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The 5 best budget apps money management

best budget apps

The 5 best budget apps money management.  Money loves counting, and finance loves control. In order to implement it, you do not need a “barn book”: a mobile application will be enough.

The 5 best budget apps money management

To become rich , you need to go through 3 stages: regularly save to create a certain amount of savings, manage these savings in order to increase (invest) and transform capital into a source of passive income. 
#The 5 best budget apps money management:
Getting started with your finances is ideal with an understanding of the exact numbers. Yes, you definitely need to know how much you spend, how it relates to how much you earn and how much you are willing to save. Margarita Huseynova, financial adviser to Azbuka Capital, has chosen convenient mobile applications that will help you easily take the path of financial freedom.


#The 5 best budget apps money management: If the application is given access to SMS on a smartphone, it will independently fix costs, eliminating the need to enter them manually. Able to analyze data on operations with different currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Several cards and even users can be connected to one account. The service is also available in the web version.


#The 5 best budget apps money management: An intuitive application with many categories and subcategories that you can customize and rename to your taste. Expenses will have to be driven in manually, but you can see detailed statistics of expenses for a week, a month or a year.

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Its difference from most applications is that the user can draw up a financial plan for a month. It is enough to indicate how much you are willing to spend on each category of expenses, and Goodbudget will check whether you are coping with the task.


In addition to the basic functions of controlling income and expenses, the application combines all user accounts, allows you to plan a budget for certain categories, and also reminds you of planned payments and provides statistics for any period of time. Access is possible from a computer.


Convenient application for the Windows platform. It provides the ability to maintain various types of accounts (cash, bank account, credit card) and supports several currencies (the current rate is updated via the Internet). You can create a budget for the week, month or year.

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