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Why are data analysts so sought after and how to become one of them?

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#Data analysts. Why are data analysts so sought after and how to become one of them? Did you know that Chrome and Firefox users are more productive than users of other browsers? And about the fact that sales of cookies before hurricanes increase by 7 times? These and other facts are revealed to us by data analysts.

They find patterns in everything, can explain them and predict new trends. By doing this, analysts help the state and business. In the article we’ll tell you how to become a data analyst , even if you’ve never done this before, and at the very end, explain why people need so many cookies and what kind of magic there is with browsers.

Where are data analytics needed?

#Data analysts. Wherever you need to carefully weigh everything to make important decisions, you can’t do without analytics.

Most often, data analytics is used:

  • In business planning, to evaluate decisions and predict sales.
  • In marketing – to analyze the effectiveness of promotion and develop a marketing strategy.
  • In science, for processing research data and finding correlations.
  • In trade, to predict seasonal demand for goods.
  • In housing and communal services – to simulate the load on urban systems in emergency situations.
  • In the banking sector – for making decisions on granting loans.
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#Data analysts. And if we talk about the needs of leading companies, then, for example, in Mail.Ru Group, data analysts work with programs that synthesize and analyze speech. OZON’s online retailer uses data analytics in procurement.

An error of only 1% when processing an assortment of 2.5 million types of goods can cost a company 10 million rubles. And the MegaFon analytics department personalizes customer rates, predicts store inventory and determines where it is best to open new outlets.

And how much is it in demand now?

Data analysts are in short supply – there are more vacancies in the market than there are candidates. According to a study by the Big Data Academy, MADE Mail.Ru Group and HeadHunter, only in the last 3-4 years the demand for data analysts has grown 5 times.

Right now, 500 Russian companies, including Sberbank, Yandex and Tinkoff, are looking for data analysts. And in the world market such vacancies can be found at Google, Amazon, Uber and Facebook.

At the same time, there are few ready-made specialists: companies have to spend considerable money to train their employees. It is not surprising that literate analysts are taken even without experience, as soon as they enter the labor market. Therefore, at least 60–70 thousand rubles are paid to a novice specialist, and 300 thousand are ready to offer an experienced specialist.

Why are data analysts so sought after and how to become one of them?

How can this be learned?

#Data analysts. Sign up for the Skillbox Data Analyst from scratch course – and in just six months you will learn how to program, analyze data arrays, visualize information and submit reports to the customer. You can start a career in analytics and become a sought-after specialist in a growing market.

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In the course you will learn:

  • Work with data arrays and find patterns in numbers
  • Program in Python and build SQL databases
  • Hypothesize and evaluate business decision prospects
  • Work with dashboards and web analytics services
  • Handle various types of analytic requests from a business
  • Make detailed analytical reports

Why are data analysts so sought after and how to become one of them?

Suitable even for beginners?

Of course. We talk about analytics from scratch: we decompose the complex into bricks so that a complete knowledge system appears in the head. No chaos and snippets of information, as if you were studying on articles from the Internet.

Even if you last encountered mathematics at school, with a responsible approach to teaching and regular practice, you can still achieve the result. On the course, students are supervised by experienced mentors: they check homework, answer questions.

And if I have my own business?

The course will also be useful to you: you can take a fresh look at your product and evaluate it from a professional point of view. You will learn how to make predictions for business, develop company services and solve current problems based on analytics.

How is the training going?

#Data analysts. In the format of video lectures and practical exercises with feedback from the teacher. You can work with the course materials at a convenient time and move around the program at a pace that suits you.

It is enough to allocate 3-5 hours a week for training – it is convenient to combine with work and personal matters. In addition, access to the course will remain with you forever – you can refresh your knowledge at any time.

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Is there an installment plan?

Yes, you do not have to pay the entire amount at once – you can break it down into small monthly payments.

What will I get as a result?

  • Skills that are enough to get a position as a data analyst
  • A project in a portfolio that will impress future employers
  • Access to the course and all its updates forever
  • Skillbox Diploma of Training

So what about browsers and cookies?

#Data analysts. They promised – we tell. Analysts examined employees who work remotely in support or sales. They found an interesting pattern: those who use the Chrome or Firefox browsers have better results in the labor efficiency accounting system, and they also work in the same company longer.

A possible explanation for this is the advanced level of the user who guessed to change the standard browser to a more technological one. Such employees care more about their productivity and are ready to grow. #Why are data analysts so sought after and how to become one of them?

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