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What to invest in 2019-2020 to make a profit

What to invest

What to invest in 2019-2020. Do you have savings, but they do not work? The bad news is: you lose money every day. During the year, the decrease due to inflation will be 10-12%. Thinking about investing money is, at a minimum, in order to save it, and as a maximum, in order to earn money.

Wisely invested amount will be a good source of regular passive income or one-time profit. Both classic ways of investing and new directions work in what to invest in 2019: from bank deposits and shares to cryptocurrencies, Internet resources and startups.

Each method of investing money has its pros and cons, which are expressed in several key indicators: profitability, risk level, payback, liquidity, financial entry threshold. Therefore, in order to make a reasoned decision on what it is better to invest in 2019, you need to weigh all these indicators and correlate them with the goals that are your priority.

Bank deposit: low risks and profitability at the level of inflation

In fact, an analysis of bank deposit rates and the real depreciation of money shows that even with the task of saving money, a deposit does not do well. Indeed, the riskiness of such investments is minimal (deposits in one bank up to 1.4 million rubles are automatically insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency). But deposit rates rarely exceed 8% per annum, which is even below the official inflation rate expected in 2019.

If the minimum task is to save money, then it is better to invest in reliable federal loan bonds or in gold. You will not earn money, but you will block the inflation of 2019. The liquidity of such investments is approximately the same (for a fixed deposit it is even much lower), and the financial threshold is also low.

It is better to buy gold in coins, in 10-15 years their price will begin to increase due to numismatic value. The cost of federal bonds is from 1000 rubles. You can purchase bonds with an indexed face value (varies with inflation). #What to invest in 2019-2020 to make a profit

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Stock market: classics of the investment genre

For those who want more, storing money in a bank is not an option. Real investments that are able to regularly bring additional money already this year, 2019, begin on the stock market. However, the risks here are also higher. And they depend on how high your claims. The rule: “Higher expected income – higher risk” – was born precisely on the stock exchange.

But, despite this, the middle class in economically developed countries considers it a good form to invest in the stock market. The main thing is to choose a not too aggressive strategy (a conservative one is optimal for a beginner) and understand the mechanism of functioning of the stock market.

Where is it profitable to invest in 2019? Experts recommend investing in stocks of reliable, but undervalued companies. At the same time, income will be provided not only by dividends, but also by future growth in the value of shares. Financial instruments of many large Russian companies in 2019 are classified as undervalued. This is due to the influence of sanctions. But the companies themselves, and, accordingly, their shares, do not become less reliable because of this: Sberbank, LUKOIL, Rosset. #What to invest in 2019-2020 to make a profit

Trust management: for lovers of passive income

In order to make money in the stock market, it is not at all necessary to spend time studying the “materiel”. In 2019, there are enough brokerage companies in Russia that make it possible to invest in shares under trust management conditions. At the same time, the broker company receives a certain commission (not very high, given how much it simplifies the life of a private investor and reduces its risks). And her financial experts, using investor money, form a portfolio and carry out all operations.

Naturally, you need to choose a broker with extensive experience and good reputation. One of the most experienced brokerage companies in Russia – BCS “Broker”, opened back in 1995. The company’s website says that in 2019 trust management services are available with a different ratio of profitability and risk (conservative, moderately conservative, rational or moderately aggressive strategies). #What to invest in 2019-2020 to make a profit

Real estate investment is slow but reliable

Another classic way to invest in 2019 is to buy real estate. This method has its advantages: real estate will not go anywhere, it tends to increase in price in the long run, with it you can have passive income (by renting).

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But there are drawbacks – a significant payback period (10 – 15 years), not very high liquidity, a significant financial threshold for entry (you must have at least 1.5 million rubles).

You can accelerate the return on investment and increase the profitability of real estate investments if you focus not on long-term leases, but on renting out apartments for rent. In large cities, placing your property on several daily rent resources, you can earn another “salary”. But the hassle is more than with a long-term lease. #What to invest in 2019-2020 to make a profit

In the information society – investment in it

What to invest in 2019 if you have not only money, but also time? The most promising sector of the modern economy is information technology. And this is not only about the development of gadgets and devices, complex software and computer games. Money also comes from smartphone applications, video blogs, niche Internet resources and other areas that even one person can invest in.

The main thing is that there is time for the development of the project, a small start-up capital and a good idea. But, even if there is no time or idea, you can always invest in a promising IT start-up or in the development of a demanded Internet resource. The latter, according to experts, in 2019 will include a variety of advertising platforms, service exchanges (copywriting, IT), off-line services (taxis, delivery services), exchangers.

Applications are another promising area for investing money. If there is no relevant experience, but there is a good idea, for about 20,000 rubles you can order the application on freelance, and then post it on the App Store. If the application “enters” – the rate of return will be in the hundreds of percent. In 2019, this sector will continue to grow, as there are more and more people using smartphones.

Startups – investing in the future

What to invest in 2019 to go down in history? Into the businesses of the future, which today exist in the form of “buds” – startups. Peter Thiel, who invested in Facebook or Andy Bechtoltheim – the first investor in Google – invested in startups that really changed our lives.

In what areas can there be new “breakthroughs” and in which startups is it best to invest money? Robotics, medical technologies (exoskeletons, implants, cosmetology), alternative energy, eco-startups – to participate in financing such businesses of the future is not only prestigious, but also, with a certain degree of probability, profitable. The risks here are certainly high. But the return on investment can be in the thousands of percent.

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How can I invest in a startup? This can be done either indirectly, through crowdfunding sites, or directly by financing a startup looking for a donor and becoming its cofounder. Startups in the search for financing are registered on special Internet resources, participate in innovation festivals, where you can communicate with ideas, developments and teams directly. The main thing to remember is that a venture business is a high-risk activity, designed for the fact that one of the 10 business ideas is “fired”. Therefore, the optimal solution would be to finance several startups at once.

Investing in cryptocurrencies – risking or not in 2019?

No matter how risky investments in startups are, they cannot be compared in terms of chances of winning or losing with investing in cryptocurrency. The first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – was also a kind of startup. Very unusual even by the standards of an innovative business. And those who invested in bitcoin in the early years received fantastic profits. But is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies in 2019?

Experts say they’re not worth it, and here’s why:

  • high market volatility – the lack of real value leads to the fact that cryptocurrency rates, due to the ratio of supply and demand, are difficult to predict and fluctuate in a very wide range;
  • regulatory intervention – the growth in demand for cryptocurrencies was largely due to the fact that they stood on the other side of state (including tax) control; Recently, regulators have been making more and more efforts to take this process under control;
  • disappointment in the crypto of ordinary users – since the course on cryptocurrencies is very “psychological”, such trends should alert the potential investor.

However, cryptocurrencies are exactly the area where it is impossible to predict exactly whether it makes sense to invest money in 2019 or not: from the very beginning, financial experts did not take them seriously, but those who believed in them significantly increased their capital.

And finally, the main rule of the investor: create a portfolio – invest in different ways and in different areas. Investing is not a game, but a really working way to increase capital.

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