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Top 7 Cheapest States to Buy a Home in 2020

to Buy a Home

If you’re looking to buy a home and can afford to move, you may be able to find cheaper options in another state.

A recent report from fintech site shows the cheapest states to buy a home right now. says it analyzed U.S. home data using these criteria:

  • Effective property tax
  • Median listing price
  • Median listing price per square foot
  • Median value in the bottom one-third of homes
  • Average closing costs

Top 7 Cheapest States to Buy a Home in 2020

Here are some key findings from the report:

  • Five of the top seven states with the cheapest homes are in the South.
  • Of the top seven states, only Alabama has a median listing price of more than $200,000.

Here are the seven cheapest states to buy a home, according to the report:

Buying a Home in These States Is Cheaper

StateMedian Value of Bottom-Tier HomesMedian Listing Price
West Virginia$53,600 $165,000
Alabama (Tie)$66,100$220,000
Mississippi (Tie)$70,800$189,000
Kentucky$76,700$193,500 used information from each of the factors to create an index score. You can see the full analysis here.

Final Thought

Money expert Clark Howard says the decision to buy a home right now has as much to do with your personal financial outlook as it does with the economy.

“If you’re planning on owning the property for a number of years, then today’s conditions are fine as long as your employment looks stable,” he says.

Clark says if you’re looking for a home, two things are currently working in your favor:

  • You can get a low interest rate on a mortgage, allowing you to save money on the purchase of your home.
  • You have the opportunity to lock in that low rate for the life of your loan.
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