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What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?

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What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai? I have helped more than 2,000 people gets jobs in the UAE in the 6 years time gap that I spent in UAE.

 And I am the second generation of expat who stayed in UAE (my parents 50+ years and me 40 years). So how is it that I have helped so many people gets job? Let me share with you the secret which no one will tell you. #What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?

What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Everything in UAE works with Influence or “VASTAA” (Arabic/Hindi/Urdu word for Influence)


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Many candidates get fake degrees attested in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh and get them attested through the consulate services. No one checks the authenticity of these documents. That is why you have an exceptionally high number of people with MBA’s there in the UAE. All you have to do is show your degree once – for the legal stamping of your visa. That it. Then no one bothers.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?

The most important person to know is the PA of the CEO. The second most important person to know is the Receptionist. Both these individuals can tell you all the information you need to know about the company. And yes, the person who can ensure you get a job or your Resume gets forwarded to the right person or is kept on the decision makers desk.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Having a best friend of the company owner or the senior person in the company has helped many people get jobs in the company. In fact, even in multinational companies I have managed to jump over and help candidates (who were my clients) to meet the final decision maker only because the decision maker knew me and trusted me.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Between 2 candidates both equal – Smart man with experience & Very hot single attractive woman with experience – guess who would get the job? And yeah – if in case both are men – My good old friend from India who runs a construction company told me best – If I had a choice between an attractive westerner and Qualified Indian –

“I would take the Westerner any day. Simply because during the bidding and meetings – the Westerner gets more respect than even me. In fact when I have taken my westerner employee with me – most people think he is my boss and I am the employee. That is the mentality of people here in the construction industry.”


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Don’t get me wrong when I say this. I am an Indian and I am the perfect person to say this. The best employees in the Middle East – are Indians. The worst employers in the Middle East – are Indians. As an employee – they are ready to work for cheap.

And if one Indian tells you AED 3,000/- for his salary. If you tell the next candidate who wants the job this – he will immediately agree for AED 2,900/- and then the next Indian with the same qualification will say AED 2,800/- and it will go on and on and on until you will finally

find one guy from India who wants to come to the Middle East desperately – and he will agree to work for 3 months for free until he proves himself for you AND I AM NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS! I have personally witnessed this myself! All they request for is if you can give them food, accommodation and a promise about a future that looks amazing.

What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
And as an employer – there is no one worse than an Indian. I have worked with Indian employers and I know how they play around. The Indian population is so large and there so many Indians who want to escape UAE – you will be shocked how easy it is get someone, manipulate someone and make them work for you.

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What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
The WWE Superstar was famous for his entrance song “I lie, I cheat & I steal” And this is what I teach all my candidates whom I train. How to LIE to get a job and also how to get away with it. How to CHEAT the system and land a job. And how to STEAL other peoples ideas and succeed. Yes, yes, now you hate me and you will downvote me and call me a person with no ethics.

But hear me out. What solution does a single mother with 4 children have when she comes to you asking you for help because the job she desperately needed – the potential employer asked her for an indecent favor in exchange for a job?

Or what do you do when a young man knows he will go to jail for his unpaid loan and needs a job asap and there is nothing available? I am not playing god here or I am not justifying my actions.

I am wrong and I am a sinner. But in the dog-eat-dog world, the law of the jungle rules. And all this romantic words of wisdom help no one – especially when you are without a job for months, haven’t eaten, have no one to turn to or nearly going to attempt suicide because there is no hope.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Would you believe if I tell you this – that in UAE people take commissions for help others to get a job? Now you may say – nah. Not in UAE of course. Well $2,000 per candidate for 11 candidates or $100 for 600 laborers is not a bad commission I would say.

How I know this? Ask people in 3rd world countries how much money are they will to pay to get a job in the Middle East. You will know the answer.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
People normally ignore this person but I pay special attention to this person. If the woman is beautiful, I never ogle at her. I never give her smirk. And if she is old, I give her extra attention and charm. Works like a wonder always. And before I know it – I get all the information I need – whom to apply and where to apply.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Every company has Loopholes – and I mean every company. Especially in the hiring process. If you get in touch with someone in HR – they will you this. How do I know this? Even without a college education – I was employed in companies where they made it mandatory to produce a certificate.

All you have to know is who is the right person to get in touch with and what is the thing you should do that no one else knows about.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
The oldest trick in the book. If you want to enter Jabel Ali Freezone or any office in Dubai Media City or any big Building filled with Multinational companies – how can you enter without a business card? So what I used to do is – print my name with whatever tile I could.

I had different business cards for different purposes – Director, Regional Manager, Sales Director and various companies. And depending where I had to use what – I showed them my designation accordingly.

Trust me – when you with such a ‘high position’ show your business card – oh, the respect they give you in the UAE is nothing short of a miracle. (Please do not show a business card with the title CEO when you drive a Toyota Echo)

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What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
This is more valuable than an MBA in UAE because with this small little id, you can drive any car, any place and get any job done. Without this – traveling around the UAE is a nightmare. Want proof? Try walking 100 meters in the afternoon 50 degrees heat of UAE. You will remember my words.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Most companies in the UAE have only one mantra. Make money. That is the only vision, mission and goal statement in reality. Whatever else they tell you – throw it out of the window.

There is no other romantic way to this. That is why when you see any Banking advertisement with a family smiling stating “the Credit Card that helped our son complete his education” or a couple smiling stating “This hospital gave us the best and most affordable treatment” – run away as far as you can as if you saw a King Cobra headed in your direction.

They are only looking to make money at your cost and the cost of your livelihood, your existence, your happiness and your families happiness. So what has this got to do with employment? If you share the same vision of the company – you will be a star.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
This is a true story and not a made up story. And it will be disturbing for you. But I am sharing this as I know my friend who worked in this hospital – whose integrity, honesty and character is far beyond mine shared this story. (keeping it short) He and I were sitting in a bar and he was visibly disturbed. I asked him what happened and he told me he resigned from the hospital.

I was shocked because it was an amazing job with an amazing package. What he told me truly disturbed me. Apparently at the meeting with the Director of the hospital and the rest of the management – they were actually discussing ways and means to ensure when patients got operated, they would make sure that more money could be taken out from them by unethical methods – even if it meant amputation.

And as they were talking about this – one of the doctors brought up a case about an patient who had some problem – and they were actually discussing how they could allow the infection to spread so that they could amputate his limb. And then when my friend stood up to object – they told him point blank – “you have no right to speak because you have not yet justified why we are paying you a salary.

You encourage patients not to take extra tests and you have the lowest contribution.” And then to add insult to injury – he was given a memo warning to ensure every patient had to give a mandatory 5 tests when they met him for any reason. And also let him know his ‘performance’ was unsatisfactory.

And guess what – because that other doctor was cold-blooded enough to constantly indulge in this unethical practice – he was promoted and given his valuable bonuses.

Over here, I am not trying to imply ALL COMPANIES ARE LIKE THIS – No. This was a very rare case, which is why I remembered. But the bottom line is -if you can have this kind of focus – to help make the company money – as much money as possible – you will be their favorite employee.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Most companies in the UAE on paper at least state that you work 8 hours, 5 days a week. The reality is you have to work any day, any time and for any amount – as long as the project gets completed on time. This is the term the management uses “Project Management”.

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On yeah, one more thing – the Arab Local Boss or the Western Boss – he gets to work normal duty hours and he will tell you that he ‘believes in your leadership qualities’ to get the job done.

However, on the day the owner comes for Project Inspection – you will be asked to go back to the office and do the ‘other job’ while your boss gets all the credit.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Salaries will not be paid on time. And you will be told to be a “team player” and support the company in the time of need. Promotions will be delayed and you will be told “Management is looking into it”.

Salary increments will be given “after evaluating your performance” + “after 6 months” (which keeps extending every 6 months). However, if the positions are reversed – then its a different story all together.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
My friend GL – Indian chap educated in the USA, just joined a bank as an Intern. The very first day when he saw the Manager of the Local Bank – Abdullah (changed his name) walk into the bank – He greeted him “Morning Abdullah”.

The next hour, he was called by the HR and terminated on the spot. If you can call the people above you “Sir” and be obedient like a slave while nodding your head (this rule applies to Asians), you will have a better chance of having a job.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Don’t be surprised if you are asked to drop the Owners daughter to school, pay his electricity bills and also pick up the parcel which he received in the post office. I know of an Indian HR Manager of a Local Company who would do all this for his Local Arab Boss.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?
Never ever ever show your potential boss you are smarter than him. As it is he is insecure about his job. And if he comes to know you are an ambitious young man who wants to prove to the company how much you can contribute and outshine your boss – you will never get the call again.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?

  • NETWORKING AT EVENTS & CONFERENCES – Only if you know the owner or the decision go there. Or you are exceptional at selling your skills like Jordan Belfort. Otherwise don’t bother. You are wasting your time. They will just throw your details in the dustbin. #To Find A Job In Dubai
  • JOB SITES AND AGENCIES – All Rubbish. You will NEVER get a response from them. Imagine if you are receiving 4,000 resumes per day – why in the world do you need a Job Site or Agency which charges 1 to 3 times your salary as its commission from the company? Unless of course you are a very rare and exclusive candidate / job position that they cannot get in the whole of the Middle East.
  • LOCAL AGENTS – Are mostly fraudulent. Especially if they are asking you money to process your documents. This is illegal and you can report them to the ministry. # To Find A Job In Dubai
  • DO NOT GET YOUR RESUME DONE by your relative, by copying someone online or by yourself. Most get it done by professionals. So adding extra colors, or flowery words or some next photograph that makes it look like a mug shot – will not land you a job in the UAE

Hope all this helped. If you felt all this information was useful, do share it with someone in need. Also please give me an upvote to show me your support. And if you need any guidance or question asked – please post in the comments section below.

What Is The Best Way To Find A Job In Dubai?

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