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The oldest democracies in the world on one map: Top 10

The oldest democracies

The oldest democracies: According to the famous German and writer Heinrich Mann, the whole essence of democracy is “a recognition that we, as a society, are responsible for each other”.

Nowadays, most lazy people do not speak about democracy. Everyone knows that the term originated in ancient Greece to describe a system of city-states. However, few people know where in our country this political system is the oldest. Most likely, where a number of conditions were met.

The oldest democracies
Map of the oldest democracies in the world. In good quality

The oldest democracies: Dormitory Rules

If for a while you forget about the most ancient civilizations and imagine that no rudiments of democracy existed before 1800, an interesting fact becomes obvious. The democratic system is still a wonder, and in most of the countries that have followed this path, they have been wandering along it for no more than 50 years.

And only the most faithful have a hundred or more years of democratic rule. The English philosopher Russell defined the foundation of democracy – envy. However, the formal criteria are still the following. First of all, the executive branch is directly or indirectly elected in general elections and is responsible either to voters or to the legislature. Second, the legislature is elected in free and fair elections.

Lastly, most adult males are eligible to vote. Unfortunately, only men, because women in most countries received this right after the 20s of the 20th century. Given all these requirements, it is considered to be the most ancient democracy – the USA. Its chronology dates back to 1789, when the Constitution was adopted. The Americans, of course, are happy, but I think they completely forgot that the reputation of their democracy is tarnished by the centuries-old infringement of human rights on the basis of skin color.

Another elder of the regime of democracy is Switzerland. More than 171 years after the end of the 27-day war in the distant 1848, a directly democratic form of government was founded. Perhaps this is a real role model.

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Not without curiosities. While the continent of Australia began its democratic years in 1901, its neighbor New Zealand came to that half a century earlier. The Zealanders did not stop there and gave their women the right to participate in parliamentary elections already in 1893!

And what do you know about the democracy of your country? Write in the comments.

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