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Study for free in Germany. Top 10 Universities of Germany. Scholarships.

Study for free in Germany

Study for free in Germany. The role of a university in the educational journey of an individual is indeed magnificent. Usually, it is the major career determining factor, so selecting a good university enhances the chances of a brighter career.

Germany is known for its high-quality education, and students from all over the world travel to it for getting a higher education. 44 German universities are ranked among top 800-universities globally. Study for free in Germany

Thus, list of Top 10 Universities of Germany are as follows:

  1. LMU Munich
  2. Free University of Berlin
  3. Heidelberg University
  4. Technical University of Munich
  5. RWTH Aachen University
  6. Humboldt University of Berlin
  7. University of Freiburg
  8. Technical University of Berlin
  9. University of Tubingen
  10. University of Bonn

 Study for free in Germany

Scholarships in Top 10 German Universities.

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  1. LMU Munich

Study for free in Germany

It is the most famous institute for research along with sound academic provision. The wide range of degree programs are offered in this university.

The LMU Munich admission requirement varies for each program. An application process is opened twice a year, for winter and summer semester, with the deadline January 15 and July 15 respectively.

For bachelor programs, German language proficiency is a must, whereas masters and doctoral programs are taught in English as well (requiring English language proficiency proof).

All the required details can be viewed on the official LMU Munich website of the university along with LMU Munich scholarship details.

2. Technical University of Munich

Study for free in Germany

TU is ranked 2nd in Germany and 41th globally. It has witnessed the glory of producing many scientists and Nobel prize winners. It is the first German university to be known as the University of Excellence and it constantly remains among the best European universities.

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TUM consists of 14 departments including engineering, natural sciences, life and food sciences, and medicines. The admission requirement varies for each department and international students can also apply who follows international admission criteria.

It offers admission twice a year which is winter and summer semesters. Further information can be obtained from its official Technical University of Munichwebsite, along with Technical University of Munich scholarship details.

3. Heidelberg University

Study for free in Germany. Initially established to train Christian scholars, now Heidelberg University has boarded its educational scope and it is offering 36 undergraduate courses, and 4 graduate programs.

Moreover, many exchange programs are also carried out in this university. The wide range of Heidelberg University financial aid is provided usually to the students by the university.

Heidelberg University admission criteria can be viewed for each program using the website. For more information consult its official Heidelberg University website, along with Heidelberg University scholarship details.

4. Humboldt University of Berlin

Study for free in Germany.Highly reputed, mainly for its art and humanities field, Humboldt University is not only popular in Germany but in whole Europe.

Humboldt University of Berlin admission requirements are different for each program. Students can apply directly to the university or through applying to uni-assist.

The application deadline for many programs is mainly in June each year. The official Humboldt University of Berlin website can be accessed for further information, along with Humboldt University of Berlin scholarship details.

5. RWTH Aachen University

Study for free in Germany.A university well-known mostly for its natural sciences and engineering fields. It is a home for innovations and producing effective researchers.

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It has high collaboration with the technological industry hence providing a wonderful opportunity for its students to have a good industry experience.

The RWTH Aachen University admission criteria and deadlines are varying for each program. Visit the official website for further details, along with RWTH Aachen University scholarship details.

6. University of Freiburg

Study for free in Germany. The University of Freiburg is the 5th oldest university in Germany with a reputation of elite university globally, having up to 16% international students.

It has the honor of being associated with 15 Nobel prize winners along with winning highest German research award prize several times. It offers 180 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs.

Moreover, it owns the country’s largest library. The university offers admission annually to undergraduate students who pass their intake University of Freiburg admission criteria.

The admission deadline is June 1-July 15 annually. Visit the official University of Freiburg website for details, along with University of Freiburg scholarship details.

7. Free University of Berlin

Study for free in Germany. Over 150-degree programs are being offered by the Free University of Berlin, consisting of more than 32,000 students. It is having 5 Nobel Prize winners and 17 Leibniz Prize winners in its faculty.

The Free University of Berlin application procedure is different according to the respective program. Visit the official Free University of Berlin website for details, along with University of Berlin scholarship details.

8. Technical University of Berlin

Study for free in Germany. It is a researched based university having 7 faculties which are Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Process Sciences and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems. An alumnus of this university has won Nobel Prize.

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The university consists of a large scientific library with a vast range of materials. For further details visit the official Technical University of Berlin website, along with Technical University of Berlin scholarship details.

9. University of Tubingen

Study for free in Germany.The University of Tubingen is well reputed for humanities, natural sciences and theology fields. It offers 250 different courses at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level.

It has a collaboration with 150 foreign institutes, located in 62 countries, which provide its students with the opportunity to study abroad for one year. University of Tubingen admission details for German and international students can be viewed at its website.

More details for admissions in the University of Tubingen can be found on its official University of Tubingen website, along with University of Tubingen scholarship details.

10. University of Bonn

Study for free in Germany. World-leading research university having 35000 students (4000 international students) and 4500 academic staff. It is popular for the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Economics, Bioscience, and Philosophy.

Two of its alumni won Nobel Prize and it’s also associated to 8 Leibniz Prizes. It offers 90-degree programs. Further information can be viewed using its official University of Bonn website, along with University of Bonn scholarship details.

Thus, Germany provides a vast opportunity to pursue higher studies for both German and international students.

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Study for free in Germany

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