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Who is the true world leader: China or the USA? Based on people’s opinion

China or the USA

China or the USA? How opinions of residents of different countries were divided.

As you know, the unipolar world is working badly and without global rivals, the global economy is spinning with a creak.
For a long time, one of such opponents, in our case, unfortunately, acting out the role of the “bad guy”, was the USSR.

China or the USA?

Of course, the century of union on the world stage was bright and it cannot be said that it was short-lived, but either the skill was not enough, or it was tired, or somehow the USSR star rolled. The question of who to replace the actor who had gone into a binge decided quickly enough, China was put in the empty place of the antagonist. And this time, the character was worked out much better.

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China or the USA
China or the USA

It must be understood that the Western world has made a solid contribution to inflating the power of China, but the Chinese themselves must be given credit, they think quickly and good work was done on the mistakes of the USSR. China, indeed, has risen to a new level and looks much stronger than the union economically.
People impressed by such staggering growth are hard to blame for bias.

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GDP according to IMF, 2018 (USD)

US – 20.494 trillion.
China – 13.407 trillion
of PPP , China – 25.270 trillion. USA – 20.494 trillion.

Who is the leader? China or the USA?

In 2017, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey in which residents of 38 countries were asked to answer the question: Which of the states is the leading global economy?
red – more people came out for China blue – more for the USA gray – in half

China or the USA
China or the USA


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Most of the respondents in 24 countries favored the United States, China won in 12 countries , and the preferences were divided equally in the 2 remaining countries.

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Perhaps the results were quite clear, but the survey revealed several interesting details. Thus, contrary to stereotypes, the majority of respondents in European countries, Canada and Australia (hi Chinese migrants) put China in first place.
But the deviation from China to neighbors in the region is completely different, Russia is the only one where the respondents gave him the world championship.

China is quoted the most in Australia – 58%;
China is least quoted in India – 11% of the
USA is quoted most in South Korea – 66% of the
USA is least quoted in Germany – 24%

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And what is your opinion, dear readers?