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What does Remote Work Mean? 10 Detailed Points

What does Remote Work Mean

What does Remote Work Mean: Remote work means a way of interacting with the employer when the employee and the employer are at a distance from each other, and the results of the work are transmitted over the Internet.

For example, a copywriter can send texts for a site over a network, a programmer can send a program code, and a designer can send a site layout. You can work from a home, cafe or any other place where there is Internet access.

Today, even large companies hire remote employees. For example, remote work vacancies are available at Smardart. On our site, we have collected a review of 40 companies offering remote work.


Who can work remotely?

Representatives of IT professions, advertising and marketing specialists, designers, translators, and creative workers mainly work remotely.

Among the most sought-after professions in the distance: programmers, copywriters, journalists, translators, designers, illustrators, SMM-specialists, layout designers, software testers, call center operators.

People without special knowledge can work as moderators, assessors, transcribers or learn popular professions on the Internet.

Who is a remote worker?

Not only a freelancer but also a full-time employee of the company can work remotely. If an employee performs his duties from home and sends the results of his work on the Internet, he is a remote employee.

In order for a full-time employee to work remotely, it is necessary to conclude an agreement on distance work with him (article 312.1 – 312.5 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation)

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Also, visit Smardart or Jobzey for more job opportunities.

Thus, the remote worker:

  • He is a full-time employee of the organization performing work outside the employer’s location.
  • Has an agreement on distance work concluded with the employer.
  • It is subject to labor law (on vacation, etc.).

According to forecasts, by 2020, about 20% of Russians will work remotely, for example, from home. Already, a number of companies are transferring employees from offices to this mode of work. In the interview below, you can see the story of Ilya, who worked in the office for about 5 years, and then switched to remote work and successfully adapted to it.

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How is remote work different from freelance?

Remote workFreelance
Specialist StatusA full-time employee entitled to work remotely (from home).A private practitioner, the state is not formalized.
Availability of an employment contractWith the official device – there is a contract for remote work.No employment contract.
Nature of workWork for one company, employer. Part-time jobs are possible with the consent of the employer.Implementation of projects of various clients. A constant search for new orders.

What is good about remote work? The benefits of Remote Job

  • The opportunity to get a large company for a good salary. This is especially true for residents of regions where there is little work for IT professionals or representatives of creative professions.
  • A more flexible schedule than when working in the office.
  • No need to communicate with office colleagues, distracted from work.
  • Time-saving no need to go to work and spend a couple of hours in the subway or in traffic jams.
  • Saving money on “office clothes” and all the attributes of a strict “dress code”.
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The opportunity is easier to earn and take projects from other clients or companies, as the employer does not control that you work only on his projects. In the case of remote work, the tenant cares about the result, not the process. However, we recommend coordinating the availability of a part-time job with the main employer and not working for direct competitors.

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Cons of remote work:

  • Not all companies are willing to hire remote workers.
  • No communication with colleagues. Someone suffers from this, someone suffers easily.
  • As a rule, you have to purchase a computer and programs you need to use at your own expense (but there may be exceptions).
  • It is necessary to independently organize your workday because no one is constantly “above the soul”.

What does Remote Work Mean

Often, work on a fee schedule becomes work with irregular working hours, including work on holidays or weekends. However, if you immediately properly organize the workflow, this problem is solved.

Remote work is the future, and in part is the present. By transferring employees to a remote work mode, employers save money at the office and can hire specialists from other cities and even countries, and this way of earning money is more convenient and more convenient for employees. Indeed, in large cities, an employee often needs two to three hours to get to the office. There is no such problem at remote work – you can work from home, and you don’t need to go anywhere.

Where and how to find remote work on the Internet?

  • You can also find job offers on job sites. For example, many job openings are on the popular Jobzey website.
  • You can find remote work by browsing the sites of companies that are potential employers. Many companies publish vacancies on their sites and may indicate the possibility of remote work in a particular position. For example, we have compiled a database of publishers that offer work to authors, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and artists. Also on our website, there is a list of translation agencies that recruit remote translators, editors, proofreaders.
  • Unlike freelance, a remote employee is essentially a full-time specialist and works for one company. Therefore, on freelance exchanges, remote work projects are usually few.
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Where to start the search for remote work at home?

  1. See the list of popular professions for remote work. If your profession is not listed, try to find a job that does not require special training, or to master a new profession. Useful article: how to choose a new profession?
  2. Have a good resume that your employer will like.
  3. Find remote jobs that suit you. Above in the article, I gave links to useful sites.
  4. I recommend choosing large companies with a good reputation for employment.
  5. Submit your resume to the organizations you are interested in and wait for the response of an HR specialist.
  6. Be vigilant when looking for an employer. Be sure to check the company that offers you a job. Do not pay insurance premiums or any other premiums requested by the employer.
  7. Check out our standard online cheating schemes to reduce your risks when choosing a job.
  8. Do not send your documents to suspicious companies that may use them for various fraudulent activities.

If you still have questions, add them to the free consultation section. I will try to answer all the questions.

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