Business Suit or Jeans: What To Wear For An Interview?

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What To Wear For An Interview? Interviewing is an important event in a person’s life. Sometimes we worry before meeting a potential employer even more than before a first date. After all, a date is a date, and at the interview, we will definitely be strictly evaluated – and in appearance too.

It’s a shame that when it comes to the wardrobe and the problem of “nothing to wear,” they talk mainly about women. But in fact, during the preparation for the interview, they puzzle over what to put on in order to defeat the interlocutor in one fell swoop, but not completely, representatives of both sexes.

Today, Jobzey tells how to dress for female and male applicants for an interview.

Dream Girl (any employer)

We guarantee that all the tips on how to choose an interview outfit that you read or heard earlier were based on the thesis “business style is welcome.” And many, even very young girls, continue to be guided by this advice, choosing clothes in anticipation of an interview.

But in fact, the thesis about a strict business style has long been irrelevant. Today, wearing black three-piece suits, snow-white blouses and stilettos to create the image of a serious and successful business woman is not necessary, but often inappropriate.

Nowadays, you can make a great impression on a future employee or boss by choosing an outfit in the style of smart casual. For a woman for an interview, you can wear a dress (only without extreme sports in terms of length and neckline), a skirt (recall, do not take risks with the length), pants or a trouser suit with a T-shirt, jeans and a shirt.

When choosing clothes for an interview, it is important not to go too far with the solemnity of the image:

  • do not wear all the jewelry at once, limit yourself to one or a pair of accessories;
  • Avoid clothing made from luxurious fabrics that crumple easily;
  • Prefer comfortable shoes.

A few years ago, this might have seemed incredible, but today you can come to work, including an interview, even in sneakers (if the company does not have a strict dress code).

The main thing is that the suit is sitting

Since a man’s wardrobe consists of fewer elements than a woman’s wardrobe, guys also have fewer options for combining clothes suitable for an interview.

This is a business suit, which, like female counterparts, has recently undergone changes in the direction of less rigor, and now it can be worn with a white or black t-shirt, as well as a combination of trousers or jeans and a shirt.

Thinking through his image for an interview, it is easier for a man to use the “on the contrary” method and decide what he definitely will not wear.

The items of clothing that you should refuse, going to an interview, include:

  • color T-shirts with colorful drawings or inscriptions like “100% man”, “King”, “Heart breaker” and the like;
  • shorts. Men, remember, an interview is definitely not a situation where you should bare your legs;
  • sandals, which are also covered by the previous rule (socks – not an option);
  • T-shirts – the same story as with legs: we do not demonstrate bare shoulders at the interview;
  • sports suit – an exception can be considered a situation when a person gets a job as a physical education teacher or coach in a sports club;
  • work clothes – even if you apply for a position that involves wearing a uniform, it is better to appear in a different outfit for an interview. And about the presence of one or more sets of overalls, just mention during the conversation.

And the main advice for all-all-all: when choosing clothes anywhere, you first need to remain yourself.

We at Smardart are confident that these recommendations will help both women and men to look attractive at the interview and feel completely comfortable. And if you also use our superinstruction ” How to find a job “, then the position is definitely in your pocket.

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