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Remote jobs Customer service: Salaries around 3000 per month

Remote jobs Customer service

Remote jobs Customer service. The review from Quartz today gives advice on how to express yourself in a remote position. Work remotely is very beneficial for the staff.

There is no need to spend more than an hour a day on the road, and the performance of their official duties is possible directly from home, the nearest cafeteria or coworking.

Remote jobs Customer service: Salaries around 3000 per month

It is profitable for corporations to reduce space and office maintenance costs and support the transition of personnel to remote work. According to a survey of 2,000 programmers working for the Igloo company, it was possible to review the positions of remote employees.

Thus, almost 50% of workers said that they could not take part in important meetings, and more than 67% were experiencing difficulties due to their remoteness from their colleagues.

Exchange of experience is needed in all industries. The urgency of this problem is of particular importance for geographically remote personnel. Up to 43% of employees do not send files to colleagues due to forgetfulness or unwillingness to search for them on the desktop. When working remotely, it is easier to eliminate distracting factors typical of a standard office.

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Remote jobs Customer service

Employers are responsible for providing the corporation with the best service tools for communication, and remote personnel should use these products efficiently so that their voices are not lost in the polyphony of colleagues.

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Remote jobs Customer service

Study the 3 detailed tips

1. Always report a turnout or departure.

Remote jobs Customer service: Salaries around 3000 per month
According to the results of the survey, 56% of employees working remotely do not recognize new, up-to-date information, and 70% said they feel a sense of detachment from the team. Reducing the gap from the team can be regularly reporting their presence on the link or on the stage of the project.

In this case, a minute spent away from the monitor will not result in wake-up calls via Skype. Yes, there is no opportunity for remote personnel to attend operational meetings, but there are clear dial-up services that optimize the online contacts of people even on different parts of the continent.

Meeting with colleagues using Skype, Telegram or Viber, up to the usual phone call, can help to quickly clarify the production issue that arose when working remotely.

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2. Visit the central office more often.

Remote jobs Customer service: Salaries around 3000 per month
Working in pajamas seems tempting to some, but work at home needs to be organized from a professional point of view. According to the results of the survey, it was possible to find out that working at home causes stress to the employee and does not allow him to relax during “non-working” time.

When working remotely, the creation of a home mini-office equipped with a computer, office and a diary is of paramount importance. Such simple measures as work time planning, work exclusively in the allocated office space and a convenient uniform optimize the balance between work and rest, and also will not allow to go into the phase of industrial burnout. Lunch or coffee breaks also increase labor productivity.

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After completing the plan for the day, you need to step back from your business, leave the remote office and do household chores.

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Remote jobs Customer service: Salaries around 3000 per month

3. Ensure that your opinion is heard
The distance between remote employees is large, so verbal communication is becoming increasingly important. Do not try to speak first at each online meeting, but also turn off the sound on discussions on production topics. A small and accurate addition to the question will be the best contribution from a remote employee, writes

As a study by psychologist Mathias Mehla at the University of Arizona showed, those people who managed to discuss specific issues during the day felt happier than those led social conversations. For remote personnel, a clear goal-setting in matters of career growth, recording and recording their victories and achievements in the professional field acquires special significance.

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Remote jobs Customer service

The story to the project manager about his contribution to the common cause is a manifestation of good communication skills. Such forms of communication as chat rooms and corporate social networks optimize discussions on production topics, especially at the time of promotion of a campaign or project. Remote personnel must submit their idea and on these topics relevant to the corporation. Ukrainian freelance in the world trend .

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Remote jobs Customer service: Salaries around 3000 per month

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