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5 Best Websites: Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs. Most people are always looking for a part-time secondary source of income to support their financial well-being.


The truth is our full-time jobs are so hectic that we can hardly find any time for any other work. But there are actually a few opportunities available on the web that are totally worth your time. We are going to share a few websites that offer legitimate online data entry jobs opportunities.

The best thing about data entry is you can do a lot of work in a very short time. It doesn’t consume too much brain power either because you don’t have to think too much. Data entry jobs mostly involve typing stuff and filling forms. So if you have a full-time job and you still need more money to improve your life style then keep on reading.

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Online Data Entry Jobs Websites

We are going to explain the working and payment procedures of each of these companies in detail below:

  1. SmartCrowd

    LionBridge SmartCrowd is a part of Business Process Sourcing company that deals with community management. They have over 100,000 cloud workers from all over the world working for them on regular basis. Some of their client companies are global market leaders including Adobe, Caterpillar, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and many more. They offer users from all over the world to join their team and earn money by doing short tasks. Most of the work comprises of data research, data entry, testing and language translations.

    There is no fees for becoming a member. When you submit your worker application they will ask you questions about your education, demographics, area of expertise and language skills. Based on your profile they will assign you the most suitable work. Once your application is submitted you will be provided with Placement Evaluations. Your evaluation scores will determine how much work you will get in the future. So pay close attention when you’re doing them.

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  1. How does SmartCrowd Pay?

    All rates are set for each task that you complete on SmartCrowd. You will be paid once per month. They pay directly in your bank account using DirectDeposit.

Online Data Entry Jobs Websites

  1. 2Captcha

    This company might be offering you the easiest way to earn money from Internet. That’s right, you get paid to do CAPTCHA solving. It can’t get any easier than that. If you for some reason don’t know what CAPTCHA is have you seen in image with random Alphabets on it that you have to type to login to a website? This is how it looks:

    You can earn money for solving these CAPTCHAs. The amount of money you can earn depends on how many CAPTCHAs you can solve. But don’t get your hopes too high. This type of work can’t fill your pockets with money.

  2. They have mentioned on their website that the amount earned per CAPTCHA is more when there are fewer people solving them. So you will earn lesser if there is a huge number of people solving them at that time. You can also earn more by referring your friends to the system.

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Online Data Entry Jobs Websites

  1. How does 2Captcha Pay?

    2Captcha’s payment methods are WebMoney, Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money. You can withdraw as soon as your earnings reach $0.5. They don’t charge any commissions from your withdrawals so that’s a plus.

  2. ClickWorker

    ClickWorker started as an experimental project launched by NASA that hired workers to participate in scientific data work. Now it has become an established online brand that pays workers to do small tasks. The tasks include web research, data categorization, online surveys, proof reading, text correction etc.

    The best thing is they are always looking for Internet workers who can do all that stuff for them. The jobs are never ending. All you have to do is register on their website and create your profile. You will be asked to complete some short assessments.

  3. The number and quality of jobs that you will get depends on the score you get in those assessments. Here’s a guide that explains the whole working process in detail. #Online Data Entry Jobs

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  1. How does Clickworker Pay?

    ClickWorker pays its workers on weekly basis. They pay through SEPA transfers or Paypal.

Online Data Entry Jobs Websites

  1. OneSpace

    OneSpace is basically a Software platform that provides workflow automation solutions to businesses. But they have a very separate portal for freelancers where they hire users to do online work.

  2. As a freelancer you will have to do all sorts of quality assurance tasks and writing assignments. They have a huge variety of data entry work that you can do easily if you’re well educated.

    Freelancers can create their own schedule for work and choose the assignments that they are comfortable with. As a freelancer you will be working with some of the best companies including Walmart, Ebay, Staples and others.

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  1. How does OneSpace Pay?

    OneSpace pays its freelancers on daily basis. That’s right. No payment delay. The payment method they support is Paypal.

  2. Online Data Entry Jobs. Indeed is one of the biggest job search engines on the world wide web. They even have their country based search engines that let you search for local jobs. We have included it in this awesome list because it is a gold mine when it comes to online data entry jobs.

  3. You can use Indeed to find data entry jobs that pay you to work from home. However, it’s not as simple as searching for normal jobs.

    To search for such jobs you will have to enter the text “data entry” in the What field and “Remote” in the Where field. Here’s a screen shot that shows how it’s done:


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These are the websites and companies that we have been able to find for finding legitimate data entry work. If you come across any other website that provides such opportunities then do let us know.

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