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Every Marketer Should Know About Top 8 Psychological Triggers

Marketer Should Know

Marketer Should Know About Psychological Triggers. All people are similar in that they have the same mental triggers leading to actions. It was laid biologically and brought up civilizationally, so it is extremely difficult to fight them. They are often used by marketers. But this article is more about the nature of human decisions than marketing. Therefore, it will be interesting to those who want to open their own business, successfully communicate with people, or simply better know themselves.


The driving forces of human behavior

Human behavior is determined by the need to avoid pain and the desire to have fun. Even if we do something that hurts, we do it because we associate this action with the pleasure we receive. Marathon runners who cross the finish line with all their might are happy.

This is the basic trigger on which all the others are based. It underlies motivation for every action that we commit. But in order to use this trigger in marketing, first you need to understand what potential customers have is pain or pleasure, because in different cases the already mentioned marathon will mean different things.

Marketer Should Know Novelty

Man loves novelty. It has been clinically proven that exposure to something new and unfamiliar increases dopamine levels. Novelty makes us feel that there is a possibility of reward. This potential pleasure makes us seek it.

Look at the situation with updating the line of smartphones, for example, Apple. The new model is far from always revolutionary, but millions of people abandon their previous versions and buy the latest.

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Marketer Should Know Novelty

Why explanation

“I will sacrifice one hour of my time in order to give you advice on how to double your money or give you $ 100.” How do you feel when reading lines like this? You are interested? Surely you want to find out, because our brain is focused on finding answers.

In his book “Who’s in charge?”, Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, a professor of psychology at the University of California, discovered that our rational mind always seeks meaning, even if there is no meaning. In fact, we seek explanations to understand everything we experience in life.

In a famous Xerox experiment conducted by psychologist Ellen Langer, it was found that people are willing to do more for someone who explains their behavior (even if the reason is completely arbitrary). So, people standing in line to make a photocopy were 34% more likely to allow someone to line up in front of them, even if the excuse was something like “because I have to make a few copies.”

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Marketer Should Know Novelty

Tell a story

People have been telling each other stories over the past several thousand years. This is a way of passing messages and information from generation to generation.

Stories affect emotions, and we are all emotional beings. Gerard Zaltman, author of How Customers Think, found that 95% of cognition is unconscious thanks to emotions.

Stories activate parts of the brain associated with vision, sound, taste, and movement. They allow you to gain experience without real experience. They literally take us into the world of history and illuminate us the path in which we emotionally make a purchasing decision. Advertising should evoke emotions, and the best way to do this is to tell a sincere story about eternal values.

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Marketer Should Know about Simplify solution

In his bestselling book “Think Slowly, Decide Quickly”, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman says: “The general law of least effort applies to both cognitive and physical exertion.” The law states that if there are several ways to achieve the same goal, people will ultimately strive for the least demanding option. In the economy of action, effort is the cost, and the acquisition of skills is determined by the balance of benefits and costs. Laziness lies deep in our nature.

We always choose the easiest way to achieve the desired result. Not surprisingly, Seven Skills of Highly Effective People has become a bestseller. After all, she tells us a simple formula for how to become highly effective. All you need is seven skills. This is a wonderful book, but its title is very successful.

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Create a common enemy

Create a common enemy and team up with your potential opponents to encourage them to invest in your products and services.

Each audience has a common enemy, which, in its opinion, is the reason that it (the audience) does not get the desired results. Socialist Georg Simmel claimed that we create common enemies because it unites us with groups of people whom we consider to be like us.

We also recall that we are creatures who seek meaning. Sometimes it is the enemies that are needed for meaning. Otherwise, why do bad things happen to good people?

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Marketer Should Know about Ignite curiosity

Professor George Loeinstein discovered that when there is a gap between what we know and what we want to know, we will take measures to fill this gap. This theory is called the Information Theory of Discontinuity.

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Think of it as scabies. Our curiosity not only inspires activity, but also increases activity in those parts of the brain that are associated with pleasure.

If you arouse curiosity in a person, this ensures that he will open your emails, promote your content and buy your products to fill the gap between the teaser with which you leave him and the answer that is outside of it.


Have you noticed how hundreds of people line up for any new Apple product before it is released? Why?

Because Apple is anticipating any new version of the product. The same thing happens, for example, with sporting events. And the advertisement is there too – fans open a bottle of beer in anticipation, pending.

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, claims anticipation is a key step in happiness. If you look forward to something (and know that it will happen for sure), you bring happiness to your life long before the event occurs.

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