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What can European countries and others be proud of?


Let’s digress from the serious and sensitive topics in this article. Today we just look at what each country leads. For something you can be proud, and something to be ashamed of.

European countries


Norway can boast of democracy, the Swedes atheism, and the Finns for some reason drink coffee.

Some countries can boast of products: Poland sausage, Turks apricots, and Georgia the legendary khachapuri.

But whatever I was proud of, it was fascist movements (Great Britain) or the use of cocaine (Spain).

Belarus overtakes all the bison, and Latvia in preserving the environment.



Somalia, we can not imagine without the pirates. Saudi Arabia, of course, leads in oil.

Again, I would not be happy with inflation in South Sudan, the expensive Internet in the Central African Republic and the lack of security in Iraq.

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Kenya boasts flowers, Madagascar lemurs, and Zambia giraffes.



India is known for its cinema, which means there are plenty of cinemas there. Japan by technology and robots.

Malaysia can be proud of its caves, and Indonesia is volcanoes.

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Australia boasts deadly animals, and New Zealand has lamb.

Residents of China can be happy and sad because the country emits huge amounts of CO2, but is working on renewable energy.

Nepal is proud that no one is killing anyone in the country.

North and Central America

North America
North America

I think everyone has heard about maple syrup in Canada, but the fact that Mexico is known for being hit by lightning strikes is not everyone knows.

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The states boast Nobel laureates and a willingness to kill a lawn mower.

Cuba has a powerful baseball team.

South America

South America

Brazil is known for its football, and Argentina is a player.

Uruguay leads beef. Bolivia is proud of Brazil nuts, and the Miss Universe lives in Venezuela.


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