Top 10 European Countries With Largest Black Population

black population in Europe

Black Population: Many European states were once owners of colonies outside their native continent. And such powerful countries as Great Britain, France or Spain owned colossal transcontinental empires that extended over many millions of square kilometers and absorbed huge masses of people.


Africa was among the continents, almost completely divided between several European countries.

Although the world still has a large number of overseas possessions, classical colonialism is a thing of the past.
In today’s Africa, there are no places legally dependent on Europe, with the exception of a number of island territories and semi-exclaves.

The largest number of acts of sovereignty occurred in the 60s of the last century. The last country to gain independence from Europe was Djibouti (in 1978 from France). True, some are inclined to consider the last European colony of South Africa, where, under legal independence, the white minority was in power until 1994.

But the colonial era did not pass without a trace either for the former colonies nor for the metropolises.
Europeans to this day retain strong political, economic, and cultural influence in Africa, expressed primarily in the languages ​​left behind, which are well spoken by most local people.

The former metropolises, in turn, in addition to strong ties, got super-loyalty of the population. For many young Africans, getting into Europe in any way is often the meaning of all existence. What risks do they not take to achieve the desired land?

According to Pew, since 2010 alone, more than 1 million black migrants have sought refuge in European countries. It is easy to guess that this is only some visible part of the total flow of immigrants.

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Black Population inhabitants in every European country

Migrants, and in particular Africans, are rapidly changing the familiar face of Western Europe. The number of “non-native” becomes very noticeable even in countries that have never pursued a noticeable colonial policy. Almost certainly, after three or four decades, an ordinary resident of a Western European country will look completely different from what it is customary to imagine today.

Estimated Black Population

It must be understood that there can be no accurate official statistics covering this topic for obvious reasons!

The largest number of immigrants from subequatorial Africa and their descendants settled in France, which is logical, because this country once owned a good part of the black continent.
The proportion of blacks in the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden is palpable.

For comparison, the proportion of blacks in the United States is 13%.

It seems rather strange that the proportion of black Africans in Sweden is comparable to that of a completely full-fledged colonial power, such as Portugal. Yes, Sweden had colonies in West Africa, but their microscopic size does not correlate with the size of the African diaspora, which is represented by almost exclusive people from the east of the continent – Somalis and Ethiopians.

Something similar is observed in other Western countries. For example, in Norway or Switzerland, which did not have colonies in Africa, today the same percentage of Africans live as in Belgium.

Black Population in Russia

As in other countries of Eastern Europe, in Russia there are few Africans. In addition to economic unattractiveness, there is a language barrier between potential migrants from Africa and the European East.

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