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Top 10 Essential Books On How To Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business. The book is one of the best ideas of mankind. Books are able to convey wisdom and experience through the millennia and force the reader to think and reason, the great Russian realist writer Fyodor Dostoevsky once said, a man who stopped reading stopped thinking. His statement clearly characterizes the role of the book in human life.

The book forces you to conduct a detailed analysis of a different plan of the situation and circumstances and also motivates and pushes you to action.

As for books about business and how to better arrange it, this is a great opportunity to enter the field of entrepreneurship, learn its component part, gain some experience and finally start acting. At first glance, everything will seem confusing, but you just have to get into a rut to understand a few terms, learn how to analyze them correctly in real-time, weigh the pros and cons, and never stop working.

A list of the 10 best books in the business genre is provided to the reader’s attention. Start Your Own Business

Richard Branson “To hell with it! Take it and do it! “

Richard Branson “To hell with it! Take it and do it! ”Richard’s book carries a very large charge of faith in absolutely every person, a lot of positive emotions and wisdom conveyed by the author. This book is a kind of manifesto of life, a person should always be in action, analyze current situations every day, there is no time and under no circumstances to let go.

Ignoring small knowledge, education, and other factors affecting a person negatively. Richard Branson assures that life is too short and loves decisive people, if you like a business, then actions should be maximally aimed at achieving it, if, on the contrary, the business does not satisfy a person, then it is not worth his attention and spent energy.

Oleg Tinkov “I am like everyone else”

Oleg Tinkov “I am like everyone else” This book is of a biographical nature, the story of how a successful entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov made his career. This person worked in many areas and achieved great success in many, the formation of his business always started from scratch. This book discusses trading technologies and many more areas of activity in which Oleg Tinkov was very successful and was able to share them in his book.

Oleg Tinkov began his formation in the business world, not in the best years, he founded four profitable businesses, and ultimately sold them, giving preference to banking and founding an all-Russian bank branch in this area called Tinkov Bank. In his books, Tinkov reveals all the secrets of forming his business, gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, and just talks about himself.

Eric Rees Business from scratch. Lean Startup method for quickly testing ideas and choosing a business model

Eric Rees Business from scratch. Lean Startup for Quickly Testing Ideas and Choosing a Business Model Becoming an entrepreneur is not the most important part for the author of this book. This work tells about the benefits of starting a business. Analyzing in detail an economic startup. Eric Rees suggests using it in many areas of activity. In his book, he provides a detailed analysis of what actually benefits and works flawlessly, and that should not be done.

Eric Rees proposes to come up with an idea and then try to implement it in all possible ways, the ultimate goal is for the product to be popular and hit the market. The book offers an aspect of such actions for selling products and placing and promoting them in the market.

Henry Ford “Henry Ford. My life. My achievements”

Memoirs of Henry Ford, one of the most famous people in America, the genius inventor who created the assembly line and the automobile brand. Henry Ford was able to raise the US economy to a new level and was extremely helpful during the Great Depression. The book contains a lot of interesting material for future entrepreneurs, or rather about the quality of hard work that is most necessary for them. It is also worth noting that this book was printed in absolutely all languages, and in a colossal circulation, which was instantly sold out.

Henry Ford tells in his memoirs what he hid from prying eyes for so long, how he led his company to greatness, all the stages of the formation and creation of his own inventions and the first car. His work gave impetus to entrepreneurial activity and pushed philosophers and historians into endless discussions, giving an impetus to the construction of a new world order.

Peter Thiel, Blake Masters Zero to One. How to create a startup that will change the future “

Peter Thiel, Blake Masters Zero to One. How to create a startup that will change the future ”The book describes the technology of a startup, how best to create it, and what to do for its successful work in the monopoly business. Another integral part of the competition, Peter Thiel gave it a lot of attention. In addition, the books contain a lot of analysis on how to develop startup thinking and teamwork, its further development and cohesion.

There are also many tips for creating a company and its further development in the market. Peter Thiel is the creator of the PayPal payment system, and the first in the lists of investors in the world social network Facebook, who like him knows all the nuances of a monopoly business, its characteristics, positive and negative sides.

Robert T. Kiyosaki “Before Starting Your Business”

Robert T. Kiyosaki Before Starting Your Business This book describes 10 tips for future entrepreneurs, how best to start a business, methods of promoting it. Robert Kiyosaki calls entrepreneurship a vocation, in all plans. And he shared his victories and positions in the field of entrepreneurship, having managed to make out in detail his mistakes and help novice businessmen, he showed that
absolutely any person can master this aspect, regardless of status or financial situation, as in other books, he makes it clear that it is only a matter of hard work and striving to achieve a certain result.

Konstantin Petrov, Elena Perelman “Where to invest money for dummies”

Konstantin Petrov, Elena Perelman “Where to invest money for dummies” It is worth thinking carefully before investing your hard-earned money in the business, which way to go in order to ultimately increase your funds, this book gives a detailed description of such investment steps, regardless of the main job … Complete analysis and distribution of finances, setting correct goals, appraising the amount required for investment.

Konstantin Petrov and Elena Perelman clearly described traditional and non-traditional assets, analyzed investment moves in real estate as well as how to secure your financial savings with insurance, and will tell you in detail where you should not invest your savings.

Stuart Reed, Saras Saraswati “How? A step-by-step guide to starting a business “

Stuart Reed, Saras Saraswati “How? A step-by-step guide to starting a business »The book tells about the diverse relationship between man and business, pointing to entrepreneurship as a lifestyle, pushing the boundaries of business acumen. A step-by-step guide to creating a business, a versatile book, it helps not only in how to properly equip your business, what steps will be correct on the way to an ideal business, but also has psychological and moral support.

This book contains many answers to very difficult questions, with its help, you can always find help and, out of turn, take advice from a person who once learned what success is.

Stuart Reid in his books talks about expanding the boundaries of the economy, no matter what your enterprise is, commercial or charitable, it should always be aimed at expanding the boundaries of the economic sphere, and help to equip your small world. In this book, you can find a large number of answers to various questions that have arisen in the entrepreneurial field and move gradually towards achieving the goal.

Alexander Vysotsky “Small business. Big game”

Alexander Vysotsky “Small business. The Big Game ”The main emphasis of the book is aimed at the formation of enterprise management, in cases of low wages per employee, problems of recruitment and manual management of the enterprise, and unconditional failure threatens, such companies, as a rule, do not live for ten years.

To avoid this, a deep analysis of the control system is required, and the elimination of flaws in it for further automated work. This book describes in-depth the entire analysis of management and clearly worked out schemes for their elimination.

Bill Olett’s Guide to an Entrepreneur. 24 concrete steps from launch to sustainable business “

Bill Olett’s Guide to an Entrepreneur. 24 concrete steps from start-up to stable business Entrepreneurship Many people believe that this business is impossible to learn, but definitely good entrepreneurs are not born but become. It is in this book that a step-by-step guide to creating an ideal startup is provided; the examples in the book can be applied by absolutely anyone, regardless of rank or experience in the business.

Bill Olett in his book tells that entrepreneurship exclusively works and constant, self-improvement, a businessman must grow mentally, there are no natural entrepreneurs, he can only be learned.

So to summarize, this list of books can certainly help in creating your own business, they will serve as excellent motivation and will be able to give the reader experience in such activities as entrepreneurial. Books will help you acquire new knowledge to understand many things such as a startup, where and how it is used, what its features are.

Also learn about the specifics of teamwork, which is an integral part of entrepreneurship. With each book you read, a full-fledged businessman will be formed in you, ready for difficulties and overcoming any obstacles with a precisely set goal.

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