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Stop waste: how to save money 2020

how to save money

Stop waste: how to save money.We are all a little shopaholics: clothes, books, products – everything falls under the distribution.

Stop waste: how to save money 2020

 But here are some really working secrets on how to stop spending a lot of money, and INDEPENDENTLY buy that LV bag

Define your triggers. 

How to save money? What makes you spend money? First you need to determine what is your trireme to purchase, and then get rid of it. For example, it can be a daily newsletter of your favorite decor store, which forces you to update the entire apartment. Whatever it is, it is important to define this trigger so that you can handle it.The best way to identify triggers in order to save money is to ask yourself questions before spending. Answer this list of questions before proceeding with checkout:

  • Do I really need this thing?
  • If I buy it, how long will I use it?
  • How long will I enjoy this purchase?
  • Are there any other ways to get this thing? (Borrow, buy used, find a cheaper option?)
  • What if I do not buy this thing? Will my life be worse?

Yes, we know that eliminating any triggers is not the most efficient way (but still working). Therefore, another life hack is to include an impulsive purchase in your budget. Thus, when you succumb to these triggers, you do not risk your real savings. Once you understand how your real shopping habits affect your budget, it will probably be easier to change your path.

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Make plans 

How to save money? Now you know what makes you buy, and time to act. If, for example, you know that most of the money goes to bars and restaurants, find realistic alternatives and make a plan for their implementation. Do not worry, we are not saying that you should go for a monthly ban on evenings with friends. Instead, plan some time in your glider to invite friends to dinner at home. If you are the first to initiate plans, you will not have to embarrassingly refuse an expensive dinner when the reservation is already made. 

Start recording your spending 

How to save money? If you do not know what you spend money on, it is impossible to find out how to save it. So start recording all your expenses. Yes, you may be aware of the large obvious financial costs, such as streaming subscriptions, etc., but each small purchase also matters.Once you have downloaded the financial transaction tracking application, turn on notifications so that you are automatically informed of large expenses, and decide to view your statement once a week. Check your account every Monday morning to see what you spent on the weekend and what to do for the coming week.

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