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3 Secret Tips For Skype Interview. Get Hired Faster

Tips For Skype Interview

Tips For Skype Interview: A video interview is very convenient, but there are still a few points to consider in order for it to succeed. Jobzey will tell you how to prepare for a remote conversation to get a dream job.

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Most often, Skype is interviewed when the company is located in another city or country. Check if the company’s office is in a different time zone. If yes, then specify by what time you will call up.

Remember to check the technique. Make a test call to make sure the camera and microphone work well. It is very important that the sound is high-quality, otherwise, the eychar may hear something wrong and add up to the wrong opinion about you.

Get ready

Tips For Skype Interview

Open your resume, portfolio or other necessary documents in advance, collect the links you need into one list. This will avoid awkward pauses during a conversation. Yes, and the technique freezes at the most inopportune moment, so in order not to be nervous again, prepare in advance.

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In addition, make a list of questions for the manager, review the text of the vacancy, read about the company.

Put a notebook and pen next to your computer to record questions. It will be very problematic to clarify something when the call ends. If during a personal meeting you can still chat with the HR manager while he is seeing you off, then after you hang up, there may not be any opportunity to ask a question in the near future.

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Work on a speech

During an online interview, it’s harder to show your charisma, and listening to information is harder, so you should pay special attention to voice and speech:

  • Do not chatter, pause, perhaps even a little longer than usual.
  • Correctly intonate the words.
  • Make stops between phrases so that the eychar has time to ask questions.

Tips For Skype Interview

Do not hesitate to ask again if everything is clear and audible, if it seemed to you that the connection was lost. And try not to type during the conversation, so as not to create an unpleasant noise on the other side. If necessary, turn off the microphone.

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And the rest of the online interview is no different from a personal meeting, so you definitely need tips on how to easily get an interview .

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