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What Is QA Tester And 4 Reasons Why You Should Become

QA Tester

What Is QA Tester? In the IT sector, it’s not enough just to create a product – it is important that it works. This is where the tester is needed, who will come, find all the errors, show what can be improved, and all will be happy. Sites, mobile applications, game design, software – you can check a lot, so testers are required everywhere.

Reasons you will like this profession

Fast start

#QA Tester. To test – not to create, which means less special knowledge is required. But attentiveness, perseverance and curiosity are very much appreciated here. Projects need to be tested a lot and quickly, and finding a professional in a short time is not so simple. Some companies even want to independently grow a novice into a true professional, who will eventually become part of the team.

High salary

Demand for testers is constantly growing. According to HeadHunter, right now 3,650 employers are looking for such professionals. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, beginners are offered up to 80 thousand rubles. More experienced testers are willing to pay from 90 to 150 thousand. Revenues of test team leaders reach 200 thousand rubles.

Development Opportunities

In fact, the tester is a completely independent profession, which does not require a lot of experience from a person, but first of all a special mindset. If you have everything in order with logic and critical thinking, you can become a real expert. And then a leader – and manage entire teams and projects.

But if you want to go into programming, such a chance will also be presented. The person who has to work with the code is able to become a developer. At the same time, he will know the other side of the coin and make fewer mistakes.

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And most importantly – everyone can learn to be a tester

To learn the profession of a tester online, pay attention to the Jobzey Profession Tester course. You can watch video lessons at any time, and classes will take only 3-5 hours a week. They will not interfere with your current job or personal life.

Actual theory and a lot of practice

The annual course is divided into 40 modules – the most advanced techniques are packaged in understandable video tutorials. Each lesson is accompanied by homework with real experience from the practice of teachers. All students are supervised by personal mentors. And after checking the tasks, they send detailed reports with parsing errors.

What Is QA Tester?

What Is QA Tester And 4 Reasons Why You Should Become. In a year, you will learn how to comprehensively test sites and applications, automation methods, and even the basics of programming. And at the end of the course, you will make a graduation project for a real customer, which will become part of the portfolio.

Lecturers from large companies

The course will be led by Samsung NEXT, SymbioWay, and Badoo testing team leaders. With them, you will go from an introduction to testing to understanding how to use the knowledge gained. The real experience of mentors will help beginners to quickly gain insight into an unfamiliar profession. #QA Tester

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