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15 Best Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement

Opportunities for Advancement

15 Best Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement

It’s a fact of life that even some of the most-sought-after jobs may not have career advancement opportunities that align with your goals. But there are high-paying jobs out there that offer the best of both worlds.

15 Best Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement

Glassdoor recently released a list of jobs with the best career advancement opportunities in the United States. The list was compiled from information taken from millions of employee reviews on the site.

These 15 jobs offer great pay, career advancement & are in demand

If you’re looking for a job, you can use this list as a great resource to help you identify promising positions based on ratings from real employees in the workplace. The best jobs have three key criteria:

  • Best career opportunity ratings
  • Salaries above the U.S. median pay
  • Large number of job openings

15 Best Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement

Jobs with strong career advancement opportunities don’t have to be low-paying. In fact, many of these positions pay six figures! Check the list out below:

RankJob TitleCareer Opportunities RatingMedian Base SalaryJob Openings on Glassdoor
1Tax Manager4.1$112,0214,803
2Salesforce Developer4.1$81,7213,193
3Product Designer4.1$102,0542,045
4Strategy Manager4.0$142,3283,131
5HR Manager4.0$84,7004,351
6Audit Manager4.0$102,5213,050
7Data Scientist3.9$110,1606,789
8Business Development Manager3.9$80,3416,982
9Java Developer3.9$82,0879,367
10Marketing Manager3.9$83,5138,194
11Product Marketing Manager3.9$121,7802,319
12Mobile Developer3.8$94,5552,097
13Devops Engineer3.8$107,6195,505
14Communications Manager3.8$80,1882,434
15Accounting Manager3.8$86,5623,784
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See Glassdoor for the full list

While tech industry roles make up a good portion of the roles listed above, other industries like healthcare, finance and marketing are well represented. But how’s your resume?

Give your resume a makeover

To advance to the interview stage, you need to have a resume that hiring managers will notice! If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, dust it off and update it so that you’re ready when the perfect job opportunity comes along.

15 Best Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement

Does your resume look anything like the one on the left?

15 Best Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement 1

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