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Start with yourself: 7 habits of highly effective people

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Start with yourself: 7 habits of highly effective people

Writer and entrepreneur Chris Gilbo shares his observations about people who are used to pursuing their

People are not cars, and each of us has his own desires. But we want to do something meaningful, to show our best opportunities in the time allotted to us, and in addition to discover our true essence.

If our life consists of a series of decisions, then how do truly high-performance people make them? Here is a short list of their approaches.

They know what’s important to them.

I once said that the most important secret of productivity is to love what you do. It is much easier to be productive and satisfied when you spend most of the time doing things that you consider important.

I often return to this principle. In fact, there is nothing good in the fact that you are effectively doing some wrong things. This, in general, is even bad, because the more effective you become, the more likely it is that you will continue to go the wrong way. Therefore, when you are doing something wrong, it is better to fail quickly to find a more correct occupation.

They determine their path before someone does it instead.

Highly effective people tend to ask questions. They do not take everything that they are told at face value. They challenge even their own beliefs to find inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement. Whenever someone asks, “You can get A or B, what do you want?” They say, “I would like C, please.”

At first it is difficult, but with experience it becomes easier. It is important to understand that throughout your life there will always be people who want to make decisions on your behalf. They have their own goals and objectives. Because they are people too, they care more about themselves than about you.

To be effective, to do what is important to you, and strive for the right goals (more on this later), you must confront external expectations that are not relevant to you. You can effectively interact with other people only when you have everything under control, because otherwise you will be open to manipulations and erroneous directions.

They enjoy life as they see fit.

7 habits of highly effective people: Despite their high efficiency, these people are not afraid to spend time on hobbies or other interests. As they say, the time you spent with pleasure does not go to waste.

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And this is the key point – the time you spend with pleasure. Perhaps you have a strange hobby, or maybe your ideas about entertainment are different from other people. Who cares? Do whatever you want to recharge your batteries and shake yourself.

They really listen while talking.

They do not just think about what they will say next. Listening is an underestimated skill, but it is easy to develop: just start doing it.

Empathy requires practice. It is sometimes useful to repeat what the other person has just said. Not automatically, but with the goal of “making sure I understand correctly.” Over time, you can also learn to hear not only what is said, but also what is not said (and which is sometimes more important).

They understand what time is best to wake up and go to sleep.

And this time is different for everyone! This was my first bonus from reading Dan Pink’s When. (Of course, the book talks about much more, but this concept has been remembered better than anything else.)

Once highly effective people figure out their ideal rhythms, they try to stick to them, only occasionally making exceptions. Of course, it’s nice to make some changes from time to time. But if you become more efficient by adhering to a certain procedure, then it will be very productive to adhere to it constantly.

Highly efficient people set goals

The goals are different, and some effective people sometimes do not even call them “goals” – but they work consistently for the sake of something. They know that the process is more important than the actual achievement of goals, but in order to start the process, you need to establish the endpoint that you need to strive for.

Goals are tangible expressions of values, of what is important to us, and accordingly, the choices we make every day. Truly effective people know that the actions they take today will affect their future opportunities if they live long enough to see them.

Finally, they find a balance between serving others and caring for themselves.

Highly efficient people know that the world does not only revolve around them. And they want to serve others to the best of their ability. They want to change something! As they take into account their goals, values ​​and decisions, this value is always present.

However, she is not the only one. To act as efficiently as possible in life and get what you really want, you also need to remember about yourself. Not every goal needs to be perfectly aligned with how it affects other people. Personal growth comes through a challenge.

All this leads to a general philosophy of inconsistency: you can do well both yourself and others at the same time. This is not a dichotomy or the choice of “either-or.”

I do not consider myself a very effective person, although I always try to be one. When I feel at ease, I turn to these points, especially to the fact that you need to act deliberately and make your own choices.

I also recall universal truths: changes occur constantly, all temporarily. So, again: truly effective people strive to maximize the use of any time that they have.

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