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10 professions with the highest percentage of psychopaths


Psychopaths: A psychopath is not necessarily a killer maniac who escaped from a psychiatric hospital. Psychopaths are among us, and most of them adapt perfectly to normal life (better than many of us, hehe). Take a look around: isn’t such a person sitting next to you in the office?


Psychopaths are selfish, resourceful, prone to manipulation and have no moral guidelines. The psychopath has no conscience, he is not capable of either sympathy or repentance and is happy to go over his heads in order to achieve his goals. They are false, cynical and do not spare anyone.

It is unlikely that you would like to have such guys in your close circle, right? But it turns out that in some areas, these very features are very useful and help to achieve great success. Oxford psychologist Kevin Dutton, who has been studying psychopaths for many years, argues that the set of personality traits (or defects?)

Of a psychopath practically coincides with those traits that lead to success in a capitalist society. In the Great British Psychopath Survey, Dutton identified 10 professions in which the percentage of psychopaths is especially high. Does this list include your specialty?

10 professions with the highest percentage of psychopaths

1. Company managers

To lead people and businesses, sometimes you don’t have to have a heart. And lying, cynicism and manipulation perfectly help to reach heights. Judging by research, about 4% of CEOs, company presidents and other big bosses are psychopaths. This is 4 times more than the population average.

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2. Jurisprudence

These people know the laws very well. And even better they know how to get around them. And if, from a young age, a future specialist sees how it is not the truth that decides in court, but eloquence, skillful lies and personal charisma (this is all fine with psychopaths), money or a call “from above” …

No, we will not argue that all lawyers are dishonest. But lies, deceit and the pursuit of personal gain in this profession, alas, are not uncommon.

3. Radio and television

In the media, psychopaths satisfy their narcissism, train charm and charisma, enjoy their ability to manipulate the mass consciousness … and lie without blinking. No, no, not all TV and radio journalists are cynical liars, we did not want to say that.

4. Sales

Psychopaths turn out to be excellent salesmen if they are not only cynical and unscrupulous, but also smart – plus they well understand the psychology of their “victims”. At the same time, they do not know how to sympathize with people, so they gladly suck in customers completely unnecessary junk, taking the last penny from a poor family. But for the company in which they work, it is beneficial. As for themselves.

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5. Surgery

Here everything is subtle: among doctors and nurses of psychopaths, on the contrary, the smallest percentage (still: to treat people, you need to at least love them a little). But surgeons are an exception.

It seems that those who since childhood have dreamed of cutting human flesh (albeit for good purposes) should initially have reduced ability to empathy and empathy. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to bear.

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Some surgeons admit that since childhood they ripped open their bellies to their teddy bears. And some trained on hamsters and homeless cats … That’s it, let’s drop the veil of mercy.

6. Journalism

Hm. Sorry, keep quiet.

7. The police

Yes-ah … People whose profession is to protect us can themselves be a danger? On the other hand, does anyone in the post-Soviet space doubt this? But the matter is not only in the glorious traditions of the Soviet police. For example, according to American statistics, families of police officers suffer from domestic violence 4 times more often than the population average.

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8. The clergy

That sounds scary. We will make a reservation that the study was still conducted not in our country, but in the UK, and no one vouched for all faiths. But as high-profile examples, researchers cite scandals in the Catholic Church related to homosexuality and pedophilia: first the events themselves, and then how the church got out.

For many psychopaths, it is really tempting to be in the ranks of priests and preachers of various faiths and sects: how many defenseless victims are for manipulation, lies and self-affirmation at someone else’s expense!

9. High cooking

Yes Yes! Experts in the restaurant business claim that most chefs are narcissistic, narcissistic lovers to walk on their heads, manipulate and achieve their success at all costs. (And it would seem so delicious …)

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10. State service

Government officials have power over people. What more could a psychopath want? Even a small bipod will wrap you up with your unfortunate papers for the 25th time, forcing you to flatter, humiliate and give bribes.

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