction

This year, Ace Hardware comes in #1 for customer satisfaction, as it has done for 13 of the last 14 years. The survey, which was based on a 1,000-point scale and fielded responses from 2,626 customers, gives great insights into what customers value when they’re shopping.

Some key findings in the report include:

  • Service in 2 minutes or less: Customers said of all the services provided by retailers, the biggest factor was if they were helped in two minutes or less. But just one-fourth of those surveyed received help within that timeframe.
  • Online shoppers spend more in-store: Those who shopped or researched online then came into the store ended up spending an average of $500 more per year than those who didn’t go online prior to purchasing.

Want to know if your local home improvement store made the cut? Let’s look at the rankings for J.D. Power’s Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study:

These Home Improvement Retailers Get High Marks From Customers

RetailerIndex Score
Ace Hardware844
Industry Average834
True Value832
The Home Depot827
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Christina Cooley, director of the @Home practice at J.D. Power, says customers not only want to be helped, but they want it in a timely manner.

“Now, more than ever, customers are looking for the guidance they need — but they’re also looking to get in and out of the store quickly,” Christina says in the news release.

“When customers receive speedy, knowledgeable and friendly service, they are more likely to return and recommend that retailer. However, if they must wait 5 minutes or more to receive help, satisfaction scores tumble.”

Final Thought

In a fast-paced world, the rankings show that people still value their time, but also the old-fashioned approach to customer service: personal care.

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