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Top 10 Scholarships for high school seniors: Ultimate guide for 2020

Scholarships for high school seniors

Scholarships for high school seniors: America is rightfully considered one of the best places for higher education – the oldest universities occupy good places in world rankings. In order to understand how the educational system in the United States works, you need to understand the principles of the educational mechanism of America, to find out what higher education in the United States is based on and how to get it.

Higher education in the USA is obtained only on a paid basis: there are no budget places at universities and colleges not only for foreigners but also for Americans themselves. The cost of one academic year starts from Therefore, thinking about entering an American university, a future student must consider whether he has enough money to pay for tuition and accommodation. If finances do not allow you to pay for such an expensive study, then you should think about options for obtaining a grant or scholarship. However, when choosing and submitting an application, you need to pay attention if studies will be funded in full or only in part.

The level of education

Secondary education in the United States is accessible to any person, regardless of their social status. This is an ordinary school in which a person receives all the knowledge and skills he needs. Secondary education in the United States can also be the only one: often the knowledge gained is enough to complete a specialized course, not related to higher education systems, and to work in a specialty. Any of the children who are in America are guaranteed the right to school.

Neither religion, nor status, nor nationality, nor even the level of English proficiency affects this, after all, there are adaptation programs and special schools for representatives of various ethnic groups.

Scholarships for high school seniors

Schooling in the USA is free because schools are public. In each district of the city there is at least one, or even several schools. Children can only go to the school assigned to their city district; the option of attending school on the other side of the city is excluded.

Since America does not have the concept of registration and registration as such, in order to study at a particular school, parents of children must submit documents on residence in the territory of a particular district.

American school building

Typically such a document is a rental contract, a real estate purchase contract, as well as paid bills.

Schools are engaged in a special district school council. Training programs, curricula are developed here, and the necessary textbooks are selected here. If we compare education in Russia and the USA, then the district School Council is a kind of city council. Funding for free tuition is funded by property tax levies. Thus, residents of a wealthy district have the opportunity to educate children in a notoriously better school than residents of a less prosperous district (the difference in tax fees affects the difference in funding).
Curious: after the teacher worked for a certain period, he receives a kind of guarantee that he will have a lifelong workplace. Thanks to this, even the worst teachers can be present in the educational system of a city. Quite often, such teachers simply change the school from year to year, not lingering in one place.

Good area – a good education

Due to the fact that the school is financed from real estate tax fees, relocations here correlate with the level of schools in a particular area. Figuratively speaking, a family that wants to give a good education to children will first choose a school, and only then housing in the area to which it is attached. Quite often this happens so that people move to the area that is too expensive for them just because it has a good school.

Private schools

Private education in the USA is also highly developed, more than ten percent of schools are owned by private individuals. This means that such educational institutions are in no way regulated by the city council and the school district council. The level of education in such a school is very high, but the tuition fees are rather big. There is also a competition for a place: good private schools do not take everyone in a row, even if they are solvent.

Private school almost always means preparing for admission and studying at one of the most prestigious and oldest universities.

Talent magnet

However, studying in the USA is also oriented towards gifted children. In particular, there are certain magnet-schools that accept in the ranks of students of children with any talents. Usually, such a school is specialized, for example, it can be a choreographic school, scientific, natural-scientific.

Comparison of education in Russia and America

Education in Russia and the USA is significantly different. This is noticeable at almost every stage of training. So, for example, pre-school institutions practically do not prepare children for school. To do this, there are special classes for parents to take their children on their own. A preschool is here engaged in the general development of the child, the identification of his own talents.

The next stage is schooling in the States, which also cannot be called ideal and the best in the world. There are certain difficulties: the inaccessibility of good education to socially vulnerable people, the lack of humanities in the education system, and the lack of in-depth study of the exact sciences and special disciplines. However, higher education is truly good here.

First of all, we are talking about the qualifications of teachers. Most of the Russian teaching staff are theorists, while in America there is a developed tendency to invite those who have achieved practical results in higher education to take courses in higher schools. The next aspect, which is also important, is equipment.

You can talk as much as you like about how the Russian scientific school is moving ahead, but it is worth recognizing that there is no such equipment in educational institutions, as in America, and, perhaps, will not be there for a long time to come.

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Europe is the lack of a clear training period. The process can last much longer than the expected period: the American educational system pays special attention directed to the knowledge and practical skills of each student. Each student must receive a certain number of “credits” in the main specialties and disciplines, and only after that can they receive a diploma of higher education.

The curriculum is compiled directly by educators. There is also a teacher’s dependence on the student: each teacher must receive an assessment of the educational process. An interesting nuance: in Alabama, Tennessee and Kansas, children are not taught Darwin’s theory; instead, the theory of creativity is taught. In the bulk of the districts and states, in order to get an education, knowledge of leading subjects is necessary.
Yes, the senior and highest level of education involves the selection of subjects by each student independently. However, there is their special value assigned to each discipline, and there is a total number of subjects that each student must study. There are no problems of multicultural education: there are adaptation groups and classes, and even entire schools.

However, most of the local and naturalized population adheres to the idea that the child should immediately fall into the English-speaking environment, of course, after a period of adaptation. Otherwise, the quality of English will be frankly low throughout life. Russian schools and classes are welcome only in those cases where education in them is a temporary phenomenon, and after some time the child will return to Russia and will study again in the Russian school.

Higher education

The higher education system prefers the lecture system to all educational formats. The number of students who can attend a lecture at the same time is from 20 people to almost half a thousand. This significantly reduces the progress in obtaining intensive educational experience, but it is more than compensated by the ability to conduct scientific work.

Higher education in the USA is a certain standard of education. Having received an American diploma, a person can easily get a job both in America and in other countries of the world. When entering an American university, you don’t have to worry about recognizing your education, even abroad. The US Department of Education has compiled a list of the most prestigious American universities:

  • Princeton University. This university is one of the oldest educational institutions in the United States, which was founded back in 1746. In addition to obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can only study at a university for 1 or 2 years, after which you can receive an official certificate of completion of a program. Since the cost of one academic year in Princeton is very high, the institution offers to apply for financial support. But the expenses will be justified: the university itself promises that after graduation, graduates will be able to quickly find work and will earn at least 68 thousand dollars a year. The cost of training is 47,140 dollars/year.
  • Harvard University. Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the USA, which all school graduates dream of getting into. However, in this university the selection of students is very strict and, out of a large number of applicants, only one is accepted. But having received a diploma, a graduate can proudly write in his resume “graduated from Harvard” and send applications for vacancies in the most famous companies. The cost of training is 50 402 dollars/year.
  • Columbia University.  The main direction in the university is medicine, but in addition to this, you can study art and the humanities. To help students, the university has a large library where you can find all the necessary books and study aids. Like any other American university, Columbia has a budget for funding. Not only citizens of the country, but also foreigners can receive a scholarship. The cost of training is $ 59,430 / year.
  • The University of Massachusetts Technology. One of the leading universities in the United States, which offers the best education in engineering. Lectures are given by the best professors and professionals in their field, while practical tasks and laboratory ones prepare students for real work in prestigious companies around the world. It is worth noting that the university offers a large number of online lectures, which are in the public domain and are free for everyone. The cost of training is 51,832 dollars/year.
  • The University of Chicago. Located in one of the major cities of America, the University of Chicago provides an opportunity to obtain a degree in various fields. Every year, the university accepts more than 5,000 freshmen who decided to connect the beginning of their career with getting an education at a prestigious institution and chose one of the many programs for study. The cost of training is $ 57,000 / year.
  • Yale University. One of the best universities in the United States, where all creative people dream of getting. Here you can study linguistics, acting, music, and philosophy. And there is also a special undergraduate program where you can learn the Russian language and literature. However, you can learn and technical sciences – mathematics, physics, and engineering. The diploma of this university is recognized around the world and will open to its holder many doors in adulthood. It is worth noting that when enrolling in creative specialties, the portfolio of the future student plays an important role in enrollment. Tuition is $ 53,000 / year.
  • Stanford University. Stanford’s medical and legal degrees are especially valued around the world. However, getting to the university is difficult not only for foreigners but also for the Americans themselves – the selection is very strict and they only take the very best. In addition to the main programs, the university also has a summer school, at the end of which you can get a certificate.  The cost of training is 51 354 dollars/year.
  • Duke University. You can study in all major areas, the university has programs related to art, the humanities, and the technical sciences, as well as biology and medicine. This university is interesting in that study does not end only at lectures – for students, there is a whole complex where they can spend time after class. The cost of training is $ 55,960 / year.
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Where can I study inexpensively in the USA in 2020?

Looking at prices at prestigious American universities, you can be disappointed that you need a lot of money to achieve a dream. However, not all educational institutions in the USA are not so expensive. Some universities offer the opportunity to get a better education. It is worth noting that the low cost of education does not mean poor quality of education – some low-cost universities are in competition with many famous ones:

  1. North Dakota College “Sitting bull” –  $ 938 / year
  2. South Texas College –  $ 1,117 / year
  3. University of Texas Rio Grande –  $ 1,666 / year
  4. Indian River State College –  $ 2,318 / year
  5. State University of California, Los Angeles –   $ 3,263 / year
  6. Elizabeth State City University –  $ 3,365 / year
  7. Chipol College –   $ 1,568 / year
  8. The University of Texas A&M –   $ 4,591 / year

What is required for admission?

Separately, it is worth considering admission to universities in America. The student admission process and the necessary documents are fundamentally different from European requirements. Firstly, the foreigner must confirm that he is fluent in English and pass exams such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Typically, admission to most establishments requires knowledge of the English language at least at level B1. In addition to confirming language knowledge, the future student must take other entrance exams. One of these exams, the results of which are decisive when entering the university, are SAT and ACT. These two exams are standard testing for admission to an American university. Depending on the chosen program, the applicant must choose the appropriate discipline for delivery.

In addition to exams, the applicant, of course, must write a motivation letter, write a resume and order a translation of the certificate and diploma (upon admission to the magistracy). Americans themselves encourage a rich portfolio and participation in contests, contests, so if a foreigner has prizes and certificates, you should write about it in a letter or attach them to the application.

Letters of recommendation from teachers or employers will also positively affect the university’s decision to accept the young man into the ranks of his students. Since the United States is a large country, and each state has its own rules, each university has the right to put forward its own requirements for student enrollment, especially foreign ones.

That is why it is worth writing directly to the university, indicating the country of residence and the educational institution in which the certificate or diploma was obtained, and clarifying whether additional documents are required for admission. Studying in the USA is quite expensive, which is why many foreigners are interested in receiving grants and scholarships.

However, in order to receive full or partial funding for studying at a university, a foreigner must show that he really deserves this budget place. In addition to government funding programs, each university and college offers its own: a grant or scholarship, which will partially cover the student’s expenses on education. The conditions for receiving such financial support depend on the educational institution: somewhere it’s enough to finish the semester with good grades, and somewhere there is a competition for a budget place.

10 US University Scholarships for high school seniors

And so, let’s look at which universities this year offer students the most favorable financial conditions:


    New York, USA

    Tuition per year: $ 37,890 Scholarship: – $ 15,000 of the cost of training, is provided for each year of the bachelor’s program (4 years)

    Founded in 1896, Adelphi University is an old private co-educational institution on Long Island, and is especially proud of the fact that it has been studying, educating and preparing students for a successful career and prosperous life for 119 years. The university is located in a picturesque suburb, 23 miles from the country’s most important artistic, industrial, communication and intellectual center – New York, which allows students to take advantage of the two worlds. Adelphi University is recognized as the best on the northeast coast of the United States and is famous for co-educational programs in educational institutions such as Columbia University.


    Washington, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 44,815 Scholarship: – $ 5,000, $ 7,500, $ 10,000 of the cost of the first year of study for a bachelor’s program
    The American University is a private university located in a residential area in northwestern Washington, DC. The university is creating significant changes in the world thanks to internationally recognized faculties. He leads more than 100 specialties in the field of art, humanities and social sciences, education, offering first-class opportunities for internships, research and creative expression of students.
    The university is ranked 72nd in the national ranking of the United States and has a reputation as the best high school in the United States among the faculties of international relations, government and political science, including as the center of art in Washington, DC. The Kogoda School of Business is the first in Washington to be named the Wall Street Journal and Business Week by the strongest business school in the United States.


    Auburn, Alabama, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 35,900 – $ 30,000 (depending on the program of study) Scholarship: – $ 5,000, $ 7,500, $ 10,000 of the cost of the first year of study for a bachelor’s program
    Over the years, Auburn State University has graduated about 300,000 graduates, including prominent figures such as Tim Cook (Executive Director of Apple), Jimmy Wales (one of the founders of Wikipedia), Charles Barclay (professional basketball player and NBA star) and many others . The university holds high positions in national ratings, showing stable growth from year to year. Auburn University offers more than 140 specialties, so no matter what students want to study, they can find it in Auburn: architecture, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, engineering, forestry, aviation, IT, interior design, business, natural sciences – for students Strong academic programs and unique student life are provided.


    Florida, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 24,900 – $ 22,500 (depending on the program of study) Scholarship: – $ 5,000, $ 7,500 of the cost of the first year of study for a bachelor’s program
    The University of Central Florida is the 2nd largest university in the United States and one of the most popular among applicants. UCF is an impressive campus in sunny Orlando, Florida, widely recognized engineering and computer technology training programs, and numerous internships and internships for students from all faculties.
    UCF ranks 91st among the best state universities (US News and World Report), has 13 faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine and the largest Rosen Hospitality School in North America, which is one of the best in this direction and has a teaching staff and world-class infrastructure. In addition, UCF is famous for innovative developments in the field of engineering and technology: the university occupies 13th place in the list of innovative universities.


    South Carolina, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 38,600 – $ 33,200 (depending on the program of study) Scholarship: – $ 5,000, $ 7,500, $ 10,000 of the cost of the first year of study for a bachelor’s program
    Located in the heart of South Carolina, the University of South Carolina is the main research university where students are not just graduated by specialists in their field, but directly prepare future leaders with creative thinking and an approach to solving problems and issues.
    USC ranks 55th as a top state university according to US News and World Report and 1st place in International Business in the USA and 39th in business specialties. The university pays special attention to research, so employees of the University of South Carolina in 2013 received more than $ 220 million in research grants. The University is the only one in the state and one of the leading 40 universities, “engaged in extremely active research” according to the prestigious “


    Florida, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 25,900 – $ 21,900 (depending on the program of study) Scholarship: – $ 5,000, $ 7,500 of the cost of the first year of study for a bachelor’s program
    Florida International University is a public university located in the south of Florida, in Miami. The opening of the university took place in 1972. This university is considered the largest multidisciplinary university in all of Florida. Here, great attention is paid to conducting research, which is carried out through grants and contracts.
    Today, about 200 candidate, bachelor and doctoral programs are taught at the university, and 95% of the faculty have doctoral and academic degrees. Florida International University is one of the leading research universities according to the prestige rating of the D. Carnegie Endowment. At this university, half of all diplomas that are issued in Miami are published, and the MBA program recently took 1st place in Florida,


    Louisiana, USA

    Tuition per year: $ 33,800 – $ 28,000 (depending on the program of study) Scholarship: – $ 5,000, $ 7,500, $ 10,000 of the cost of the first year of study for a bachelor’s program
    LSU University offers world-class first-class education at an affordable price, as well as support in mastering the English language and adapting to the educational process throughout the IAP program (first year of undergraduate study for international students). Among university awards: 63rd place among the best state educational institutions in the USA, top 100 among the best business and engineering programs.
    Among LSU university graduates are Oscar winners, world-famous orthopedic surgeons, famous athletes, world-famous architects and many others. When you graduate from LSU, you will gain connections with such well-known companies as Gerber, Kraft, Nestlé, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Dream-Works Animation, CNN, Nike, Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche LLP, JPMorgan Chase and Shell.


    Kansas, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 31,900 – $ 27,900 (depending on the program of study) Scholarship: – $ 5,000, $ 7,500, $ 10,000 of the cost of the first year of study for a bachelor’s program
    Kansas University is one of the best research universities, is included in the TOP 50 US state universities according to US News & World Report and offers 345 specializations to its students, which allows all students to achieve academic success without exception. Kansas University faculties collaborate with companies such as Ford, Microsoft, Samsung and Coca-Cola, work together on new technologies and projects – for students this is an amazing opportunity to put the knowledge gained during study into practice.
    Students from all over the world study at Kansas University, among 338,000 of its graduates – 26 Rhodes scholarship winners, CEOs of large companies (such as Ford) and presidents. It was here, in Lawrence, Kansas, that many distinguished engineers, scientists,


    Chicago, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 38,000 – $ 29,500 Scholarship: – $ 10,000 of the cost of training, is provided for each year of the bachelor’s program (4 years)
    Located in Chicago, Illinois, the university provides exceptional opportunities for students from all over the world. The University is the largest university in the state, occupying the 129th line of the national ranking. The university provides students with a large selection of undergraduate specialties and provides an opportunity for the development of academic, language, social and professional skills.
    The university is funded by the state of Illinois, it is one of three universities included in the University of Illinois system. It is also a significant scientific center, especially in the field of medicine. In terms of the amount of funds allocated for research, the university invariably enters the top 50 in the United States.

    California, USA
    Tuition per year: $ 51,000 – $ 45,650 Scholarship: – $ 15,000 of the cost of training, is provided for each year of the bachelor’s program (4 years)
    The university has three campuses: in Stockton, San Francisco and Sacramento, California. The university has leading positions in national ratings: 108 in the ranking of US News & World Report, 3 in the rating of Best-Value College in California, 12 in the rating of Best-Value College in the US (The Economist).
    The University of the Pacific is fully accredited and offers over 80 undergraduate programs and 18 master’s programs in 9 schools and colleges. The university provides its students with numerous opportunities for practical research during their studies, working in close collaboration with leading teachers of the university. In addition, he is the sponsor of a number of scientific centers and institutes, so students have the opportunity to work in these institutions, to participate in their public programs and research.

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