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Online Teaching: 8 Best Sites That Will Inspire You

Online Teaching

Online Teaching: 8 Best Sites That Will Inspire You. The idea of teaching and learning anytime anywhere sounds extraordinary.

The Internet reaches worldwide. And the innovative devices bring education to a new digital level. Continually growing technology makes education more effective and available to everyone.

Online Teaching: 8 Best Sites That Will Inspire You

As a result, a question arises:

Whether computers will replace teachers or not? 

The answer is NO. Teachers are an essential factor in education. Technological devices offer a range of features and benefits. In any case, they are nothing without the human. It is the teacher who provides knowledge using these devices and features.

The number of platforms for online education is increasingly growing. And it’s the choice of many online teachers and students. E-teaching is currently an ideal solution. The reason is – it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Currently, many online teaching platforms even practice applications. Creating apps is beneficial for such purposes because it’s fast, accessible, and attractive. Finding the best online teaching platform is a real challenge. To focus on the most essential, find 7 best online teaching sites below which will surely inspire you.

Online Teaching

1. Tutor

One of the oldest and most trustworthy teaching websites is This site offers one-to-one learning solutions both for students and teachers. Their service includes tutoring, peer coaching, professional development, training, career help, etc.

Online Teaching Sites That Will Inspire You:#1 Tutor

Online Teaching is a popular platform. Teachers go there for online tutoring. At the same time, it is the favorite platform for the students. As mentions, students love them, cause they put students in the driver’s seat.

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2. Uteach

Uteach is a different approach to the online teaching system. This isn’t just a platform where you may upload your online courses. Uteach provides a chance to create your own portal – website that becomes your personal brand with your dreamed domain name and design. Once you registered to the platform, you can introduce your video courses of quality knowledge.

Teaching platform - Uteach

Online Teaching

Uteach also provides a custom blog. Here you may come up with interesting articles and infographics in your specific niche. The most fantastic thing related to this platform is that along with the increasing growth of the digitalization it always develops all the functionality of your portal, providing results you’ll be satisfied with.

And yet, if you have any questions related to the portal or its services, you may just contact the company. The Uteach support team is very responsive to customer messages and always ready to meet your demands.

3. Chegg Tutors

“Chegg Tutors” sounds great when it comes to paying per hour. This online teaching site is intended to help students in high school and college. The site offers online textbooks, homework help, online tutoring, scholarships, and internship matching.

Online Teaching Sites That Will Inspire You:#2 Chegg Tutors

Online Teaching

The platform is suitable for teachers to make a reputation. When a teacher completes any course or training, the students give feedback. Reviews and testimonials help to get more opportunities.

4. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform. It features 80,000+ courses taught by online teachers. There are more than 17 million students and 27000+ tutors on this platform.  Udemy has an advantage.

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Here you don’t teach like other online teaching platforms. You choose a topic and create online course content. While the income comes whenever the students buy your courses.

Online Teaching Sites That Will Inspire You:#3 Udemy

Online Teaching

5. Tutor Hub

This e-teaching platform is easy to use. Tutor Hub is a secure website, which is useful for students and teachers. It is comfortable for teachers to arrange lessons and use online tutoring classroom. Students also like Tutor Hub.

They quickly find a teacher online and start training. This platform is right for learners both inside and outside the formal education.

Online Teaching Sites That Will Inspire You:#4 Tutor Hub

Online Teaching

6. Buddy School

Here is an excellent online teacher website. Buddy school is available to everybody. Education providers just need to register and create their profile. Then this is a nice place to promote online classes and increase reputation.

Online Teaching Sites That Will Inspire You:#5. Buddy School

Online Teaching

Buddy school is a more convenient platform for newly beginners. It is one of the suitable teacher websites. Beginner tutors introduce their educational material and get some scores (rated by the students). As a result, they build a loyal audience and increase the number of students.


VIPKID  is an educational platform for teaching English. They have some guidelines for teachers. They only hire native English speakers with a bachelor’s degree. The best thing is that teachers can choose the time they want to teach. They may have a regular schedule and still manage to work on VIPKID.

Online Teaching Sites That Will Inspire You:#6 VIPKID

Online Teaching

8. Your Own Website

While you are confused about finding an excellent e-teaching platform, here is your own website – your best solution. Teacher websites are the best solution for an online teacher. This platform is an accessible website. It meets not only the teachers’ but students’ needs as well.

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Your personal e-teaching website sounds great. As the owner of the platform and an education provider, you choose the features of your site. You may upload unlimited courses, attach files, organize events, and anything you find proper.

Your website completes all the features that different platforms include. You build an online classroom, bring courses, and why not promote courses of other teachers. You create a blog and a forum.

Chess Mood -LMS Software

Online Teaching

An example of a personal teaching website is ChessMood. It is the most lovely educational platform for chess lovers made by Grandmasters. As ChessMood mentions, with the educational platform and online store, they do their best to serve their mission. Their mission is to help ChessMood members to level up their skills with smiles and happiness.

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