Top 5 Most Dream Travel Destination by Country

the most dream travel destination

Travel Destination of Dream

“Traveling is taught more than anything. Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of living at home.”
Anatole France

All jin! Sometimes the view from the window, especially in winter, evokes such a depressing mood that you want to drop everything, take a train or plane and embark on a journey.

Fortunately, almost everyone can do this today, the range and duration of the adventure depend only on the available budget. Even if you only have money to visit a neighboring city, then it does not matter. Do it! Believe me, nothing is as refreshing as new experiences! But still, if you dream, then where would you go, first of all? 

I am sure everyone has their own preferences, but you can still find the dominant opinion for each country in the world. Nowadays, this can easily be done by analyzing queries in the search engines of the World Wide Web. So, let’s look at a map that summarizes the wishes of all active Internet users on the planet with regards to where they would like to spend their holidays by country:

As we see, the vast majority of people in the world have chosen Italy as the country of their desired vacation . Russians are also on this list.

Travel Destination of Dream: Why exactly Italy?

Here, in my opinion, everything is simply explained.

Firstly, the media . Many world-famous films were shot about this relatively small country. A huge number of books have been written.

Secondly, one of the greatest cultural heritage in the world. The Roman Empire was once the center of the whole world. The best minds from around the world worked for the glory of the state. Architects, artists and poets left behind true masterpieces. What is only one Leonardo Da Vinci❗

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Leonardo da Vinci. source: Yandex.Pictures
Leonardo da Vinci. source: Yandex.Pictures

In general, this country is perhaps one of the leaders in terms of the number of attractions per square kilometer. From the majestic Alps in the North to the colorful Sicily in the South, from the stunning Adriatic in the east to the pearl of all Italy-Rome in the west. And everywhere its color and charm, and all this in a relatively compact area!

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Roman Coliseum.
Roman Coliseum
Well, and thirdly, of course, this is the kitchen. Perhaps the most delicious and famous in the whole world. In Italy, you certainly will not stay hungry. An amazing combination of satiety and nobleness embodies the works of local chefs. And pizza and pasta that has become popular all over the Earth are definitely the most delicious in their historical Homeland.

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Pizza and pasta. source: Yandex.Pictures

Where else to go?

As we see, the second most popular color on the map is orange. It stands for Spain . For some reason, most Africans are eager to see this country as their destination on their flights. Perhaps this is due to the warmest climate in Europe. What do you think? Also, most of the northern Europeans with the Baltic states and our neighbor, Ukraine, most want to visit Spain. Here, a warm climate seems to play a roleSometimes you really want to warm your bones on the sand by the warm sea.

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sea ​​in spain. source: Yandex.Pictures

But do not take Spain as a place for a purely beach holiday. Her culture is practically in no way inferior to Italian. And the mentality of the locals is perhaps even more explosive. Which certainly adds color to everything that we see there. The cuisine is simpler, but by satiety it will definitely give odds to Italian.

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And where would you like to travel personally? Write in the comments!

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In future editions, we will continue to explore the world in terms of numbers, maps, and graphs. Stay tuned for new posts. Waiting for you!

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