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Social Programs and Benefits in Germany 2020

Social Programs

Social Programs: Gone are the days when you could leave for another country and live there on refugee benefits or unemployment benefits. Today, the maximum unemployment benefit in Germany is 2 minimum wages, and in order to receive it, a number of conditions must be met.

But those who moved to Germany for permanent residence on legal conditions, have stable jobs and a salary, can rely on real measures of state support in difficult situations.

Social Programs and Benefits in Germany 2020

German unemployment benefits or how to survive job loss

Dashing times pass, leaving a trail of trouble, which now just covers Europe. The economic situation is stabilizing, but not all states can be called successful.

One of the criteria by which the assessment is carried out is the unemployment rate in the country, as well as the amount of social support provided to its citizens. The more successful the state is, the greater the percentage of the population who have jobs, and those who lose their jobs through no fault of their own will receive comprehensive assistance and support. Germany is only just getting on its feet, although it is still possible to rely on state guarantees here.

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Social Programs and Benefits in Germany 2020. Germany unemployment rate

The fact that things are so-so in this country is evidenced, at least by the fact that even pensioners – the indigenous citizens of Germany , would not mind finding a part-time job. This is provided that about ten years ago, on the pension they received, it was possible to live worthily and travel the world. However, getting a job in Germany , even an unskilled one, is very difficult. Not like the elderly, but even the youth.

  • The unemployment rate in the country in 2020 is at around 7% and amounts to more than 3 million people.

This is a very good indicator on average in Europe. The easiest way to get a job is for people with higher education. Almost 90% of them have jobs. Secondary education diplomas are valued less, only 45% of specialists are employed by profession.

50% of the unemployed in Germany are young people without special education.

But even with a diploma and the necessary qualifications of young people, getting a job is very difficult. This is especially difficult to do in Saxony, Berlin and Mecklenburg. In the same Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria and Württemberg, unemployed youth are half as much – 5% against 10.

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Social Programs: Who can count on getting a job?

Despite the high unemployment rate, German companies still have open vacancies. They are ready to take both their citizens and residents of the European Union , and even migrants from third countries.

  • First of all, qualified specialists with a technical engineering background and experience in mechanical engineering, energy, and electronics are waiting for work. Corporations offer not only work, but also decent wages, career growth and social guarantees;
  • Trade and commerce is another important area in which vacancies will always be open.Everyone needs salesmen and always, even in a crisis, the success of the company and its viability depend on these people. Those who know how to sell, work with customers, are versed in logistics, are waiting for promises of good salaries and career prospects;
  • The level of European medicine in general and German medicine in particular remains high. The developed system of medical insurance, the high cost of private clinics makes the work of a doctor in demand and highly paid. Therefore, professionals in white coats will always find a well-paid job in Germany;
  • Unskilled workers are offered jobs in the service sector. Waiters, cleaners, dishwashers. Homestay staff are also required to help housekeeping. But, as a rule, the average salary of these specialists is slightly higher than the subsistence minimum, therefore there are very few people who want to be among the indigenous population, but migrants and refugees are willingly employed in these places.
  • The danger of getting an illegal job or in a family is that the length of service is not officially counted, taxes are not paid, which means that in case of loss of a job not through one’s own fault, but on the initiative of the employer, you will not have to rely on state guarantees and support.

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Social Programs and Benefits in Germany 2020. Unemployment Benefit in Germany

Both citizens of the country and migrants who have received the status of a residence permit or permanent residence with the right to apply for work can expect to receive unemployment benefits. In order to receive compensation payments on a monthly basis, it is necessary to collect a whole package of documents and fulfill a number of conditions in order to prove your distress and the right to receive state support. The procedure is not very different from the Russian one.

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In Germany, just like we have a state employment service or a federal labor agency. It is this organization that is responsible for registering unemployed citizens, contributes to the search for work, accepts documents and applications for unemployment benefits.

You can receive such a benefit only if the employee was fired by the company, and not on a personal initiative.

Moreover, the company must conduct an official reduction or dismissal with reference to the crisis. State support does not apply to cases where an employee is fired because of his misconduct or misconduct.

If the reduction process is unavoidable, the job-losing person must notify the employment service of the upcoming change of his status in at least 3 months. That is, three months before the termination of the contract, the working person must submit an application that he will soon become unemployed and calculates state support in the form of monetary compensation payments.

It is after this that officials begin collecting documents that confirm the right of this person to receive social assistance. Namely:

  • A person must be officially employed and have a continuous experience of at least 12 months;
  • The employer must regularly transfer the necessary payments for the employee to social funds;
  • Employee employment was at least 15 hours per week;
  • Confirmation of dismissal at the initiative of the employer.

Only with all these papers is there a chance to get unemployment benefits.

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Social Programs and Benefits in Germany 2020. The amount of unemployment benefits

The average salary in Germany in 2019 was 2,500 euros. The cost of living in the country is 700 euros, and the minimum wage is 1050 euros. Against this background, the size of unemployment benefits looks more than worthy.

Such allowance is calculated based on the salary received before the dismissal, and ranges from 60% to 85%. Most often, they set a minimum interest rate of 60 percent. That is, receiving an average salary of 2.5 thousand euros, after leaving, you can have about 1.5 thousand euros.

In order to receive the maximum possible payments from the state, it is necessary to provide confirmation that you are raising an imperfect child or children.

Also, the fact that proves that you live with a parent who raises such a child may become the basis for receiving increased benefits. The amount of benefits does not change from the number of children. For children’s needs, you can receive other types of state payments.

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State social support measures have borders. No matter how big the salary of a specialist who has lost his job, he will not be able to receive more than the maximum payment.

  • The upper limit of the allowance is 2.2 thousand euros for West Germany and 1950 for East.

To live on the allowance for a long time will not work. All the time while it is paid, the citizen must actively seek work. It is truly in his interest. State social benefits end in a year and a half. In the event that the issue of work remains open, this ceases to be a problem of the state. The applicant continues to be supported, but now the amount of payments does not exceed 400 euros.

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Social Programs and Benefits in Germany 2020. Other government support measures

When the crisis touched Germany, the appeal to government agencies for various types of material assistance increased sharply. In particular, separate children’s payments, programs for refugees and people, compensation for utility bills and rental housing for people in difficult situations were developed.

Having collected a certain set of documents, residents of Germany can apply for a monthly receipt of the following amounts:

  • Payment of utilities and rental costs – from 30 to 500 euros;
  • The allowance for children under 6 years old – up to 230 euros;
  • The allowance for children 6-13 years old – up to 260 euros;
  • The allowance for children 14-17 years old – up to 300 euros;
  • Refugee allowance – up to 350 euros.

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Germany is a law abiding country. Any deviation from the rules and violation of the letter of the law is punishable very strictly. If in the process of receiving unemployment benefits it is revealed that a citizen illegally worked at that time and received other sources of income, then all social support measures will be canceled, and a big fine may be imposed on the deceiver. The very case when cheating will be more expensive. # Social Programs

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