5 Tips How To Make An Awesome Picture For Resume

Picture For Resume

Picture For Resume. We will help you take such a photo for your resume to create a win-win first impression

When Eichar opens a resume, he, of course, first of all pays attention to the photograph of the applicant. Therefore, choosing a snapshot for a resume is a responsible matter, because you must look at it not only as an attractive person but also as a competent specialist.

Here are 5 things to use before adding a photo to your resume.

1. Avoid photos with vivid facial expressions or gestures

Antics and gestures (even with a very positive value) in the resume are inappropriate. Nevertheless, some specialists resort to them, believing that this will be able to attract attention and be remembered by the HR manager.

A photograph with a calm expression should be used even if you are a mime actor or a children’s animator. Moreover, psychologists do not advise even the most successful realtors, sales managers or business trainers to use photographs with a “class” or “Victoria” gesture ( two fingers in the form of a Latin “V” ) on advertising posters .

Picture For Resume
Picture For Resume

2. Make eye contact

To look smart and confident in the photo, create the illusion of eye contact with the eychar .

Many applicants use photos in which they think they look mysterious and highly intelligent due to a thoughtful look into the distance. Perhaps this really works on social networks, but not on the resume.

A study by Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles showed that people who have eye contact are generally rated as having a higher IQ than those who avoid it. It is very easy to create the illusion of eye contact with an HR manager using a resume – use the photo in which you look directly at the camera.

Picture For Resume

3. Stand straight

Another common mistake that can weaken the perception of your competence is to tilt your head or stoop.

People always bow their heads slightly when talking to someone interesting – this is a sign of trust and sympathy. However, this position of the body in the photographs does not look very attractive. You look less competent in such shots.

Did you find that you always tilt your head in photographs? It doesn’t matter: try to slightly rotate the image in the photo editor to correct your posture.

Picture For Resume
Picture For Resume

4. Avoid Selfie Signals

Selfies and even professional photos that look like selfies in the resume will certainly not add you points in the eyes of the employer.

Selfie can make you an Instagram star and it can send your resume to the Cart. The whole point is the specifics of this type of photography and its subconscious message – narcissism.

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Interestingly, a modern Internet user recognizes selfies at first sight, even if you “cut your hand”. These images still show slight facial distortion (for example, a slightly disproportionate forehead or nose caused by close-up shots).

This does not mean that you cannot take pictures yourself for use in a resume; you just need to learn how to use a tripod and use the timer function when shooting.

Picture For Resume

5. Choose the right clothes and decor.

Eychar will draw conclusions from both your appearance in the photograph and from what surrounds you in it .

For example, a photo from your birthday, in a festive cap, will make the Heychar doubt that you will adhere to professional norms and rules. If you use a vacation picture, you are a cheerful person who drinks great cocktails and lies in the sun. Photos from the wedding – bust with practicality: it was a great day, you put on a beautiful suit, made professional photos, so why is it good to disappear? 

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The only trouble is that, like selfies, they recognize the wedding photo session at a glance and decide that the applicant simply decided not to strain.

picture for resume tips
picture for resume tips

In fact, to get a serious photo for your resume, you just need to put on a long-sleeved shirt and find a simple, neutral background.

Bonus: Wear Points

Yes, this is a terrible cliche. But psychological research data says that it actually works and the person with glasses seems more competent to the recruiter. So, if you wear glasses, taking pictures for a resume is better in them.

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Picture For Resume
picture for resume tips


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