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What prevents your sales team from working at full strength. #101

sales team

I want you to get rich and solve all your problems in your sales team! I want you to rush ahead, ahead! Do not leave yourself another choice – only success. Let the mere thought of failure seem disgusting to you.

Without emotional motivation in sales, nowhere, but this is not enough if you need to significantly increase the effectiveness of the sales department.

What prevents your sales team from working at full strength

On the Sales Management course, we will approach sales from a scientific point of view: we will teach you how to optimize business processes, correctly evaluate KPIs and develop a change plan to bring sales to a new level. These questions will be dealt with in detail by our expert, leading teacher of the Higher School of Marketing and entrepreneur Vadim Dozortsev.#sales team

How exactly will the course help me?

Finance. You will learn how to analyze the financial statements of a business by departments, employees and key customers, find problem areas and growth points, and increase sales.

Processes. The course will teach you how to evaluate the company’s business processes: working with clients, hiring and training employees, drawing up plans, working with suppliers. You can develop a process model to be that will help optimize the processes that have developed in the company.

KPI We will analyze how to evaluate the KPI of the sales department, correct them in time, outline financial goals for individual KPI units and employees and form a budget.

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Team. How staffed is the sales department, are all employees fulfilling their duties one hundred percent? You will learn how to properly create a staffing table, train a team when you need to revise a requirement for an employee, and develop a motivation system that suits the company.

Automation. Companies that have CRM do not always use its capabilities to the fullest – continue to lose orders, cannot systematize and analyze sales. On the course, you will evaluate your CRM: you will understand whether it needs to be modified and how to do it. #sales team

Will the course suit both beginners and pros?

The program is designed in such a way that you first listen to the theory, and then apply this knowledge on real cases – make decisions as a sales manager.

So, the current sales managers will remember the basics, receive knowledge relevant to the labor market and exercise in solving complex problems. And beginners will get a solid knowledge base and immediately put it into practice.#sales team

About the speaker

Vadim Dozortsev, a recognized Russian sales guru, teaches at the Higher School of Economics and the Skolkovo Academy.

Vadim has been in business for 30 years. And it helps other companies – talks about what excites sales managers and business owners today – about sales strategies, setting up business processes, working with CRM, building a Customer Journey – and also gives tips on how to analyze sales and customer base correctly and how motivate employees.

Among his clients are IT company CROC &, insurance company Allianz, Rostelecom,, 1C, Microsoft, a large developer A101.

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How are classes?

You watch lessons online and do homework when you are comfortable. At the same time, you are not limited in time: study at a comfortable pace (someone needs only an hour a day).

At the end of the course, a thesis awaits you – you will choose one of three cases from real companies (these are typical problems that the head of the sales department faces) and offer your solutions.#sales team

Installment plan and 2 months of English for free

Skillbox students will receive 2 months of English as a gift from the EnglishDom online school. These courses are useful for sales managers and executives: you will begin to learn business English and eventually will be able to do business with foreign partners.

We also launched a program of interest-free installments: now you can not pay the entire amount at once, but split it into small monthly payments. #sales team

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