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5 Best Organizations Offering UN Jobs in London

UN Jobs in London

UN Jobs in London. 5 Organizations Offering UN Jobs in London. The UN is comprised of many branches tackling various issues like food security, health, human rights, and more.

5 Organizations Offering UN Jobs in London

If you’re looking for an opportunity in London, here are five organizations that offer jobs:


UNFPA or The United Nations Population Fund is dedicated to a world where “every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.” To accomplish this goal, the UNFPA focuses on reproductive health and birth control through national strategies and supplying services. In recent years, they’ve also taken on a worldwide campaign to combat child marriage and female genital mutilation. The UK is the largest funder to UNFPA Supplies. The UN org has a UK office in London where Matt Jackson (at the time of this article – July 2019) serves as director. # 5 Organizations Offering UN Jobs in London

United Nations World Food Programme

The WFP is the branch of the UN that deals with hunger and food security. It provides food assistance to millions of people each year and is headquartered in Rome. Goals include helping communities meet their own food and nutrition needs; reducing micronutrient deficiencies; reducing child mortality; and fighting diseases like AIDS and HIV. The WFP has a London Liaison Office.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR was founded back in 1950. The org, abbreviated as UNHCR, is the branch of the UN that protects refugees and displaced people. Their work includes education; asylum and migration assistance; livelihoods; public health; shelter; and so on. Currently, they are concerned about asylum restrictions in the United States, as well as emergencies in Burundi (which created over 300,00 refugees) and Rohingya (which created over 700,000 refugees). UNHCR is based in Geneva with a United Kingdom office in London.

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The International Maritime Organization

Formed in 1948 at a Geneva conference, the IMO is headquartered in London. The goal of this specialized agency is to provide a regulatory framework for shipping. This includes safety; legal matters; technical operation; maritime security; and environmental concerns. As issues like pollution come up, the IMO will create and update conventions in response. On January 1, 2020, IMO plans on enforcing new emission standards. To become a member of the IMO, a state has to ratify a treaty – the Convention on the International Maritime Organization. As of 2018, there were 173 member states. # 5 Organizations Offering UN Jobs in London


The United Nations Children’s Funds was originally created in response to WWII, and set out to provide emergency food and healthcare to children. Their goals haven’t changed much, though UNICEF’s scope has definitely expanded. The org has a field presence in 190 countries. The work includes establishing programmes in schools, hospitals, and communities, lobbying on behalf of children’s rights, and providing assistance. UNICEF has an office in East London.

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