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What Is Freelancing? 5 Awesome Ways To Work For Yourself

What Is Freelancing

What Is Freelancing? A freelancer is his own boss and subordinate in one person. What professions are suitable for this type of employment, what are the pros and cons and how to switch to remote work?

The development of the Internet has allowed some categories of employees to reduce the frequency of appearing in the office and even completely switch to remote work. Companies or individual individuals hire freelancers to perform certain individual, one-time tasks, and sometimes for permanent work. 

What Is Freelancing?

In this case, the employee may be located in another city or even in another country. Who can become a freelancer and what Is Freelancing? The term “freelance” is derived from two English words: “free” – free and “lance” – peak, spear. So in the Middle Ages, they called “freelancers” or freeloaders, who themselves chose who to serve.

Most often, for a fee, they were hired for a short period of time, for example, during a military campaign, a siege of a fortress or to protect a commercial caravan. Today this is the name of specialists who perform their work without concluding a long-term contract with the employer (freelancer). 

Freelancers are also considered employees invited to the company to carry out a specific task (project) through the outsourcing system (taking an employee out of the staff of one company and registering him in the staff of the provider company, while he continues to work in his former place and fulfill his previous responsibilities). 

The most common employees for remote work are: Among freelancers, you can meet both highly qualified employees and students. This type of employment is chosen by people who prefer to be responsible only for their own labor results and not depend on other employees, and plan their time and work schedule on their own.

Freelance remuneration

Of course, it is best to simply arrange a meeting with the customer and receive the money brought in cash or by transfer to the card.

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But if you decide to become a freelancer, keep in mind that remote work is therefore considered such that most often you do not have the opportunity to personally meet with the customer and often have to rely on the honest word of the employer. To avoid problems with getting a fee, avoid unreliable payment methods. By such are meant methods in which it is possible to cancel a transfer (reversal or chargeback).

Often, on specialized sites for freelancers (the so-called freelance sites), it is possible to receive money using secure payment methods (escrow accounts). Of course, sites also can not give you a 100% guarantee to avoid meeting scammers, but in most cases they prevent such problems.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you decide to start working as a freelancer, we recommend that you weigh the pros and cons.


  • There is no need to go to work every day and obey the rules of the company. You can independently plan your schedule and distribute the load.
  • Responsibility should be borne only for their own actions.
  • There are no transportation costs.
  • The possibility of creative self-realization, if you do what you like.
  • Continuous self-study.
  • Independent choice of workplace. Work wherever you want.


  • The instability of earnings is the main minus of working on freelance. It’s hard to predict exactly how much you’ll earn for a given month. It is possible to complete a large amount of work in one month, and only receive a few orders in the next. At the same time, earning in one month can provide you in advance, but it is problematic to predict your profit.
  • Work at home can be a minus at the same time. It can be difficult to control yourself and explain to the family that you are working and busy, not relaxing.
  • You must always stay in touch. Monitor the smooth operation of the Internet and mobile communications.
  • There is a possibility of cheating on the part of the employer.
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How to become a freelancer?

You can compare such work with opening your own small business.

Choose the services you will provide

It’s better to choose a freelance job that interests you. First of all, you need to love your job. But also you should initially have the necessary skills and achievements in this area.

Define your benefits and price

Why should customers work with you? Beginners attract customers with low prices. Experienced freelancers – track record. Examine the offers of other employees, compare them with your level of skills, based on this, determine the price of your services. Identify your strengths and focus on them when communicating with customers.

Create a portfolio

This is a list of your work on which the client decides on cooperation. What if there is nothing to show you? You need to either complete part of the orders for free, or at a low cost. As a rule, if you ask for a small fee, then finding a customer is not a problem. And as the number of completed works increases, the cost of services can be increased.

Prepare additional tools

You must have all the necessary tools for remote work. For this, prepare a computer, Internet, phone, e-mail, Skype, set up e-wallets to receive fees.

Search for orders

If you decide to do freelance work, then the first orders are best sought after being employed. Do this through familiar and specialized exchanges. Leave your contacts on the Internet and offer services. As you work, your list of useful contacts will grow, and customers will find you through their friends, recommendations.

Also, some customers will contact you again. Remote work can be found on, choosing the type of employment “remote work” in the advanced search.

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Do not forget about taxes

It must be remembered that any income is taxed. Therefore, if freelance is your main source of income, you need to register as a FLP. At the same time, you can also receive payment by bank transfer, which will expand the circle of potential customers.

It is worth considering that this type of employment does not mean that you will have more free time. Usually, you have to work as much or even more than in a permanent job. You also need to be very disciplined and love your job.

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