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Proven ways to make money Blogging in 2020

make money Blogging

Make money Blogging: With the development of the Internet, blogs have not lost their popularity. They evolved, changed the look and functionality. However, the essence of the blog remains unchanged – interesting content and constant content.

A blog is a website whose main content is regularly uploaded posts containing text and multimedia. It is also sometimes called an online magazine, an online diary, an online diary. The difference between such a diary and the usual one is in publicity, because as a rule they are created in order to be read and commented on by other people.

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Make money Blogging:

If we talk about readers of blogs, then there are at least four goals that motivate these people:

  • Reading and entertainment.
  • Receiving the information.
  • Reading for the sake of socialization, the feeling of being involved in the life of famous people.
  • Tracking the reaction of the public to certain actions.

At the same time, bloggers themselves use their blogs to:

  • Self-presentation . The blog carries information about the personality of the author, as well as his creative or other achievements. This may be a writer who brings up ideas and topics that are covered in his books.
  • Entertainment . A blogger entertains (or thinks that entertains) people by providing them with interesting and unexpected information.
  • Communications . Many bloggers keep diaries just for the sake of communicating with other people and comparing different points of view. Since many have access to the Internet, audience coverage can be large and versatile.
  • Promotion of goods and services . This type of blogging has a commercial basis in advance. True, there are blogs that combine interesting content and advertising of goods, which is an example of successful commerce.
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Make money Blogging:

Before you decide to start your own blog , pay attention to the functions that it should perform, as well as the topics that you are going to raise. Creating a blog just for making money is a costly and professionally demanding task.

Be prepared that you have to fight for the reader. But even having won this fight, it’s still difficult to sell something “forehead”. However, interesting and unusual people have few competitors, so if you feel that you are able to surprise, go ahead.

Summarizing all of the above, there are three main parameters that will make it possible to earn money on a blog: long and hard work, high-quality content and a solid audience. There is an opinion that the monetization of the blog should not be thought out earlier than after six months of its maintenance. However, if you have a lot of ideas and time, this period can be significantly reduced.

So, let’s see what are the ways to make money on a blog.

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Partnership programs

In this case, the percentage for the goods sold is deducted to you if a visitor to your blog has visited the site you advertised and purchased it. Ideally, the affiliate program should be close to the topic of your blog. For example, an affiliate program from Liters would be good for a blog about books.

If you love traveling, you can start a travel blog. In this case, travel agencies may be your affiliate programs. Some people manage to travel with the money they receive from blogging like this. It turns out a nice vicious circle. However, investments in promotion and first trips will be required with guarantee.

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Make money Blogging: Contextual advertising

There are two major contextual advertising services on the Internet: Yandex Direct and Google AdSense. Both services set their advertising conditions. For example, the minimum number of unique visitors per day should range from 300 to 500 people.

Contextual advertising is text and image advertising that is automatically placed on your resource after registering with the service and installing the code on the site. Yandex and Google pick it up depending on the context (hence the name) – the subject matter of the posted materials.

For each click on such ads, a certain amount is accrued. But there is a problem associated with this type of earnings – you will increase the number of refusals, because after clicking on an advertisement the visitor will leave the site.

This may have SEO implications. Also, such an advertisement may not fit into the concept of site design because of its appearance, and its large number can be annoying.

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Make money Blogging: Selling Links

You can set the link exchange code, for example, Trustlink, Linkfeed, Sape or control the process and post the links yourself (Rotapost, Gogetlinks, Getgoodlinks, Miralinks). In the first case, the payment is much lower, but only the initial setup is needed. Before using this method, understand it in detail, ask the SEO specialists for advice on thematic forums.

Direct advertisers

Despite the fact that the placement of banners is not as popular as before, this method of income is still one of the best. There will always be an advertiser who wants to place a banner on a thematically appropriate site. Examine their suggestions with caution, because this can also affect both search results and readers’ behavior. Find a middle ground between quality content and direct advertising.

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Make money Blogging: Paid Advertising Reviews

You can post reviews of advertisers and receive substantial rewards. True, in this case, the number of your readers should be large enough, and the content of the blog quality. You should also be able to write texts for the needs of customers or be prepared to post materials already provided.

Whatever methods of making money for a blog you choose, always remember that you won’t be able to deceive your readers. If they understand that the blog is used solely for the sake of earning, they will turn away from you forever.

So, first of all, set the goal to be interesting and useful to your audience and only then begin to think about the financial side. Reputation on the Internet also means a lot. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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