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The average salary in the countries of the world in 2019-20

The average salary

The average salary: When choosing a new homeland or country for registration of permanent residence, it is very important to know the level of well-being of its citizens. The average salaries in the world partially reflect the essence of what is happening, however, they are not able to present the full picture.

What is the situation today with the average income of citizens in different parts of the world, and why you should not blindly believe in various international ratings, we are analyzing right now.

Well, where we do not. This can be said of any country when you observe the life of its citizens from the side. But as soon as it comes to a direct detailed examination of the state’s economy, the welfare of its inhabitants, as well as the size of the average wage, the picture can be seriously distorted.

The rating of countries, taking into account the average salaries in the world, is a necessary thing when you need to choose a country for emigration , create a successful career, and also choose a new, more reliable place of residence for yourself and your family.

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What is the average salary

The average salary in a given country is a very biased thing when it comes to the welfare of each individual resident in this region. It is calculated quite simply: by obtaining the arithmetic mean.

and it is quite another to compare the income of the president from the highest echelons of power with unskilled service personnel, such as janitors.

Before adding up the average salaries of different social groups and professions, and then dividing them by the total number, a long preparatory work is carried out, a representative sample is drawn up that reflects the real picture of the wealth of different classes.

But the gap between the real numbers and the average statistics obtained remains huge. There is another, more complex method of calculation, but it is used much less frequently. The data obtained in this way reflect the essence more precisely, but they do not solve the general problem.

In addition, the concept of “average salary” is an indicator used to calculate accrued income before paying state taxes, social fees and payments.

That is, in fact, they are initially operating with incorrect numbers, since the amount received by the employees is 10–40% less, depending on the country.

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Average salary in different countries

The International Labor Organization regularly compiles and publishes ratings in which countries are located according to the average salary. The higher the average person’s income for one month, the higher the line in the ranking.

The situation is being studied in more than 70 countries of the world that have a strong and stable or successfully developing economy.

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For ease of understanding, all amounts are converted to American dollars.

Top 10 countries with the highest average salary

There are minor discrepancies in each source, since the compilers operate on different input data. But the overall picture remains unchanged.

Citizens of the USA , countries of Western Europe, South Korea and Japan live best of all .

  • The average salaries of countries in the top ten of the 2020 rating are higher than 3.5-5 thousand dollars per month.
The average salary in the countries of the world:

Average salary in Europe

In Europe, the average wage depends on the country and its economy. In countries of Western and Northern Europe, workers receive much more than in countries of Eastern Europe. For example, the salary of an engineer in Sweden or Denmark can be almost two times higher than in Poland or Slovenia in the same position.

Residents of the Scandinavian countries have some of the highest salaries in Europe. But if you look at the cost of living in these northern countries, the prices for rental housing, food and transportation are much higher. So in percentage terms it turns out to earn and spend as much as in countries with lower average wages.

Each country in the European Union has a minimum wage that a person can receive. Such a salary can be received by attendants, part-time students and factory and factory workers.

Highly skilled workers are able to earn more in Europe (the minimum and maximum wages in different countries are indicated):

  • Doctors – from 50,000 euros / year.
  • Engineers – from 40,000 euros / year.
  • Managers – from 35 000 euros / year.
  • Banking employees – from 30,000 euros / year.

Income tax in Europe depends on the amount of wages. The more a person receives, the greater the percentage of tax that will be taxed on earnings.

Average salary in Australia

Another English-speaking country that interests immigrants is Australia. There are also various programs for foreign workers in the country, which facilitates the process of obtaining a visa.

The cost of living in Australia is quite high: to rent an apartment for a family and buy food for a month you need to earn at least $ 2,000.

Fortunately, Australia does not have the lowest salaries and getting $ 3,000 – $ 4,000 is absolutely normal here. Most pay residents of metropolitan Canberra, and least of all – the islanders from Tasmania.

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Average salary in New Zealand

New Zealand promises a monthly pretax income of $ 3,000. Non-specialists receive about $ 8 per hour. This indicator is used to determine the minimum wage in the country.

On average, laborers and maintenance staff without qualifications receive from $ 10, and professionals with experience will receive at least $ 18 per hour.

In general, the concept of maximum salary in New Zealand does not exist, everything is very subjective and left to the discretion of large corporations. The work of lawyers and doctors is valued above all.

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The average salary in the countries of the world:

Average salary in the USA and Canada

The United States of America and Canada are almost the same in terms of salaries and living standards. In both countries, the official language is English, which opens up the possibility for foreigners to move and find work without learning an additional language.

Since these two countries are quite large in comparison with the countries of Europe, salaries and job availability most often depend on the city and region.

Income tax in the United States ranges from 10 (salary up to $ 10,000 per year) to 37 (salary more than $ 500,000 per year) percent.

In Canada, up to $ 11,000 a year is not taxed. The percentage of taxation is from 15 to 33, which also depends on the salary received per year.

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In 2020, the highest paid professions (before taxes) in the United States and Canada are:

  • doctor – $ 195,000 / year;
  • pharmacist – 127,000 dollars / year;
  • architect – 115,000 dollars / year;
  • software or hardware developer – 100,000 Euro / year;
  • programmer – $ 95,000 / year.
The average salary in the countries of the world:

Average salary in Latin America

Latin America – Brazil, Mexico, Cuba – are fundamentally different from Europe, Canada and the United States. The salary here is two, or even three times less. > Work in the service sector is paid very cheaply, and to earn enough money for a living, you need to work 10-12 hours a day. Highly qualified specialists get more, but it still can not be compared with remuneration in other countries.

The cost of living in Latin America is quite low – it usually costs about 400-600 dollars a month for rent and food for a family.

One of the prerequisites for employment is an excellent knowledge of the Spanish or Portuguese language, as well as an understanding of the local dialect. Portuguese, which is spoken in Brazil, is slightly different from the true Portuguese.

Unlike Europe, Canada, and the United States, Latin America has a lower income tax. For example, in Brazil, the maximum income tax is 27%, and in Mexico – 30%.

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The average salary in the countries of the world:

Average salary in Asia

Salaries in Asian countries range from 120 (Bangladesh) to $ 3,000 per month (Japan, Hong Kong). Low salaries in most countries are driven by low economies. Therefore, Asians themselves are trying to find work or study and move to a permanent place of residence in Europe.

Due to such low salaries, and also due to a lack of knowledge of the local language, visitors prefer to open their own business in Asian countries and work for themselves. Seasonal work in view of the low salary also does not attract foreigners – for three months of work in Europe you can get more than six months of work in Asia. But qualified local language professionals can find decent jobs in China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

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Income tax in Japan is about 20% of wages, in India – up to 30%, in China – up to 45%.

Even for wealthy Americans, a trip to Japan becomes a real revelation. The list of popular and well-paid specialties for 2020 is unique.

The first line of the rating is occupied by IT-specialists, and then come designers, architects, sellers, managers, advertisers and electronic engineers.

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The average salary in the countries of the world:

Ranking of Low Minimum Income Countries

In addition to the level of monthly salaries, there is such a thing as hourly wages. In some countries, at certain workplaces this indicator can be very high, however, the average monthly wage due to the lack of full-time opportunities will be very modest.

When comparing average wages by country, it is also worth paying attention to the gulf in wages that statistics hides. In particular, when revealing the average salary in China , it was necessary to add up the revenues of civil servants and workers of factories, with the former six times more than the latter.

When compiling statistics, the salaries of high-ranking officials, whose official incomes exceed the minimum wage in China by almost 100 times, were also taken into account. These are very indicative data when revising global statistics. However, in the whole world, the difference is not so frightening.

Typically, representatives of the highest authorities have wages that exceed the minimum wage in the country by only five times. Also, the difference in salaries in various sectors of the economy is kept at 70%, while in China it reaches 300%.

To get well, you need to work hard. It is the temporary indicator of employment, that is, the length of the working week that also very vividly reflects the state of affairs of the working population, and clearly demonstrates the relationship between the well-being of people and income.

To ensure a stable income that is relevant to the statistics presented in table 1, residents of Russia and the United States, as well as Japan and China, work 40 hours a week. To achieve the appropriate result, residents of France need only 35 hours, and residents of Namibia, Vietnam, Kenya, and the Philippines 55, 52 and 48 hours respectively.

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Those who work hard have little rest. With a long working week, Filipinos can only afford 5 days of vacation per year. They are followed by Mexicans and Singaporeans with 6 and 7 days respectively. The Japanese, having the same employment as the Russians, rest only 10 days against our 24. And the longest vacation in 2020 can boast the inhabitants of Denmark, Madagascar and Panama – 30 days.


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