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Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada

Personal Finance Apps

Personal Finance: Counting expenses and income in a notebook (and even in Excel) – the last century. For a smartphone, you can choose an application with convenient functionality that will help keep your budget in order. We have selected the ten most popular financial accounting apps on Android and tell you what they are.


Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

1. Money Manager Expense & Budget

Where to download:

Rating: 4.7 (based on 214 thousand reviews)

In the application, you can monitor expenses, incomes and the overall balance of the calendar: day, week, month. Each spending can be assigned an account name (for example, “Wallet” or “Card”), category (“Food”, “Clothes”, “Transport”, etc.), comment and photo (check or, for example, the purchase itself ) There are statistics in the form of graphs and charts. 

Chips of the application: the main information from the application can be displayed on the screen as a widget.

It is possible to get access to the application from a computer – it is convenient for those who are used to analyze expenses in Excel. Frequently used operations can be added to Favorites and automatically. For credit cards and debts, you can set up “reminders” and track the amount of upcoming payments.

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Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

2. ClevMoney  – Personal Finance

Where to download:

Rating: 4.7 (based on 165 thousand reviews)

This application is in English – from foreign developers. A good way to tighten the language, especially since there are no complicated functions in ClevMoney. Users have access to spending by category, colorful charts, graphs with expense columns (you can see which days of the month you spend the most and the least money). Laconic design will please fans of minimalism.

Chips of the application: the application can automatically pull information from SMS from banks into spending and income – however, for this, Russian users may need to write technical support for this. Data can be stored in the cloud, password protected and exported to a CSV file.

Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

3. Wallet  – Personal Finance, Budget, Banks, and Charts

Where to download:

Rating : 4.7 (based on 136 thousand reviews)

According to the developers, Wallet is an application for controlling finances and making strategic decisions. It’s convenient to plan budgets in the application: you can set weekly expenses (for example, 5 thousand ₽ for food), monthly (15 thousand ₽ for purchases) and annual (40 thousand ₽ for vacation).

Expenses and your financial condition can be seen in reports with graphs and reviews. There you can track your debts. 

Chips of the application: the service can automatically read transactions from 156 Russian banks, including Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, etc., so that card expenses do not have to be entered manually. 

It’s convenient to maintain a common budget: one Wallet account can be distributed to several gadgets at once. Data can be exported to CSV, XLS and PDF and protected with a PIN code. The application has a place to store loyalty cards, checks and guarantees.

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Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

4. Money Lover  – Expense Manager

Where to download:

Rating : 4.6 (based on 162 thousand reviews)

Money Lover is one of the most famous and titled budget apps. Spending is categorized, each of which has its own beautiful icon. All expenses for the selected period can be analyzed on a color chart. 

Chips of the application: a report on income and expenses for the year can be seen on one chart at once – and draw conclusions how much your expenses depend on revenues.

With Money Lover it is convenient to control the budget: each category of expenses can be assigned an amount for a month, and if you go beyond the borders, the application will give a signal. 

The service will also remind you of suitable terms for paying bills and debts. Data can be password protected and stored in the cloud (including through Dropbox). If you need to calculate family expenses, then the wallet can be divided among several users.

In the paid version : no ads, unlimited budgets, there is a web version, credit and debit card management, export to print.

Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

5. Monefy  – convenient cost accounting

Where to download:

Rating: 4.6 (based on 149 thousand reviews)

Monefy is an application with a pleasant design and laconic spending icons that focuses on the quick addition of new entries: expenses or receipts. All expenses for the selected period can be tracked on a color chart. 

Chips of the application: for each of the categories of expenses, you can set the “boundaries” of the budget, and for regular payments – reminders.

For those who want to keep the budget on hand, there is a detailed widget with expenses and balance by category. Data can be synchronized through Google Drive or Dropbox – and connect several gadgets to your wallet at once. The application can be password protected.

In the paid version : there is no advertising, there is a backup and export of data in one click.

Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

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6. Daily Expenses-3: Personal Finance

Where to download:

Rating : 4.6 (based on 148 thousand reviews)

This application is the third, improved version of the Daily Expenses service. As the name implies, emphasis is placed on spending analysis. For each amount spent, you can attach a category, payment method (cash, card, etc.), a brief description, date and time. For spending categories, there is a large selection of well-drawn icons.

Chips of the application: in the reports you can see the percentage of the category of expenses of the total: for example, 57% of all the money spent on gasoline, 9% on food, etc. This is more visual than a pie chart – although there are also charts in the final report . For recurring expenses, you can configure automatic addition. Data can be password protected and backed up. For clarity, a widget is provided.

Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

7. Fast Budget  – Cost Manager

Where to download:

Rating : 4.6 (based on 83 thousand reviews)

In addition to the standard addition of daily expenses, “Quick Budget” offers to plan the automatic addition of expenses on a schedule, create transaction templates and set default bills (for example, if you always pay with the same card for gasoline). Accounts in the application are of two types: regular and hidden. 

The latter are excluded from the general analysis of budgets; they are conveniently used for expenses, for example, for a small business or a hobby.

To control spending, you can set a limit for each category. The application will show the balance and warn you if you exceed the planned amount. 

Application features: “Quick Budget” feature – in custom reports. They are both in diagrams, and in graphs (there are more than five types of them here), and in a calendar. The application can be synchronized on five devices at the same time, export data to PDF, CSV and Excel, set up a backup in Dropbox and password-protect.

Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

8. Expense Manager

Where to download:

Rating: 4.5 (based on 59 thousand reviews)

Expenses and incomes in the application can be divided into categories and tracked per day, week, month and year (including clearly in the calendar). For the same periods, you can make a budget and plan expenses for each of the categories – the “Cost Manager” will warn about excess. 

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Application chips: spending can be automatically pulled from SMS from banks. You can attach a photo and a short note to each transaction.

In the “Cost Manager,” you can keep several accounts at once, including in different currencies – if you save for travel in euros, this money will also be taken into account. For convenience, you can set up regular income or expenses, which will be added automatically. Data can be imported and exported to a CSV file, as well as synchronized with Dropbox, Google Drive and SD-Card. There is a widget.

Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

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9. Mobills: Personal Finance

Where to download:

Rating: 4.4 (based on 191 thousand reviews)

In Mobile, as in most other applications, there is a breakdown of expenses and income by category. But here the glider of spending and savings was especially successful. You can set a budget for each expense: for example, spending on food – 10 thousand ₽ per month.

he application will show how much you have already spent, and the remainder. For savings, you can set a goal with an amount and a due date and monitor its implementation. 

Chips of the application: in the “Credit cards” tab, you can track the limits, terms of replenishment and the total amount of debt.

A large and detailed report is available to users: a brief summary of income, expenses and debts (if any), a budget with goals, expenses and forecast, a pie chart of expenses by category, monthly balance columns, a schedule of weekly expenses – not a single budget item “Get lost.” The application synchronizes with the cloud, reads QR codes to import expenses and can transfer tables to Excel, OFX and PDF files.

Top 10 Free Apps for planing Personal Finance in Canada:

10. Expense manager, spending tracker

Where to download:

Rating: 4.0 (based on 82 thousand reviews)

A simple application with simple functionality. The main columns are three: income, expenses and balance. 

Chips of the application: you can add a comment and a photo to each operation – it’s easier to remember what the money was spent on.

In the report, you can track expenses by category (as a percentage of total spending), see spending and income in the calendar. Charts are interactive. Data in the application can be protected with a PIN code.

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How did we choose?

We have compiled a list of the most popular free review apps for Android in the Finance category, where you can keep track of expenses. The selection did not include applications with a rating below 4, the number of reviews less than 1 thousand, and applications that were last updated before 2019. The text includes the top 10 applications by the number of reviews.

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