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News: Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces 500 new jobs in Germany!

News: Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces 500 new jobs in Germany! 1

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently announced 500 new jobs in Germany and opening of new office in Munich, Germany. According to news reports, this new office will cater to European clients especially from cloud computing domain.

AWS, which developed through the technology that runs and operated the Amazon E-Commerce platform is gaining popularity in Germany. AWS is gaining popularity after addressing concerns about privacy that led many manufacturing firms to keep their servers on-site.

Klaus Buerg, General Manager of AWS in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, said, “Those clients have overcome those compliance and security constraints and are now in catch-up mode”.

He further told Reuters in an interview that because of that kind of constraint, habit and behaviour in the past, they are now working more like a fast follower than a front runner.

AWS has received a cloud computing security certification from Germany’s cyber-security authority, providing assurances that data is safe even if it is hosted on remote servers outside the country.

The new jobs at AWS are part of 2,800 already announced in Germany by Amazon and will be dispersed across its operations and research units in Germany, said Buerg.

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