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These 10 Grocery Products Are Getting Cheaper

Products Are Getting Cheaper

These 10 Grocery Products Are Getting Cheaper

If you’ve been grocery shopping lately, you know quite well that the coronavirus pandemic caused some food prices to rise during the spring.

But now, you’ll actually pay less for some staple food items, and we’re going to show you a few in this article.

The data comes from the June 2020 Consumer Price Index from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These 10 Grocery Products Are Getting Cheaper

What Americans pay for groceries rose slightly (0.7%) from the previous month, according to a news release from the bureau. The good thing is that a number of foods dropped in price.

These 10 Grocery Products Are Getting Cheaper

Here are some grocery items that got cheaper based on the seasonally adjusted percentage change from May to June 2020:

10 Grocery Items That Are Getting Cheaper

Food ItemSeasonally Adjusted % Change May 2020-June 2020
Fresh Fish & Seafood-1.7
Sugar & Sugar Substitutes-1.3
Dairy (Other Than Milk, Cheese & Ice Cream) & Related Products-1.3
Frozen Noncarbonated Juices & Drinks-1.1
Beverage Materials (Other Than Coffee) Including Tea-1.1
Salt & Other Seasonings & Spices-1.0

The report also shows that other dairy items like milk and cheese as well as rice, pasta and bread got cheaper. Meanwhile, some staple meats got more expensive.

Final Thought

If your pandemic pantry is starting to crush your budget, it may be time to put some saving strategies from Team Clark to work.

Before you go back to the store, make sure you read all the ways you can save money on groceries. 

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