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Top 10 Richest States in USA 2020: Ultimate Guide

The richest states

Richest states in USA: The USA is a very rich country, a world leader in social and various spheres of the economy. The rich states of America are famous not only for natural, but also for technical resources that provide continuous development and growth. At the same time, basic natural resources are most important, since the state wealth of any state is based on them. #The richest states and cities in USA 2020

The richest states and cities in USA 2020. State Natural Resources

  • Iron ore occurs in the lake regions of Michigan and Minnesota, is a powerful factor in American metallurgy.
  • Coal is mined in Montana, Illinois, and North Dakota. This resource is indispensable for the operation of thermal power plants, as well as for the production of various kinds of synthetics.
  • Oil and gas is, first of all, the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Alaska, Michigan.
  • Non-ferrous metal ores – in Utah, Nevada, California.

US Land

This is 568 million hectares, 219 of which are plowed for growing crops, some are used as pastures.

  • The territories are in very favorable climatic conditions, which allows you to get excellent harvests.

Rains enrich the soil with minerals, which increases its productivity. Areas of Kansas and Arkansas are especially famous for it.

The richest states and cities in USA 2020. US Forest Resources

US forest zones can be divided into several areas.

  • In the west are the Cordeliers, which are surrounded on all sides by forests.
  • In the east, the plateau of the Great Lakes passes into the forest plains, connecting with the Appalachian mountains. The latter are the basis of broad-leaved and coniferous forests of the United States, the main wealth.
  • In the south, forests are represented by subtropical vegetation.

US Water Resources

  • The country’s water resources are very diverse and plentiful, although they are concentrated in the east of the state. This, of course, is the Mississippi River with its tributaries, which is of great economic importance.
  • On the Canadian border is the Great American Lakes system.
  • The USA has vast groundwater, a huge area of ​​swamps, as well as large reserves of fresh water stored in permafrost.
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The richest states and cities in USA 2020.The wealth of individual states

The wealth of the region is usually determined by incomes, basic economic indicators and cultural objects.

The largest revenues are in Maryland, the smallest are in Mississippi, California and Texas are leaders in terms of GNP (table).

Gross domestic product in selected states

  1. California 2.5 million Texas 1.6 million
  2. New York 1.4 million
  3. Florida 888 thousand
  4. Illinois 768 thousand
  5. Pennsylvania 681 million

The richest states and cities in USA 2020. Three richest states in the country

Richest States in USA California


  1. It is the richest state in the country. 80 billionaires and more than 600 thousand millionaires live here.
  2. On financial development surpassed the UK.
  3. The main ones are the techno-sector in Silicon Valley and the California Valley.
  4. All sectors of the economy are significant, except the agricultural one.
  5. Very important in the development of the state are the financial and information sector.

Cultural objects:

  • From the point of view of the film industry, the most interesting is Hollywood.
  • From unique places you can visit the Half Dome staircase, Long Valley volcano or Death Valley.
  • In this state, the highest point in the USA is Mount Whitney.
  • A visit to Yosemite Park will not leave anyone indifferent.

New York


  1. In terms of economic development, the state ranks third in the country.
  2. The leading center of financial operations, communications and transportation services.
  3. The New York Stock Exchange is one of the most influential in the world.
  4. The state economy in a sense governs the whole country.

Cultural objects:

  • This state is a huge cluster of various attractions.
  • From museums it is worth visiting Cloisters, the Metropolitan or Little Italy.
  • Of the places of entertainment, the Central Zoo, the Sony Vorderd Laboratory and Six Flags Park stand out.



  • One of the most powerful and largest with a rapidly growing level of development, the US state. Texas has more than $ 100 billion worth of trade with other states.
  • Among the state’s largest and most fundamental industries is farming, with more than 16 million cattle.
  • One of the most important sectors of the economy is the military-industrial complex.
  • Texas is the main center for the development of computer components and systems, as well as software in the country.
  • It contains 1.3 of all US oil reserves. Therefore, the oil industry is the largest sector of the region’s economy.
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Cultural objects:

  1. Interest is the space technology center L. Johnson.
  2. The San Antonio Park Zone is a small part of Spanish America. The first Europeans to come here were Spanish nationals, which forever remained in the people’s memory and cultural traditions.
  3. Hamilton Pool. In place of this reservoir there was a cave, hidden from the eyes of people. Groundwater gradually eroded the limestone walls, and the moment came when its upper part collapsed. Hamilton Lake with its purest water has a specific greenish tint.
  4. A national park called Big Bend comes close to Mexico . The Rio Grande River with its natural beauties also creates a natural border.
The richest states and cities in USA 2020. Non-poor states, but simpler

North Dakota


  • This is an agricultural state. Crop production and livestock are the main industries.
  • Dakota has the largest agricultural machinery company in the United States.
  • Oil fields have been discovered here. Oil production is constantly growing, which creates a large number of new jobs.
  • Staff comes first in brown coal deposits.
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Cultural objects:

  • The world-famous Art Center, which is located in Grand Fox and is a unique combination of theatrical art and the Gallery exposition. Here are collected exhibits in various directions: cinema, painting, theater, sculpture.
  • An impressive attraction is Theodore Roosevelt Park. The place itself is so unique that, due to its size, two time zones intersect here. Many go camping for a few days.



  1. The food industry and services are very developed.
  2. Economic indicators are growing in such important sectors as chemical and mechanical engineering.
  3. The mining of precious metals is developing rapidly.
  4. The state is a leader in the production of alcoholic beverages.
  5. Colorado has the largest banks in the country.
  6. Leading in the processing of crops, in particular corn.
  7. Great technological progress and innovations in land reclamation allowed residents to grow sugar beets, as well as potatoes, which is unique to these climatic conditions.
  8. One of the most powerful is the development and construction of instruments and equipment for the space development sector.
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Cultural objects:

  • The Great Sand Dunes Park has the glory of one of the natural wonders. The height of the massifs of sand can reach almost 200 m.
  • The Denver Art Museum presents a collection of works by North American Indians, and the Natural History Museum houses a large exposition of stuffed animals living on the continent.

Massachusetts: Richest States in USA


  1. An important core industry for state revenue is the financial sector.
  2. The leading position in insurance is occupied by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.
  3. The state is a major supplier of fruits and berries, as well as tobacco products.
  4. Here is the main small arms manufacturing center Smith & Wesson.
  5. One of the main sectors in agriculture is seafood, as well as their export. In this indicator, the state is clearly in the lead.
  6. The most important industry sector is the production and export of various kinds of machine tools, electrical and printing equipment, and high-precision tools.
  7. Here is the head office of Novell, the largest software producer in the world.
  8. Massachusetts’s huge economic resource is science. There are many colleges and universities in the state where tens of thousands of students study.
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Cultural objects:

  • You can climb the lighthouse tower, it was installed in memory of the heroes of the First World War.
  • Andersen Brooklyn Museum also deserves attention, which houses a unique exposition of rare cars. As well as the museum of the poet Longfellow in Cambridge, which was the headquarters of D. Washington even before he became president.
  • The Museum of the activities of local whalers is based here.
  • There is an opportunity to visit the D. Kennedy Museum.

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