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Unemployment rates in Europe’s regions: Map + Infographic

Unemployment rates in Europe
Unemployment rates in Europe

Unemployment in the eurozone dropped to 8.1 percent, the lowest in almost ten years – since November 2008. On Monday, October 1, reports Eurostat. In July this year, the figure was 8.2 percent, in August last year – 9 percent.

The unemployment rate in the European Union is 6.8 percent, in August last year it was 7.5 percent.

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As of August this year, the lowest unemployment in the Czech Republic is 2.5 percent, as well as in Germany and Poland (3.4 percent each). The highest unemployment rate this month was recorded in Greece (19, 1 percent) and in Spain (15.2 percent).

Among young people, according to Eurostat, 3.315 million people were considered unemployed in the European Union, of which 2.367 million were in the eurozone. Here, Eurostat counted people under 25 years old.

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Compared to last August, the number of unemployed young people in the EU decreased by 431 thousand, in the eurozone – by 275 thousand.

Unemployment rates in Europe

Regions with the lowest unemployment rates:

1. Praha Czech Republic 1.7%
Germany 2.0%
3. Jihozápad Czech Republic 2.1%
Mittelfranken Germany 2.1%
Niederbayern Germany 2.1%
Střední Čechy Czech Republic 2.1%
7. Közép-Dunántúl Hungary 2.2%
Germany 2.2%
Germany 2.2%
Tübingen Germany 2.2%


Regions with the highest unemployment rates:

1. Dytiki Makedonia Greece 29.1%
2. Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla Spain 27.6%
3. Dytiki Ellada Greece 26.3%
Extremadura Spain 26.3%
5. Mayotte France 25.9%
6. Andalucía Spain 25.5%
7. Ipeiros Greece 24.8%
8. Canarias Spain 23.5%
9. Kentriki Makedonia Greece 22.9%
10. La Réunio France 22.8%